Directie Operaties Commercieel Strategisch

Directie Operaties Commercieel Strategisch

Work Experience

Sinds 2001 diverse internationale opdrachten succesvol vervuld:
2016 –2018/7 Managing Director Diverto Holding B.V. a.i. a late start-up company to be scaled-up
in versatile compact machinery for multiple applications. Realized outsourced manufacturing
and assembly. Grew organization from 4 to 26 FTE, established functions and processes to
achieve substantial growth: from 0 to 12 million € in first full year, target initially Europe and
North America. Created strategic partnerships with suppliers and clients, built an efficient
integrated cooperating organization incl. supply chain and (new)investor-portfolios.
Company sold to Swiss investor holding. Locations: Goes-NL/Bistrita-Romenia/Meppen-
2015- 2016/3 Operational Manager a.i. Eagle Chemical Group, 555 fte, 100 million € turnover,
3 locations. Reviewed business processes, restructured and professionalized a diversified chemical company to grow in a constraint market: growth 15% through focus, rationalization and dedication leading to organic expansion, adding value. Co-designed, engineered and built a new 200,000MT emulsion facility (+25 m € capex). Cairo, Egypt.
2015–2015/11 Business, Operational and Strategic Review a.i at an international coatings group.
Created focus on adding value in organization, operations and products through
rationalization and efficiencies to expand in the EAC region with 15%. Insignia, Tanzania
2015 –2015/9 Business Process Project Manager a.i. at an agricultural equipment manufacturer.
Reviewed strategy, organization and operational functioning and developed focussed project and business, structured a planned and integrated supply chain incl. sourcing, procurement, co-creation. Realized spent capex in turn key project management and customer services.
Falcon Agricultural Equipment Pvt. Ltd, Howick, South Africa.
2015/4 – 2015 Business and strategic project manager of a private engineering company for food,
beverages, chemicals, pharma equipment. Re-engineered design and manufacturing
processes to reduce scrap and cost price and improved efficiency. Succession-planning.
Anderson Engineering CC Pvt, Durban, KN, South Africa
2013 – 2015/3 Managing Director/ C.C.O a.i. of a private diversified specialty chemical company (ex
DSM licensee) for industrial applications, Realized change in business awareness and
processes (functional, LEAN, Kaizen)and realized 20% growth through capex, opex, organic
growth and regional expansion. Built strategic and technology partnerships with leading EU
supplier. Built new organization. Created structured and validated business and product
development. Set up contingencies to cope with typical regional effects. Defined succession
planning. Synresins Group Ltd., Nairobi Kenya, EAC, Sub Sahara Africa.
2011 – 2013 Operational Director a.i. in a private industrial diversified chemical company.
Developed strategy, business processes, technology and organisation, insourcing, business
processes and implemented in developing markets, for change and growth.
Gunjan Chemical & Paints Group. Regions: EMEA, India
2012 – 2012 Operational Consolidation & Investment Projects Manager a.i in industrial processing
markets, supplying multi-site engineered products to manufacturing industries. Rationalized,
consolidated and relocated 4 global manufacturing locations, its organizations, product and
technology portfolios, invested dedicated capacities (capex 40 m €), optimized the global
operational and organizational footprint incl. integrated supply chain and customer services.
Ammeraal Beltech. Regions: EMEA, APAC incl China, India.
2010 - 2011 Operational Director a.i in a venture backed industrial specialty chemical textile coatings
and inks company; developed, organized processes and means for a dedicated global
manufacturing footprint, implemented and integrated s&op planning, sourcing, purchasing,
customer services, demand planning and forecasting, distribution, production scheduling,
QHSE, scenario planning, financial analysis and performance management incl. strategic
alignment. Project reduced OWC by 25%, complaints by 20%, improved capacity utilisation
by 15%, reduced losses by 10%, improved sourcing and purchasing by strategic
approaches and choices. Tanatex/Lanxess/Bayer. Company privatised.
2008 -2012 Business Process Projects Manager: Business process management and value
engineering projects for a global multi-site industrial chemical manufacturing and processing
company in industrial raw materials, coatings, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, high performance
engineering plastics. VE project-approaches delivered 15-20% savings in various multimillion
(>75m €) capex projects. G.I.Dynamics B.V. /BASF GT/E Germany, worldwide.
2008 – 2009 Business Development Manager innovative deep (de)freeze technology. Technology sold.
2008 – 2010 Project management, Operational and Business Development a.i, developed
strategy, business planning and operational implementation. Developed supporting process
and systems, including management development, coaching, mentoring and services.
Expanded by capex and acquisition in industrial specialty chemical and processing industries.
Reallocated acquired product and plants. EEC Europe. Zorka Color/Alkaloid/Tikurilla/Kemira.
Company growth 25% and profitability (+65%) resulted in the acquisition by a major global
2008 – 2009 Strategy and Business Operations Advisor at a vertical integrated chemical company
for coatings, adhesives, protective systems. Reviewed strategy, operations and business
modelling. ProHeMa/PPG, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Company fully integrated in PPG.
2007 - 2009 Strategy, business development and implementation for high tech composite metal
powder materials in aerospace, turbines, engineering and tooling. Defined focus in
manufacturing, product management, cost control, general operational management by
continuous improvements. Realized EU/US expansion. Technology sold.
JSC Composition Systems Pvt, West Asia, Tbilisi, Georgia.
2007 - 2007 Business and Process Development of all functions (sales, operations, SCM, quality,
production, finance, organization) of a vertical integrated metal processing company
delivering a.o forging, railways, mining, tooling, building components. EMEA. KM&ML.
2006 - 2010 Manager Organizational Change: preparation industrial chemical companies in developing
countries for growth and access to EU (strategy, mission, vision, sales, operations,
marketing, product-development and services.
2006 – 2007 Senior Project Manager Project ‘Cornerstone’: developed efficiency and cost management
in operations, incl lean, SCM at an US/German specialty TiO2 producer. VC backed Tronox
2002 – 2005 Theuma Group N.V., G.M, C.O.O and Commercial Director a.i. Previously Polynorm,
Bruynzeel, Garant and Theuma, manufacturers of building components to global contractors,
distributors, wholesalers in both B2B and B2C. 4 EU manufacturing sites. Integrated,
consolidated, rationalised, changed all functions to survive in declining markets. Via M&A and
a LBO, restructured and profitable company sold to private investors.
Grew group turnover to 170+ million € (+8% AGR); Operating Income: 4-6 %; 250 fte.
2001 – 2002 Momentive, previously R.P.P/Shell, Commercial Director EUMEA a.i.
Base Rotterdam (NL), global US specialty chemical (epoxies, versatics, precursors) producer
for industrial applications. Direct reports: 20 regional/account managers; indirect 100
commercial, total 750fte. Integrated, restructured and set up a single business entity,
advised global management in developing/ managing an independent, self-supporting,
efficient organization after the carve out of Shell Chemicals. Increased turn-over to 400
million € (+12% annually); OI 12%. Became Momentive finally.

1975 – 2001 AKZO NOBEL International


Hogeschool Brabant BSc
Post HBO Bedrijfseconomie
International Executive program INSEAD- Singapore (short MBA)
International Executive Program Theseus/EDHEC-Frankrijk (short MBA)
IIBI Accredited Advisor/Consultant


Integratie, optimalisatie, (co)creatie, diverse functionaliteiten, empathisch, technisch, commercieel, strategisch, financieel/economische kennis en kunde


NL, F, UK, D, I, Ch


Senior advisor bij EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
Senior Expert PUM