Head of Finance

Head of Finance

Work Experience

Professional development

Projects as a self-employed interim manager

Since 02/15
Sisterhood of the German Red Cross, Gelsenkirchen

Interim Head of Administration

Initiation of fortnightly meetings to quickly improve the economical situation oft he company’s home care section. Identification of the major cost blocks, as there were two contracts with external service providers that could be cancelled. Mid 2015 a new site will be operat-ing, so all negotiations with the investor and benefactors according care charges had to be done. The preparation for the statutory ac-counts was worked on together with the accounting department. As there was no reporting system yet, a monthly planning for 2015 was set up and presented to the Mother Superior.

08/14 – 01/15
Juice producing company, near Hamburg

Due to a merger of the British mother company and a Dutch compa-ny, the new enterprise became Europe’s biggest juice producer. The headquarters near Hamburg were decided to be shut down in 2015, but according to a decision by the European cartel authorities there was a producing site to be sold to a competitor. This meant, that in times with staff leaving the company new processes had to be intro-duced and secured. This especially referred to third-party deals, con-fining of periodical bookings and accruals, control of the price fixing on assets and stocks.

07/13 – 06/14
Life science research institute, Berlin

Interim head of finance, helping the customer to overcome a major crisis due to deficit spending, building up a reporting system, leading a staff of 16 persons in accounting and third party funding, statutory accounts for 2013

12/12 – 06/13
University of Cologne, Cologne

Interim head of accounting, improvement of intercompany communi-cations, solving massive problems on the processes in accounts payable, project leading tasks on establishing a double entry ac-counting system due to the legal requirements by federal country Nordrhein-Westfalen, preparation for the opening balance sheet due an list from the Chartered Accountants

05/12 – 12/12
Protestant welfare organization, Mettmann

Operational project manager for the migration of three different ac-counting software systems due to the merger process of a Diaconic company and two homes for the elderly, data mapping, keeping communication to internal and external project members in flow, co-ordination of training schemes

04/12 – 06/12
Protestant welfare organization, Karlsruhe

Interim CFO, restructuring of the company’s youth department, evalu-ation on the department’s financial situation using the newly intro-duced costing system, price calculation for the special school for handicapped

02/12 – 03/12
German association of GP, Cologne

Interim head of finance, finishing the year’s end procedure for nine associated companies

11/11 – 01/12
General hospital, Darmstadt

Support on the introduction of SAP R/3, mainly on the CO module. Developing solutions for third party donations and budgeting for several budgets, i.e. cost and investment budgets.

09/09 – 08/11
Radiological network und supply company

The project split into two stages: first stage was the involvement in building up the accounting shared services for ambulant radiologists including the design of the complete bookkeeping and reporting sys-tem. This encloses a specific costing including contribution margins for this kind of doctors. Second stage was helping to build up the new company, which in future will run radiological practices itself and will take part in radiological infrastructure projects as well. Main tasks were the preparation of the M + A containing a procedure description as well as due diligence check lists and the creation of a long list and a short list for a first choice of possible M + A candidates

04/09 – 06/09
Workers’ Charity Organisation, Hannover
Interim manager as Head of accounting
Turnover 75 Mio €, 1.800 employees

According to a sudden illness of the permanent job holder during the year-end-process, this had to be brought to termination. Accounting, reporting and consolidating for five independent trusts and one hold-ing company. Accounting software used: SAP R/3

03/09 – 04/09
Training Organisation, Stuttgart

Training for accounting software Lexware and Datev

04/09 – 12/09
German Cricket Association, Passau
Commissionary treasurer

Helping with my financial know how to develop the sport in Germany. Responsible for all financial transaction, e.g. accounting and budget-ing or quarterly reporting to the ICC in London and Abu Dhabi. Part of the German team to take part in the Pepsi Cricket Development Pro-gramme

09/08 – 12/08
Medical Lab Centre, Leverkusen
Interim manager as Head of accounting and billing
Turnover 70 Mio €, 1.000 employees

Restructuring the department with about 30 persons, preparation for year-end-process, cash management

08/08 – 11/08
Communal IT centre, Moers
Training courses in SAP R/3 (Basics, payment, FI-AA Assets account-ing) for independent cities in the Lower Rhineland during the period of switching from single-entry accounting to double-entry accounting

11/07 - 04/08
Hospital group, Hamburg
Interim manager as support for year-end procedure and reorganisation, balancing in SAP R/3, consolidated financial statement with IFRS, project manager decentralisation

04/07 – 04/08
Home care service of protestant church in Gummersbach
Accounting as external service provider

01/07 - 06/08
Protestant health care centre for the elderly Gummersbach
Accounting and esp. accounting of medical services as external service provider

01/07 - 06/08
Protestant health care centre for the elderly Bergneustadt
Accounting as external service provider

11/06 – 03/07
Home care service of protestant church in Gummersbach
Interim manager and consultant for accounting and change-management process

04/06 - 12/06 Lab Logistics Group GmbH, Meckenheim
Interim manager as head of accounting
turnover 26 Mio €, 40 employees
Logistics organisation for European Lab equipment dealers

Helped increasing the effectiveness of accounting with developing the software used, development of a periodic project accounting, de-velopment of an integrated budgeting, implementation of cash man-agement including dunning for A/R, contact person for German and European partners, administrative development for a new subsidiary

Permanent jobs

10/96 – 03/06 Diakonie in Düsseldorf e.V., Düsseldorf
Head of accounting and controlling
turnover: 65 Mio €, 1300 employees
Protestant welfare organisation for Düsseldorf

Implementation of accounting basics such as adherence to schedules and completeness of documents, continued clearing of backlog in accounting, decentralisation of accounting department, development of a central competence for training, controlling and methods containing the implementation of guidelines, developing of checklists for year-end process to help coordinate the decentral lines of business

Implementation of cost-centre accounting, developing of quarterly re-porting, implementation of a company budgeting system including accounting by contribution margins, implementation of forecast orientated planning, development of business plans

Financing due to the new Landespflegegesetz (act for the financing in health care), implementation of cash management, concepts for new designs for fund management und participation in meetings of the investment advisory panel of the fund investments, implementation of electronic banking, cash-flow-orientated capital budgeting for the building of homes for the elderly and for drug addictors

large amount of projects managed, such as Euro-conversion, decentralisation of the administration, migration SAP R/3, upgrading SAP R/3 including calculation of profitability, managing of interdisciplinary team meetings

Contact person to CPA, tax advisors and banks, different studies on profitability, i.e. insurance costs
Creating reporting documents for board meetings as support to the CFO

Interim CFO for a year as spokesperson on administrative affairs

01/96 – 06/96
WFZ GmbH, Hagen (today: Europarts GmbH)
Head of controlling
Umsatz N/A, ca. 250 employees
Dealer for lorry parts

04/92 – 12/95
Storage Technology GmbH, Frankfurt
Sales controller to the subsidiaries in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Dortmund
Turnover 120 Mio €, 200 Employees
German sales company of an American producer of storage systems in array and tape technology
Part of the newly introducted controlling concept, implementation of a sales oriented reporting including forecasting, communication partner for sales managers in a TOP 500 surrounding, development of budgeting, support for pricing and calculation, developing of an EDP-based configuration programme, quality manager for the subsidiaries mentioned, deputy subsidiary manager

10/90 – 03/92
Deutscher Transportbeton Vertrieb GmbH, Ratingen
Assistent to the CFO
turnover 250 Mio. €, 15 employees
Holding transport concrete

Reporting for the concrete plants involved including reports to the corporate headquarters, balancing and accounting for two subsidiaries, development of an EDP-based bill of items for industrial flooring, credit risk analysis


10/84 – 09/90
Studies at university of applied science Düsseldorf,
Department of economics,
Degree: Diplom-Betriebswirt (MA)

10/82 – 01/84
Civilian service, Gerresheim hospital in Düsseldorf

Abitur, secondary school Hochdahl in Erkrath