Plant Manager, Business Head, KAM, Director Sales/Marketing

Plant Manager, Business Head, KAM, Director Sales/Marketing

Work Experience

2011 - Now Chemie papier B.V.

(2014 - Now)

• Owner consultancy business company for the paper industry in general.
Resulted in a 100 % working relationship for Deepak Nitrate Limited India.
• Business Head Europe, OBA paper industry.
• Responsible for sales and to setup a business / production / service / sales office in Europe for DNL.
• Set up a sales / service facility and agency in South Africa.

(2011 – 2014)

• Owner consultancy business company for the paper industry in general.
Resulted in a 100 % working relationship for Weidmann Whiteley Ltd. , English Swiss Company
• European Sales Manager Industrial Paper.
• Responsible for a new development in base paper for abrasive, wall paper and linerboard grades.
• Product development.

2001 - 2011 Kemira Chemicals B.V. BU Manager Sales Pulp & Paper Chemicals Benelux

• P & L responsible for the Business Unit Pulp & Paper Chemicals Benelux.
Sales in retention aids, colorants, defoamers, biocides, sizing, bleaching and deinking chemicals, optical bright, deposits control agents, waste water and raw water treatment chemicals and pulp additives.
• Key account management for two major global pulp & paper companies.
• Customer technical services 24/7 coverage.
• Established long-term contracts and accomplished single source contracts.
• Consultancy, international, in chemical paper making, introduction of new products and total solution concept for pulp and paper chemicals from pulp to coater.

1999 - 2001 Fort James Nederland B.V. Plant Manager Paper mill

• Responsible for operation of two tissue machines and de-inking plant.
Supervising 75 highly motivated employees.
• Responsible for project / maintenance and operational viability to the paper mill.
Reduced fixed / labor costs by outsourcing projects.

1996 - 1999 Asian Pulp and Paper Indonesia Start-up Manager (PM 8, PM 9, OMC X)
Technical Production Manager

• Supervising PM 8, PM 9 (Karawang) and OMC X (Mojokerto 3 months), start-up process, stock preparation and paper machine, successful start-up PM 8, PM 9 and OMC X in planned time schedule.
Together with the general project manager created a close and reliable team.
• Responsible for operation and maintenance of two paper machines and two off-machine
coaters. Implemented and realized the production of high quality wet strength paper.

1994 - 1996 Huyck Austria Sales Agency for the Benelux (owner)

• Responsible for sales, marketing, and services of press felts, fabrics, de-watering elements and industrial textiles.
• Sales in the paper and textile industry.
• Consultancy in general, providing solutions for customer, give technical assessments.
Trouble shooting, quality control of felts and wires (by Gamma gauge and Scanpro
measurements), repairing felts and fabrics.

1992 - 1994 Van Houtum en Palm Paper Mill B.V. Project Manager

• Responsible for all new and rebuilding projects at the two paper machines PM 6, PM 7
and off - machine coater. Installed successful new stock preparation and new head box PM6.
Production at PM 6 increased by 5KTon /year.
• Liaising and negotiating with suppliers of equipment, chemicals, and raw materials,
co-ordination with production managers and technical staff, troubleshooting on-site.

1990 - 1992 JAAKKO POYRY Sales Consultant Project Management

• International consulting in the paper and board industry; sales of engineering projects,
rebuilding projects, pre-engineering, troubleshooting on-site, cost control projects,
feasibility studies. Pre-engineered a board mill and rebuilt a board mill on-site successfully.

1984 - 1990 K.N.P. Nijmegen (S.A.P.P.I.) Production Manager

• Responsible for operation of a high speed LWC online paper machine for specialty papers operations, 150 employees.


2005 – 2005 Business Administration Helsinki School of Economics Finland; PEAK I and II,
1988 – 1990 Business Administration M.O.C.
1987 – 1987 Switch & Control Engineering R.O.V.C.
1984 – 1985 Papermaker “ PM Schule Gernsbach” Germany
1983 – 1984 Economics and Marketing R.R.R.
1982 – 1983 Social Law H.T.S.
1977 – 1983 Graduate Chemical Engineer H.T.S.


All- Round Paper Maker . Paper Chemicals Expert


Dutch, English and German : speaking / writing
Indonesian and French : elementary knowledge


o On- line machine coated specialty papers, glossy or matte.
o Security, watermark paper, colored paper.
o Cast coated, base paper, on machine coated board.
o Tissue, towels, handkerchief paper.
o Wet strength paper, labels, carbonless paper, fine uncoated and coated paper.
o Base paper for abrasive and wall paper