Interim manager/ executive / consultant

Interim manager/ executive / consultant

Work Experience

Work experience

02/2016-03-2017 Director Business Development Europe (interim)
2nd phase assignment. Verga Attachments (25M) in Bangalore is a rapidly expanding metal production company in 2014-15, through earlier intervention stepped towards WCM whilst doubling its capacity. Now looking for new projects for custom-build manufacturing: Mission: Building relationships with potential partners, overcoming objections, Developing collaborative contracts with customer designs for long-term collaborations. Successful courses started. Core: Innovation, Growth, Supply Chain, Distribution Network, QA / QC

01/2011-03-2017 Chairman of the Advisory Board
Libre BV in Arnhem is a young company providing training in the Dutch market, with charitable education funding for NGOs in developing countries through Libre Foundation. In 2016 was the 100th foundation training project abroad. The AB advises on growth, professionalization and strategic choices, internationalization, risk management and governance. Libre has grown from a pioneer phase to a professional organization and started internationalization with an office in Peru.

03/2002- to date Director Owner
Holding BV, Heeze. Interim Solutions provides organizational advice and project execution, interim management and executive coaching. International has trade and contract assignments.

01/2014-1/2016 Manager Vematec Europe (Interim)
Vematec part of Verhoeven Group, a family company with earthmoving machinery dealing with attachments and associated services. The task of revitalizing the add-ons activity; organization and supply chain towards WCM with quality and distribution chain improvement. Product development and innovation projects and, where necessary, remediation, smarter work (innovation project universal coupling system). Gone on customer complaints in product development and innovated. Successful elements improve and add a more annual plan and transfer to successor. Core: Non-Rational Processes, Marketing, Network, Profitability and Growth, QA / QC, Supply Chain

05/2012-01/2015 Chairman of the trade union for interim managers NVIM
NVIM Dutch Association for Interim Managers Nijkerk. Support organization for interim managers that promotes professionalism of the members and profiles the subject of interim management in the media for stakeholders and clients. The association struggled with membership loss and income loss during the crisis, requiring change of the association strategy, modernization and attractiveness. Self-sustaining continuation was ultimately not realistic. After making the operation lean it was steered towards a merger. Eventually the general assembly chose Nive as a partner. With a 12-month transfer project, the transition was made on 1-1-2015. Core: Analysis, leadership, management, non-rational processes; bridges, networks. Result satisfied members and Nive.

09/2013-12/2013 Executive consultant Lockheed Martin
CAE Netherlands previously SIM Industries BV 250M €, Sassenheim; SIM built flight simulators for Airbus and Boeing models and was taken over by Lockheed Martin (LM). New CEO and CFO (LM) were looking for new business strategy. Assignment: An organization survey with recommendations for a possible follow-up. Organization analysis of motivation, behavior, change business opportunities and choices. Successful recommendations satisfied the board. No follow-up; possibilities of SIM is not in line with LM goals, so divest and competitor CAE acquired SIM. Core: analysis & non-rational processes & advise

08/2013-11/2013 Executive consultant Verhoeven
Verhoeven Grondverzetmachines BV 150M € (Construction, Infrastructure) Maarheeze; Family business and excavator trading company in the Benelux was dissatisfied with the supply chain. Mainly from the Indian production company; Assignment: Resolve stagnated cooperation and assist shareholders to a renewed cooperation agreement. A new partnership agreement signed and defined follow-up actions. Analyze non-rational processes, advise & negotiation

04/2012-06/2013 Director of Marketing and Sales (Interim)
LEAD Lasers BV Tilburg. Family business and high-tech machine building pioneer in laser engraving and direct-CTP printing plates. Assignment from capitol investment company: Gives new impulses to stagnant growth. Replacement sales director and partner. After customer feedback and market study initiate product innovation for more competitive features and productivity. Also, revitalization and expansion of agent network and successful acquisition assignments and transfer to successor. Core; Non-rational processes, marketing, innovation, crm, agent network, growth. Result; competitive product, satisfied customers and revenue growth.

12/2009-12/2011 Directeur and management coach (Interim)
Proton BV Production Director of Esaote Europe BV (Medical device: Ultrasound / MRI) Netherlands, Italy; Substantial performance issues at manufacturing company; unacceptable within medical device regulation (ESD; ISO 9001; ISO13485; FDA). Mission: Revitalize business and improve delivery reliability, output, process control and profitability and introduce a new product line. Organization analysis: brings about cultural change and brings back human and organization to their strength. Streamline processes and control of production technology, QA / QC. Core; tackle irrational human / organizational processes, improve and assure processes. Core; analysis, non-rational processes; culture change, QA / QC, innovation, growth, profitability. Result, capacity doubling, profitability +15%, failure cost reduction> 1mln. Very successful assignment and satisfied customer. The implemented project approach was applied elsewhere in Esaote. The MT was coagulated for 6 months after transfer. Core; change, people management, innovation, development, supply chain optimization, lean six-sigma, coaching

03/2002-11/2008 CEO
Fivado Management BV a trade group for media industry started in 2002; Printing machine development and building with wholesale and B2B, parts & materials, e-commerce, Asia sourcing, UK subsidiary for ICT software development for ERP and E-learning suites. Fivado's general management with 6 subsidiaries in the Netherlands, UK and Hong Kong. Role of project director for software development and cleanroom implementation. Company restarted in 2008 under new owner. Core activities, business development, Supply chain development, marketing & sales, entrepreneur, management, network, innovation, QA / QC, people management

12/2000-02/2002 CEO AECO NV (listed in Frankfurt)
Datarius GmbH (formerly AECO NV) (film & media industry). Following the merger of English, German and American companies and subsequent IPO, the Board of Management was unsatisfied with management process. Assignment. Bring enterprise back into its strength and adapt to market circumstances. After analysis organization and market reduced the management layer, 2 companies closed and 1 reorganized. Company continued in slimmed form further under new management. After the interventions CEO and CFO responsibilities were transferred to the management board. Company was subsequently taken off the stock market and split up. Subsidiaries were sold off to Datarius GmbH, Dr. Schwab GmbH and Technicolor. Core activities: Crisis intervention, non-rational process management, marketing, entrepreneur, network, QA / QC.

03/1998-11/2000 Business unit Directeur
TREX BV subsidiary of AEX listed Toolex International NV (music & media industry). Design and build of high tech 24/7 manufacturing machines with 140 employees for CD / DVD in Eindhoven. Customers were not satisfied with quality delivered and new technology had to be developed. Assignment; Sell the current machine stock and transfer the existing machine types to the sister factory in Sweden. Enter a complete new technology with product & process portfolio and develop that business. Assignment broken down into various subprojects. Problems solve and transfer of current machines. Develop manufacturing machines for number two maker in the market for a massive investment plan. Increased production capacity from 1 machine per week to 1 per day. Revenue doubled and loss converted to large profits. Core: Entrepreneur, visionary, marketing, supply chain, CRM, innovation, QA / QC, service support, Nano-technology.

05/1994-02/1998 Regional Director EMEAL
ODME Europe B.V. / Toolex Europe B.V. subsidiaries of Toolex international N.V. Eindhoven. Sales and service office for 24/7 optical media high tech production machines in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia. Assignment; change organization of regional office; Generate more sales in preparation for listing in 1997 with cost reduction, sales and profit growth. Overall reorganization performed with holding MT (-230 fte). New crew (50) for direct sales and service of machinery, parts in Europe expanding to Africa, Middle East, with local offices in Brazil, Russia and India. Sales .100M+. Core; non-rational processes, kaizen, lean service organization, supply chain management, mechatronics partnering and direct marketing. 1997 very successful stock exchange through reverse takeover of listed competitor. Management transferred to in-house trained successor.

01/1992-04/1994 Marketing director
ODME B.V. (Toolex International NV); Eindhoven. Innovation high tech product program after acquisition of the Philips & Dupont Optical daughter company ODM BV. Mission: Strategic plan and roadmap, development of joint product program, innovation, production and market introduction. (200M).
07/1990-12/1991 Sales manager Europa and Asia
OD & ME B.V. (Toolex International NV); Sales 115M; Veldhoven; International sales of 24/7 optical media manufacturing machines and processes; sales & project manager implementation
10/1988-06/1990 Sales manager Middle East and Asia
Philips NV: ODM; Place Eindhoven: Sales 20M High tech machine building Optical media. Business Development Asia: Sales & Project Manager Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand
03/1986-09/1988 Project manager International
Philips Projects Dept. Automation & utility industry. International projects (5-50M). Sales & project management of flight information and display systems Project: Changi Airport Singapore 30 months
01/1984-02/1986 Sales & project manager Netherlands
Philips PTIS National projects (1-20M) The Hague: Specialization radio systems. Sales & project management. Projects: TV3 transmitter network, ILS Schiphol and Eindhoven airport, Navy Ground radar & HF communication, Army Natres: Mobil communications, National telecom; mobile telephone.
09/1981-01/1984 Sales & Service engineer
Rohde & Schwarz Netherlands B.V Maarssen; Radiotechnology operation and measurement systems. Sales and projects. Police, Navy, Armed Forces, Air Force, Laboratories, maintenance.


Education and qualification

2010-To date Interim Education PE, InterVision, Shadow Management, Change Management, Lean, Leadership, Family arrangements, Psychology, Coaching, Identity, Agility, Various PE Masterclasses and Workshops
2010 Risk management and corporate governance (Atos Academy)
2000 Active in acquisitions (Alex van Groningen)
1994-1996 NRP Non-rational processes I & II (psychoanalyses basis), organizational science
1987-1991 Marketing Nima A, B, C
1985-Heden Project management, Hoskins, Prince 2, Libre etc.
1978-1981 University of applied Science, Fontys Eindhoven, Main subject: medical electronics


Companies hire me to put people and organization back into their strength with a focus on GRIP; growth, revitalization, innovation, profitability. I do this with a background of technology, engineering, management, psychology, customer orientation and interim experience. A C-level professional and troubleshooter for development, operational processes, projects, marketing, purchasing / sales and management. A coach, bridge builder, motivator and team builder with humor and driven for results. Unravel and change complex situations at a pace that suits the company or situation. Addressing and discussing human behavior and irrational processes within the framework of will, ability and behavior in line with the objective. I can listen well and understand the underlying intentions that bring in points for improvement and change. The planned execution of change processes and associated projects in cooperation with stakeholders, whether within political or cultural environment. It's fun to make people and cultures better cooperate, implement changes, secure and tackle non-rational processes. I get energy from people who come into their own strength and turn organizations for the better. Besides interim work also looking for a part-time challenge in supervisory or advisory board.

Competence profile
Personality preferences (Jung); Type: directive motivator; willful, achievement-oriented, demanding, determined, purposeful, dynamic, enthusiastic, convincing, expressive, visionary

Expert in underlying aspects of behavior and how to change ( psychoanalyses)


Dutch Mother tongue
English and German C level
French B level


Hiking in nature or on the mountain bike. On occasion dive with advance level. Enjoy golf, cook on chef level with friends and read a book when there is time. I'm a typical people person with eye and ear for the underlying story.
Football coach since 1999 for teams with mixed talents (autism, ADD, ADHD).
Involved in the Board of the Umbrella of Hope Foundation, which actively supports disadvantaged children in Africa with shelter, nutrition and study assistance in order not to expire in street life, drugs and prostitution.
Skilled in PC usage, server management and new work. MS Office, MS Project, Axapta, Ecommerce
Frequent traveler since 1982 all over the world.
Awarded patent: exposure system, lighting room and display device No. NLD1024395 31-03-2005