(Project) Manager and consultant

(Project) Manager and consultant

Work Experience

Independent (project) manager/consultant.
Focus on business management, process improvement, implementation management, change management and business research.

-business development plastic to oil;
-implementation of ICT system in the operational process of a warehouse;
-implementation of business management principles in the organization;
-assess and evaluate business plans.

President Audit and Advise Committee, municipality Renkum.

Review of structures, processes and results of the policy and advise the organisation based on the results of research, what and how to improve.

Figurehead of the committee and acting in networks in the political and administrative environment.

Main tasks:
-Conducting business research;
-Managing outsourced research;
-Maintaining relationships and networks.

Director Operations Management & Emergency Management. KLM NV.

Manager of the logistics control center responsible for:
1. Execution of the time table (on time departure of all flights etc.) on the day of operation and the operational performance of the company
2. Policy, procedures, and execution of the aircraft emergency management programme
3. The policy and management of calamities like SARS, Avian Flu and severe weather
4. The management of all kind of projects to improve the operation and the emergency management program;
5, International cooperation to tune operations;
6. International cooperation on projects such as international ICT projects, training and education programs

-improved operational performance above target;
-developed operations management department as the spider in the web in decision making process;
-developed emergency management department at the top of standard in aviation business;
-COO confidence restored in department
-reduced non performance costs bij 15-20 million Euros.

Director Emergency Management and deputy Director Operations Management. KLM NV.

Emergency Management: policy, training, planning and education of KLM staff worldwide in case of aircraft emergencies.
Operations Management: initiating projects to improve performance the operation (steering KLM network on day of operation; policies and procedures; education of staff).

Manager Operations Management Support. KLM NV.

Project management department. Main goal: execute and implement projects to improve the entire operation. Project Traffic Flow Management started to financially quantify the value of the passenger flow with the purpose of taking these figures into account in the decision making process on the day of operation.

Manager Program Department and Deputy Program Manager Operations Control Centre. KLM NV.

Realisation of the new logistics center of KLM (100 seats, 400 employees in 24/7 shifts). The entire program consisted of the projects: construct the building, ICT, change management, processes and structures. Role: spider in the web and binding factor. Responsible for the Program department and the 'processes and structures' project and later on for the 'change management' part as well. The aim of the project: to improve the decision making process. All specific departments of the business units involved were brought together in one building working together according a new developed protocol.

Senior Management Consultant. KLM NV.

Clients: managers of all kind of levels in the entire organisation (boardroom included). Goal of the function: to advise management and manage projects in the field of process reengineering, reorganisation, operating issues, analysis of departments. Some examples:
-Implementation of environmental system (ISO 14001);
-Repositioning KLM Health Services (more independent from KLM);
-Repositioning Staff Office Corporate Training Center: reduction of staff;
-To start, monitor and implement several strategic projects of the engine power plant to improve the quality and the completion time. Some subjects: inventory management, logistics process (from push to pull), marketing plan.

Financial Controller. KLM NV.

Project: outsourcing restaurants.
Started up the project. Made financial analyses and the comparison between the terms of employment of the companies involved. Result: outsourcing step by step

Business Consultant. KLM NV.

Run research to the efficiency of processes and advise clients based on findings.


2016 Chigago Institue of Business: mini MBA
1981-1987 Wageningen University: Business Management and Sociology

Negotiating skills
Finance for non professionals
Project management
Communication skills
Personal coaching


Project management
Confidence building


Dutch: native
English: professional working proficiency
German: professional working proficiency


I am a manager with many years of experience in logistics and aviation. My focus is on business management and the possibility to improve. To manage projects to improve the business while managing the daily operation is an inspiring challenge to me.

My approach is based on trust and principles of project management. Bridging the different levels (operational-tactical-strategic) of the organisation is a key element for succes I am able to realize.