Interim manager

Interim manager

Work Experience

Period: 2006 – now
Leucoser bvba

I am owner of the company and specialize in interim management :

Interim assignments in production, quality or plant management.
Project and change management. Plug In Management
Plant start-up, Green field projects
Process optimization - Lean Manufacturing & Lean Business Processing - BPR - Continuous Improvement.
Local & International projects (World Wide)

Projects :
Vanas Engineering NV (Melsele) 2010 – 2012 2 years

Consultant / 4 months

• Analysis of business processes,
• Plan for improvements,
• On the job coaching of directors and employees.
• Increase of quality, decrease of customer complaints
• Lean organization for faster and more efficient processing of orders and commands
Technical environment:
• Sale and mounting of equipment for warehouses and maintenance shops
• Production of automated cabinets
• Medical cabinets
• Personnel training and motivation.
• Introducing of KPI’s, continuous improvement
• Vertical integration of the process flow
• The plan was accepted by the management.
• Implementation by myself, see hereafter

Interim Managing Director / 12 months
• Execution of the plan for improvements
• Plug in management until new managing director is found and installed
• P&L responsibility
• Increase of quality, decrease of customer complaints
• Lean organization for faster and more efficient processing of orders and commands
Technical environment:
• Sale and mounting of equipment for warehouses and maintenance shops
• Production of automated cabinets
• Medical cabinets
• Personnel training and motivation. Personnel changes
• Introducing of KPI’s, continuous improvement
• Vertical integration of the process flow
• Optimization of logistics
• Increase of turnover of +/- 10% in times of economical crisis
• Reduction of the workforce
• Positive EBIT

Interim Director Lifting Equipment / 10 months
• Plug in management after leave of the Director
• Continuity of the daily business
• Integration of the Lifting Activities in Vanas NV, the sister company
Integration of this activity in Vanas NV
Technical environment:
• Sale and mounting of equipment for lifting
• Fast aknowledge of all technical matters
• Succesfull continuation of the daily bussiness


Frigomil NV (Meise) 2006

Consultant / 2 months
• Analyse existing situation P & L responsibility
• Set up for an improvement plan for production and quality

• Increase of quality, decrease of customer complaints
• Better planning of the mounting teams
Technical environment:
• Production and installation of freezer displays for bakeries and butchers

• Personnel training and motivation.
• Introducing of KPI’s, continuous improvement
• Quality control
• The plan was accepted by the management
• Implemented by own organisation


Period: 2005 – 2010
Fildra NV (Overpelt)
(later : Van Mercksteijn Quality Wire NV)

Steel wire drawing and galvanising plant employing +/- 40 people
Turnover : approx. 20 Mio. EUR/ year
Production of industrial low carbon steel wires to customer specification.
End use in building steel, fencing, shop equipment, automotive parts...
Export all over Europe.
First 9 months employed through Brunel Engineering as Interim Production Manager

Managing Director 2008 - 2010

• Daily Management of the plant
• P & L responsibility
• Green field start up of a new galvanizing plant
• Project leader for big projects (e.g. Nordstream)

• Re-organization of the production to increase turnover and profitability
• Improving production lines to meet increasing quality requirements
• New products : Galvanised wire, colored wire
Technical environment:
• Steel drawing and galvanizing, starting from wire rod

• Personnel training and motivation
• Optimization of logistics and workflow in the plant
• Focus on preventive maintenance to decrease machine down times
• Further increase of turnover – 4 shift operation.
• Succesfull start up of the galvanizing plant.
• Patent for colored wire
• Gain of the Nordstream Contract for +/- 25.000tons of wire
( cage wire for reinforcement of the Baltic LNG Pipelines)

Production Manager 2005 - 2007

• Responsible for production, quality, logistics, safety and environment.

• Increase of production output
• Upgrade quality level to automotive standards
Technical environment:
• Steel drawing and galvanizing, starting from wire rod

• Introducing quality techniques, KPI’s, continuous improvement.
• Technical improvement of the machines.
• Personnel training and motivation.
• Focus on preventive maintenance to decrease machine down times
• 30% increase of production output in 1 year with the same number of workers.
• Quality improvement with a sustainable decrease of customer complaints.
• Introduction to automotive clients

Period: 2003 – July 2004
Meubelfabrieken Mintjens NV (Malle)

Family owned company developing and producing oak furniture. A highly automated production plant employing 350 people of whom +/- 300 on the work floor.

Production Director
• Responsible for production, quality and logistics
• Head of technical departments: maintenance, projects, investments
• Meet customer demand for quality and delivery dates
• Profitability by managing costs
Technical environment:
• Highly automated production plant employing 350 people of whom +/- 300 on the work floor

• Coordination of production departments
• Introducing quality techniques
• Cost calculation model on spreadsheet
• Optimize Technical design of furniture with fully integrated CAD/CAM system
• Report to and assist the Managing Director to decide on the company’s strategy
• Optimization of batch sizes
• Quality improvement in a more and more demanding customer environment

Period: 1997 - 2003
Hayes Lemmerz System Service Brussel NV
(later : Schedl Automtive System Service Brussel NV)

This company is specialised in the Just- in- Time and In-Sequence mounting of tires on rims for the Volkswagen plant in Brussels.
It started in 1997 as a spin off company of the Hayes Lemmerz group and became the pilot project for the future mounting plants in Germany and Czechia, supplying Daimler Chrysler, B.M.W. and Skoda.
In 4 shifts, 24h a day, 7 days a week, about 330 days a year, this company is mounting on average 5000 wheels a day.
The production is linked to the mounting line of VW by EDP messages. Each car that passes a certain point on the assembly line sends its requirements concerning wheel and tires, the components are launched in our production and 4 hours later they will be on the car.
It goes without saying that we have an enormous responsibility in case of breakdown, stock depletion or any other cause that might stop the supply of wheels to the VW plant, as it may stop the assembly line there, thus losing one car every minute.
Because of this, all kinds of contingency strategies had to be developed.
Quality standards are very high. I lead the process of certification for ISO 9002, VDA6,1, and QS9000, and TS14696.
As the company is situated in Brussels, half of the company is French speaking.
The company has a turnover of approximately 10 million Euro’s, of which 50% represents added value.
The efforts of our company have been rewarded by the renewal of the contract for another 8 years, starting up the production for the new Golf (5) and Audi A3.

Managing Director - Plant Manager

• JIT Plant for In Sequence wheel tire mounting start up from scratch
• Daily Management
• 100% take over of VW Brussels in house wheel tire assy department
• Appliance to VW quality standards
• Financial profitable business
• Start-up support for the new companies in Bremen and Czechia, to set-up the specialized hard and software for the JITlogistics
Technical environment:
• Highly flexible JIT Plant
• State of the art automated mounting line and JIT software/hardware
• Founding the company, as an entirely independently operating company
• Recruitment of all personnel, no Lemmerz personnel was transferred.
Approximately 45 people are on the payroll, several activities are subcontracted.
• Purchasing of all the machines with support of the German mother company
• Getting the necessary certifications for exploitation of the plant according to local law and environmental requirements. Negotiation with local politicians
• Negotiation of all the necessary contracts, insurance policies, etc
• Set- up of all internal and external services such as accounting, personnel administration, EDP, etc
• Start-up of production, often leading the production shift myself and carrying out repairs on the mounting line
• Optimizing the plant using Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma techniques as Kaizen, Kanban, SMED, SPC, Scrap and rework analysis through Pareto, 5S method,… hereby reducing cost and increasing customer satisfaction
• Follow up of the well defined action plan for ongoing improvement
• Coaching and motivating the personnel to live to the high standards imposed by the quality system. Direct feedback and visualization of achievements vs. targets
• Budget planning and monthly financial reporting (P&L and Balance) to the Holding, where controlling and consolidation take place
• Monthly P&L forecast on spreadsheet model

• Start Up from scratch to 3 shift production in 7 months
• ISO standard certification 2 months after start up
• VDA6.1, QS9000 and TS16949 certification
• A –Class supplier
• EBIT between 5 and 10%
• Renewal of the contract for another 8 years, starting up the production for the new Golf (5) and Audi A3


Period: 1991 – 1996
Lemmerz België N.V. (Antwerp)
(later : Hayes Lemmerz Belgium)

Lemmerz was a German family-company specialising in the development and production of passenger and truck wheels. Taken into account their market share, they were the 4th largest company in their field in the world. In 1998, they merged with Hayes Wheels Int, which at that time already was the market leader, forming a powerful company with 25% world market share and production facilities in 14 countries.
The Belgian plant produces aluminium wheels for upmarket passenger cars.

Project Engineer March 1996 –December 1996
• Starting up the tool shop in the new joint-venture Aluminium Wheel Plant in Thailand
• Contact and practical organization concerning the wheels externally bought or semi-finished products from other companies within the group or externally
• Technical support for investment projects: for ex. paint shop in Thailand
• Innovation manager: leading an international team to improve creativity and start up innovative projects within the group
• Providing optimal technical support
• Organizing the necessary training
• Leading a group of cross functional specialists to define innovative projects
Technical environment:
• International contacts, different cultures
• Organizing, coaching, motivating
• Brainstorming
• Planning on MS Project

• Successful start up in Thailand
• Quality and volumes assured of incoming goods
• Mapping of innovative projects, some of them were implemented in production


Head of the Tool Department 1991 – 1996

The tool department is mainly supporting the production by means of the moulds for casting the wheels and by the design, manufacturing and repair of other tooling or machine components.
The tool shop also works for another Lemmerz’ subsidiary : Lemmerz Aluparts, specialised in aluminium die and gravity casting of automotive parts.

• Daily management of the department
• Shorten lead times of maintenance on moulds and production of new moulds.
• Introduce and build-up new knowledge in the department, realize a state of the art tool shop
• Responsible for own budget, personnel recruitment and investments
• Contact person for the Swiss Lemmerz Subsidiary PSW (La Chaux de Fonds, French speaking). Exchange of technical know-how, follow-up of planning
• Later : Downsizing of the tool department
Technical environment:
• Workshop with +/- 30 specialized machines
• CNC Machine operators, bench workers
• Co-ordination of production, setting up a daily planning taking into account priorities and availability of resources
• Resource capacity study in spreadsheet
• Better project follow up, introducing worksheets
• Planning of downsizing, involving employees and unions
• Subcontracting, repositioning or dismissal of workers
• Shortened lead times by approx. 40%
• Downsizing of the tool shop by subcontracting the new moulds to Germany, Spain, Italy and Romania. Selling of the machines
• Hereby still guaranteeing the production support.

Period: 1986 - 1991
Metallurgie Hoboken Overpelt, Moulds and Tools Department. (Overpelt)
(later : Vieille Montagne, Union Minière, Umicore)

Large industrial group specialised in the extraction and refining of non-ferro metals. The Mould and Tools Department however, was operating independently, having its own customers and suppliers.
The tool shop was the largest in Belgium and specialised in complex moulds for aluminium die-casting, plastic injection, and pressing of GFK materials. 50% of its production was destined for the automotive sector.

Production Manager 1989 - 1991
• Daily management of the workshop, production of moulds from very small ones (micron precision) to moulds for truck bumpers.
• Leadership of 8 shift leaders and 100 specialized toolmakers
• Planning of 100 manufacturing machines: CNC milling, copy-milling, precision grinding, lathes, spark-erosion machines
• Shop floor-organization, extra work, shift organization
• Responsibility for working methods, production techniques, project planning, quality and due dates
• Contact with customer regarding due dates and product changes
Technical environment:
• Specialized toolmakers
• Machines very old to state of the art
• First PC’s : Apple II
• Planning on data base system in Apple Computer
• Production meetings for work organization and continuous improvement
• 60% of time spend on the work floor, management by walking around
• Shortened lead times
• Better follow up of the projects
• Clear communication to customers regarding delivery and eventual impact of product changes

Head of the Engineering Department 1986 -1988

• Daily management of 14 engineers specialized in the design of the moulds
• Technical support for designing and engineering the moulds
• Introduction of a fully integrated CAD/CAM System
• Contact with customers about product design, realization of the moulds and start-up of the production
• Contact with suppliers for the purchase of mould components, sub-contraction of drawings and manufacturing of design models.
Technical environment:
• Senior engineers (min age 40 years) with plenty of experience
• All knowledge is based on people’s experience
• All designs made on classic drawing boards

• Daily management, coaching, delegating

• Introduction of the CAD/CAM system (Computer Vision)
• Pilot projects to steer the milling machines (CAM)


Master Engineering – Electro-mechanics 1979 - 1984
State University of Ghent
Master of Industrial Management (BIR) 1997 - 2000
State University of Ghent

Transactional Analysis
Time Management
Planning of Multiple Small Projects (Microcentrum Nederland)
ISO 9001
Lean Manufacturing
VCA – Veiligheid Opleiding voor Leidinggevenden


After an extend career as an employee, I decided to offer my experiences to companies as an independent, mainly focussing on interim management and consultancy.

Grown in production, quality and logistic environments, on different management levels, I gained considered experience in management skills:

Management by facts and figures
Good balance between target driven and hands-on management
Automotive experience, knowledge of typical techniques as Continuous Improvement, ISO based Quality Systems, Lean Manufacturing
Team player and strong motivator
Empowerment of employees and workers

Being a pragmatic leader, I strongly identificate myself with the company and its strategic goals.
With technical insight and strong analytical power, I am very fast to acquire the necessary knowledge.

The ability to understand and adapt quickly to whatever business context and my result oriented leadership style will make the difference in achieving the objectives of the client.

My focus goes to projects of 6 months to 2 years and I am very eager to face new challenges.


Dutch : mothertongue
French : fluent
English : fluent
German : fluent
Spanish : good

I attended meetings, made presentations and negotiated with customers and/or suppliers in the above five languages.