Interim (Project) Manager - Supply Chain-IT-Operations

Interim (Project) Manager - Supply Chain-IT-Operations

Work Experience

.Asia Express Food BV (Kampen)
Supply Chain Consultant a.i. (okt-22 / nov-22)
Check on the logistical processes (planning, procurement, warehouse). Check SAP Hana processes and data. Made specifications for the Business Intelligence team. To develop Qlik reports, first reports implemented. This because data reports for logistics were lacking needed to determine stock levels, checkimg data accuracy and required space. Based on my advice new role will be created as a demand manager, manage more carefully the stocks, and make sure A products will be more on stock then in current situation.

Abbott (Oslo/Galway-remote)
Supply Chain Project Manager a.i. (sep-22 / okt 22)
Transfer of knowledge regarding Business Case.

Edco BV (Eindhoven & Deurne)
Supply Chain Project Manager a.i. (jul-22 / Aug-22)
Analysing process New Customer Onboarding (inclusive systems CRM/ERP & WMS). Set up framework to improve. Pareto analysis on deviations regarding orders, structural deviations listed, set up team for RCA and DMAIC methodology used to make actionplan to solve structural deficits (3,5%) in orders.

Abbott (Oslo-remote)
Supply Chain Project Manager a.i. (dec-21 / may-22)
Making Business Case and Current State Mapping for Global Distribution and Orderlfow. This to determine the impact of the integral cost, Freight (cold chain) and Packing (cold chain). If there would be chosen for a different set up. Execution will be done Y23 as some strategic initiatives needed to be carried out first, pulling the same IT resources needed. Within Order flow 3 different SAP system (Not integrated) with my knowledge I mapped out, how exactly each order flow was running, from which system order was placed, who was placing (shared service centers), invoices came to accompany the goods (even if invoices where send by mail in case of drop shipments), who doing the goods receipt on which moment and who instructed carriers and provided AWB.

Eurofins Clinical Diagnostics (Rijswijk)
Operations Manager a.i. (nov-20 / jul-21)
Ramping up High Volume Laboratory for PCR testing for the Dutch Government, from the first 20 RIVM samples to validate process with 20 FTE staff in one shift up to 180 FTE in five shifts (mid-feb). Activities, making the schedules from one shift, to five shifts with hybrid forms in between. To enable 24 throughput time from swap take to result to patient. Select new teamleads for the 3 shifts, identify trainers to train new staff in the different process steps. Coaching the new teamleads and keep good balance between fun and discipline. In may moved to NMDL-LCPL laboratory to make sure re-location in the building for the offices, sample recepetion and warehouse happened on time.

Philips (Eindhoven HTC)
SAP GTS implementation Manager a.i. (may-18 / jun-20)
Implementing SAP GTS in the markets CN/HK/TW go live 1st sep 18, Industrial Site Batam ID go live 1st nov 18. APAC, SG/AU/KR/MY/TH/ID go live 6th of jul 19. MET-AFR AE/ZA/TR/SA go live 2nd mar 20 and Russia go live 6th of Apr 20. Due to illness took over the Innovation sites NL project and brought to TGL 9th of May and Start up of Innovation sites US/CN. First year double role as no BPE export control was available, conducted UAT’s locally. Activities executing Fit Gap, Manage Build, SIT, UAT, Training, Cut-Over and Hypercare. Assure data availability (ECCN) and HS import (Tariff) and HS export commodity codes correctness the latter according local customs schemes to be ready (which needed to be made available in the system as part of the implementation).

XPO Logistics (Weert)
Customer Service Manager a.i. (sep-17 / apr 18)
Ensuring operations for the customer Vtech (toys and games) for country France during the peak season sep-dec and return season jan-mar. 70% yearly volume. Team of 6 FTE (inbound planning, warehouse planning, container & shuttle planning with external warehouses, order fulfillment and customer service and VAS.

Oerlikon Eldim BV (Lomm)
Planning/Crisis Manager Non Convential Machining a.i. (dec-16 / jun-17)
Due to high load of NPI projects for General Electric the production output was during the months November/December too low. This resulted in a customer facing severe penalties when turbine delivery dates were on risk. Instead of being responsible for the planning and selecting a planning tool. Took the role as crisis manager and steered on a daily bases, production (2fte), quality (3fte), engineering (4fte) and the planning (1fte) in the morning crisis meeting. This with an improved output 900pcs in February versus 360 in January, and 1430 pcs on average during in March/April/May. The latter in line with the budget 2017 (900k a month).
Warehousing & Shipping Manager a.i. 10FTE (Jun-16 / Oct-16)
After unworkable situation had arisen taken over the line management and secured the operational processes during summer period and started to increase the flexibility of the team. Handed over the role when internal solution was found.

Océ Printing Systems GmbH & Kg. (Poing, Germany)
Business process consulting & implementation a.i. (PPP-UP project) (Jan-15 / Apr-16)
Project goal unification of processes and systems (shut down 1 of the 2 the SAP landscapes) across production sites. Implemented this for spare parts from 1-nov 15. Together with the go live of wireless scanning in the warehouse and implementation of 3pl software (ship-it-smarter) to handle the express carriers with one printing standard for labelling. For phase 2 involved in the process design for consumables & machines.

Océ Technologies B.V. (Venlo, The Netherlands)
Team Lead warehouse operations a.i. (Carve Out project) (Dec 13/ Dec14)
Project goal disentanglement of PPP/OIP Venlo business processes from EMEA processes within the current SAP ERP environment. For all good flows (machines, spares & expendables and consumables) I represented the warehouse operations in the project team. With a go live in July for the goods flow machines in the new company structure and November for sp&e and consumables. Activities, blue printing & process mapping, analysing data, setting up new processes, setting up test scenarios, DEV testing, UAT testing and conducting business ramp down and ramp up.

BD Kiestra / Becton Dickinson & Company (Drachten, The Netherlands)
Project Manager Operations a.i. (Feb-13 / Oct-13)
Project management for the first 3 Total Lab Automation systems and 3 Work Cell Automation systems sold to the North American market. Main focus the upgrade from the European system to comply to all CSA/CTUV requirements. As a consequence re-engineering was needed of the systems on the shop floor. This with the processes and systems of a company in transition due the take-over by Becton Dickinson & Company. Deadline was fixed to get the sales in the FY13 (70% of the turnover FY13).

Sohar Aluminium (Sohar, Oman)
Data Manager & Project manager HS-codes a.i. (Apr-12 / Nov-12)
Implementing master data management. Establishing control queries and upload formats for the ERP-system. Implementing ABC classification for 75000 SKU’s. Made 4 years of bad project management visible regarding HS coding. Reversed the previous established decree, which was not audit proof and established a new decree with Oman government authorities (Head of Customs Oman). Got waived for 3 million euro regarding old period 2008-mid 2009. And set up a new decree for future based on ABC classification. Handed over the format how to settle period mid 2009 to end 2012 which resulted in a refund and only a part loss of Bank Guarantees (4 million euro on financial risk). Managing 2 FTE on data management for the SCM department.

Océ Technologies B.V. GLO (Global Logistic Organization) (Venlo, The Netherlands)
Project leader spares a.i. (Apr-11 / Feb-12)
Responsible for getting spares availability for the newest copier co-development between Canon and Océ. Manufactured at third party in Asia. This with new spares concept of unit replacement to minimize repair time. Project member for making cross-selling possible for the Océ portfolio via the
Canon Sales Channels. Blueprinting of the global supply chain and developing model how to
communicate changes/ master data.
Group Leader Product Life Cycle Management SP&E a.i. (Nov-10 / Mar-11)
Managing the department (7FTE) responsible for the phase in of spares and expendables in the
worldwide network for servicing the installed machines of Océ Technologies. Tasks implement
organizational change from functional oriented to business unit oriented. More focus on stocks and
performance. Next to that deletion of the global planning & inventory manager role and more
responsibilities for the group leaders/coaches which report directly to the director SP&E. Parallel the phase in of the Canon portfolio 20000 SKU’s to make sales of Canon printers possible to deliver by the Océ sales channels.
European Distribution Engineer a.i. (Aug-10 / Oct-10)
EDN-Project (European Distribution Network) project to map processes and identify opportunities for cost savings and centralize the management&control for the linehaul from the operating company to HQ. My role was getting clear the footprint for Spain and Italy by interviewing people locally and at the OpCo. Mapping the processes in Visio (As Is) for both Spain and Italy and assist in the takeover for the linehaul.

DMV-Fonterra Excipients GmbH & Co. KG (Goch, Germany)
Supply Chain Coordinator / Consultant a.i. (Jul-09 / May-10)
Coordination of the monthly S&OP process and master planning for the production facilities Germany (1), The Netherlands (2) and New Zealand (2). Stock management with focus on stock levels and slow moving stock. Making work instructions for the recurring activities. Determine the new stock levels 2010 and long term forecast (5 years for identifying capacity constrains). Period dec-apr worked on the acquisition DOMO pharma, in due diligence phase, mapping of the processes from purchasing the raw material to delivering the end product. Going live with new ERP system Navision & the Domo business and the cut off from the SAP system. Project end-to-end forecasting with weekly monitoring booked orders vs. confirmed availability as a result phase 1.

Philips Lighting LEES (Lighting Electronics Europe & Specials). (Oss, The Netherlands)
Logistic Manager GICC (Global Industrial Competence Center). (Sep-07 / Dec-08)
In september after Core Renewal (refocus Philips Lighting Oss) took over responsibility for all the operational activities related to warehouse/ planning & procurement (11FTE) Kept with limited staff, due to postponed direct sourcing model which had to be in place before 1st of Jan 08, also responsibility for supply active (long lead time) components to subcon China via Oss till end of Q208. Besides these “old” activities responsible for new product introductions for different business lines. Introduction of new product line outdoor lighting and ramp up for mass production. Introduction of complete new product range for Solid State Lighting. Due to postponed transfer (receiving factory not ready) also supported longer with the procurement for mass production.
Business Line Logistic Engineer (Dec-06 / Sep-07)
Responsible for all logistic matters regarding the introduction of new product line for retailing supplying the markets US, EUR and JPN. Main focus securing deliveries to the US market. Also transferred mass production to a new Polish subcontractor regarding product line indoor&outdoor and in later stage also the new retailing product line US.
IPLC Planner (Dec-04 / Dec-06)
Production planning and order fulfilment for the business lines automotive & HID. Finalizing Master Production Plan which is used for forecasting components and calculating capacity requirements. Transferring to Philips Poland but also from Poland to Oss to back up for higher customer demand.

Texas Instruments (via Brunel)
Purchasing Administrator (Apr-04 / Nov-04)
Developing a cost reduction-reporting format in Excel. Besides this I supported in purchasing activities. For instance, submitting quotations and sourcing for critical parts by brokers at moments of shortages. Key-user Oracle system for the purchasing department.

Philips Enabling Technologies Group (=taken over by VDL group)
Logistic Engineer (Feb-01 /Jul-01)
Worked at several logistic projects, database in Access developed and implemented for the registration regarding bottlenecks at the acceptance of goods. Computing wait-time at the losdock and made several scenario analyses regarding problems to expect at certain sales volumes. Also computed the effect regarding solving the problems by placing additional losdocks.


sep 2001-oct 2003
Master of Science (MSc.) in Business Administration.
University of Nijmegen, Nijmegen School of Management, Faculty of Business Science. Major in Strategic Management.

1996-jan 2001
Bachelor (bc.) in business and logistics.
Higher Education Level Specialisation Logistics and Economics, Venlo


Self starter, result driven, decisive, content driven, humor.


Dutch, English and German


Office and very good Excel knowledge, Microsoft Visio, SAP R/3, SAP GTS, SAP WM, SAPBW, Lotus Notus, Outlook, Oracle, Navision (Microsoft Dynamics), Sharepoint, PDMS, LIMO.