Highly commended business adviser/manager: performance, shar

Highly commended business adviser/manager: performance, shar

Work Experience

A highly commended strategy, shared service, sourcing and performance professional with an extensive international network. His broad experience and people skills allow him to ‘hit the ground running’ in a wide variety of organizations. Has the gravitas needed to mobilise management teams and Boards behind change initiatives and drive these through large or international organizations.
Skills include financial and commercial analysis, business & financial planning, project & program management, contract & service management, HR & IT management. Bilingual in English & Dutch, highly IT literate.

Achievements include:
• Established the global Sales Operations function within a rapidly growing multinational SaaS (Software as a Service) firm. This included worldwide standards for sales process and sales management using Salesforce.com. Identified and actioned shortcomings in Sales skills and competences; established Bessemer SaaS metrics as a basis for performance management.
• Guided an international project team through the development of a business plan and investment proposal for the establishment of a new service business (€100M+) in multiple markets from 2010. The business, part of a 30,000-strong multinational equipment supplier, is now in the start-up phase.
• Led the development of a global service, process and organization model within a major oil company for HR support of 8,000 expatriates worldwide through a shared services organization with multiple sites world-wide. Subsequently set up an implementation programme for roll-out of this model over a 2-year period.
• Led the development of a turnaround strategy for a logistics company. The strategy achieved a 50% increase in profitability, making the company the most profitable in a declining market.
• Led strategy development for a $1bn division of a world leader in capital goods that resulted in a global reorganization of marketing and production, and thereby halted its decline in market share.

Career History:
2002-present, Owner, Management Consulting
• Set up and managed own small strategy consulting company, executing over 100 projects for about 20 clients internationally and employing specialists on a contract basis as needed.
• Executed multiple projects for a rapidly growing Software as a Service company, including offshoring and outsourcing of software development, business planning and the interim Sales Operations role described above.
• Guided a new management team within a healthcare equipment manufacturer through the setup of a global shared training service for field engineers and applications specialists. Led the creation of a business plan for the commercialisation of healthcare training.
• Conducted a series of projects to improve the performance of HR Shared Services within a major oil company, including standardisation, process re-engineering, new customer intake and ultimately offshoring to 3 global hubs.
• Guided a succession of public-private partnerships between insurers, equipment suppliers, government and safety services through the restructuring of their certification schemes.
1989-2002, Managing Consultant, PA Consulting Group
• Founder member of PA’s Strategy Practice in 1996, played a leading role in its development and professionalization. Taught and coached consultants in strategy-related and general consulting skills. Prior to 1996 focused on quality and performance improvement projects.
• Led global strategy projects for two electronics manufacturers, an aerospace components company, a co-location and hosting provider, a manufacturer of capital goods and a packaging distributor.
• Executed a series of projects for the airfreight division of a major European airline, including feasibility studies into new business areas, due diligence on a potential acquisition and several rationalisations.
• Carried out valorisation and performance studies for research institutions or their sponsors, in the areas of nuclear medicine, energy research and plant-based pharmaceuticals.
• Executed a series of railway technology studies in the areas of power technology, train safety systems (ETCS/ERTMS), conditional access and innovative switches. Several of these studies focused on the possibilities and costs of various scenarios for migration from old to new technologies.
• Guided performance and quality improvement initiatives in both telecommunications suppliers and operators. These included revenue recovery projects for 2 European operators that recovered €17M in ‘leaking’ revenue as well as restructuring and the introduction of various quality management methods.
• Led or participated in several Business Performance Improvement initiatives aimed at improving profitability in plastics companies. These included pre-divestment exercises as well as post-acquisition integration.
1986-1989, Field Manager & MT member, Data View Nederland BV (was Datex, now part of KPN)
• Achieved a turnaround of this software house and return to profitability after an external event caused serious adverse publicity and significant customer churn
• Participated in the establishment of a national standard set of competences for IT roles


MBA, Universiteit Twente
BSc Computer Science & Mathematics, University of London
Rossall School

Andere cursussen en certificaties (Nick is ook een trainer voor de cursussen met sterren*):
• Strategic Selling
• Managing Major Sales
• Value-based management*
• Communicating using the Pyramid Principle*
• Hypothesis-driven Problem-Solving* • Strategic Planning*
• Presenting to Sell
• Package-enabled Change
• Total Quality Management
• Mind mapping using MindManager*


Financial and commercial analysis, business & financial planning, project & program management, contract & service management, HR & IT management.


Bilingual in English & Dutch
Reads French & German
Basic knowledge of Italian & Swedish


• Served as Board member Terra Ceramics Foundation
• Served as Board member Dutch Informatics Society Information Systems section
• Led a team that won a Ministry of Transport business model prize for road pricing
• Member of the Amsterdam Golf Club