Controller, coordinator, administrator

Controller, coordinator, administrator

Work Experience

Nov 10-now Gemeente Den Haag (interim job for 11 months), department IDC. Work: working on the project administration. To attend and help with the Year end figures, and improve the project administration.

May 10-aug 10 Gemeente Den Haag (interim job for 4 months), department GOB/PMdH
Work: working on the project administration to solve the problems, differences between the
Financial administration and project administration (Oracle). To ensure that the financial reports are reliable.

Nov 09- apr 10 Gemeente Den Haag (interim job for 6 months) Function: Senior on the department DECO. Work: to attend and help with the Year end figures. Improve the project administration
and describe the working process of the project administration.

Jan 09-Sep 09 Scan modul Medi-Math B.V. (3e interim job Medi-Math). Function: controller/advisor. Work: assist with the acquisition from Scan Modul Medi-Math by Stanley, making the monthly reporting FDM/HFM, the weekly forecast and year budget. Contact for all the questions of Stanley. I have made also the contact between Navision and FDM (Hyperion). Stanley works with US-gaap.

June 07-Dec 08 Chamber of commerce Rijnland, Haaglanden and Den Haag (interim job for 18 months). Various functions: administrator, merger coordinator, coordinator and controller.
Work: In 2007, to solve the problems in the administration of Rijnland and merger coordinator between the Chamber of commerce Rijnland and Haaglanden. This merger was in two parts:
the technical merger (automation and administrative process) and the physical merger. This job was successfully ended. In 2008, coordinator of the new Chamber of commerce Den Haag. My job was to spread out a new administrative organisation. Improving debtors- and collection policy and making the year report 2007 of the van Chamber of commerce Rijnland. I was controller from July 2008.In this function I have made the budget 2009 and I did the national controllers meetings.

May 07-June 07 Publices van Sluis (interim job for 2 months). Function: administrator.
Work: eliminate the work of the last 4 months caused by implementation of a new program.
I did make also the monthly figures for the headquarters in Paris.

Feb 07-Apr 07 Redwood (interim job for 3 months). Function: Finance Manager.
Work: Planning and making the monthly figures. Take care of the monthly VAT declarations and salary administration for Germany, France UK and Holland. Checking the AO/IC.

Oct 06-Feb-07 Elsevier (interim job for 4 months). Function: Accounting specialist.
Work: to spread out and attend new projects. Reporting the monthly figures on the shared service centre.

Mar 06-Sept 06 Kintetsu (interim job for 6 months). Function: administrator. Work: several hands on works for the financial department. Improving the creditors and debtors department, and helping to solve the problems with the automation.

Nov 05-Mar 06 Transavia.com (interim job for 5 months). Function: project assistant.
Work: to describe the work process from new projects as IDEAL and package deals and make those SOX proof. The result was a higher profit and a better administration.

June 05-Oct 05 Mattel (interim job for 4 months). Function: VAT specialist. Work: To optimize the working process on the VAT department in a shared service centre. I also made the monthly VAT declaration for 10 countries.

Jan 05- June 05 Scan modul Medi-Math BV (interim job for 4 months). Function: controller.
Work: responsible for financial department and assist with the implementation of Medi-Math
in the Scan administration.

Oct 04-Jan 05 Easynet (interim job for 3 months). Function: “group” controller. Work: consolidate and create the figures of 12 companies and realise a cash management system for all the companies.

July 04-Sep 04 Erasmus Boekhandel (interim job for 3 months). Function: head of the financial department. Work: to restructure the financial department and making the year report 2003.

Mar 04-June 04 MarketXS.com, (interim job for 4 months). Function: financial consultant.
Work: starting and attend a new administration after a take over for 3 companies in the Benelux.

Sept 03-Jan 04 Disetronic (interim job for 5 months). Function: financial manager.
Work: To close the books and liquidate the company. Review the figures 2002 and 2003 and make the reports for a merger with Roch diagnostics. After that, a restart by a new company Ypsomet.

Sep 02-Aug 03 CVK Kalkzandsteen, (interim job for 12 months). Function: head of the financial department, coordinator. Work: responsible for the monthly figures and year figures. I helped with the separation from CVK into two independent companies, Silka and Calduran

Oct 01-July 02 Doctors without Borders (interim job for 8 months). Function: administrator.
Work: responsible for the (year) figures and improve the year report and administrative process. Reorganization of the department payables.

Jan 01-Aug 01 Medi-Math (interim job for 8 months). Function: Controller Work: responsible for the financial department of 6 companies in 5 countries. Monthly reporting and consolidation with a total analyse of the figures. Advise and support the director. Contact person for accountant, tax department and shareholders.
Also responsible for all the tax and ICL declarations for all the countries.

1994-2000 Erasmus Boekhandel B.V.
Head financial department of three countries (Holland, Germany and France).
Monthly reporting and consolidation of the figures. Integrate a new administration in all the countries, reorganises and buy new computers for all the countries. Advise director for all his financial and tax questions.

1992-1994 Wijsmuller Transport B.V.
Assistant-controller, work: salary administration and I helped the controller with the monthly figures. Payroll tax declaration.

1989-1992 H. Albert de Bary & Co/de Keyzer Amsterdam
Head financial department of the insurance department. Responsible for the salaries, monthly figures and all the current accounts.
1987-1989 Zuidlease B.V.

Administrator, work: checking the debtors- creditors department. Closing monthly the grand ledger. Helping with the monthly figures.
1984-1987 Working for several agencies, function administrator.

1982-1984 Militaries service (two years)
1980-1982 van Bladeren, lift truck driver.


Novell Systeembeheerder3
Salary programmes Ilias, Brunet and ADP perman
Project environment course (management education)

Word en Excel
Several salary programmes, such as ADP, Brunet and exact salary
Several accounting programmes: Exact, Navision, Afas, Oracle, AS400, Sage, FIS, EOS
Several reporting programs: HFM, Questor, Cristal reports and Discoverer


Leadership, coordinator, administrator, controller, SOX, US-gaap, IFRS, SAP applications, hands-on, reorganisation and merger.


English, German and Dutch


In roles as head of the financial department and controller I have developed my financial and automation skills very good. Therefore I am flexible and good employable in a company.
Dynamic environment and deadlines are not a problem for me. I always achieve the result that is needed. I am also always looking to improve the working processes in an organisation.

Because I am immune for stress and always go for the target, my capability to control a (large) team is good.
I was more than once successful in the past for this, for the last time by Scan modul Medi-Math and the Chamber of commerce.

One of my developed skills is that I easy communicate and there fore I am fast accepted in an organization.
Besides my positive attitude I find this important to make a job successful.