Commercieel manager

Commercieel manager

Work Experience

Oxyde Europe 02/2015 – 07/2015
European subsidiary, based in Belgium, of an US based trader of petrochemicals and plastics. Total European revenue ca. € 100 million with 10 employees.

Topic: Following a failed merger the company is in distress. US management decided to recruit an interim manager to resolve the situation
Responsibility/role: Interim managing director
- Identified and get agreement on root causes for failed merger
- Complete business & operations audit including recommendations for improvement
- Lead process to bring parties together around a commonly agreed strategic & operational plan
- Mediate & agree on exit strategy of one of the managing directors

Barentz Group 05/2013 – current
Netherlands based, pan-European leader in sales, marketing and distribution of raw materials & application support for the food & nutrition, pharmaceutical, personal care and animal nutrition industries, representing both large multinational raw material manufacturers’ as well small/midsized regional manufacturers. € 880 million revenue, 500 employees, 50 countries, ca. 15,000 customers.

Barentz Group 07/2014 – current Topic: Strengthen the culture to be more performance & results driven
Responsibility/role: Practicing consultant
- Designed & implemented a group KPI system
- Designed & implemented a group variable compensation system linked to KPI performance
- Designed & implemented a group appraisal system
- Automate the process and system

Barentz Czech 04/2014 - 07/ 2014
Topic: Management dissatisfied with performance & stagnating growth. They want to have an external opinion on root causes and possible resolutions
Responsibility/role: Consultant
- Complete business & operations audit/P&L analysis
- Delivered recommendations for enhancing organization’s life cycle and pursue further growth
- Work with sales team to implement various sales effectiveness measures

Barentz Service Italy (joint venture) 11/2013 – 05/ 2014
Topic: Dissatisfaction between JV partners (both CEO’s) about performance
Responsibility/role: consultant/mediator
- Identify root causes for dissatisfaction
- Develop measures & actions to eliminate root causes
- Replaced CFO of Italian operation to improve financial reporting
- Mediate between partners
- Establish system of effective communication

Barentz UK 08/2013 – 03/ 2014
Topic: 1,5 year post acquisition of major competitor no growth has been realized, projected synergies have not been captured and morale is low
Responsibility/role: As Interim country manager/CEO led the integration of both organizations:
- Reorganization of sales team & sales leadership;
- Creation of a commonly agreed growth plan;
- Implementation of the Barentz business model, processes and systems;

Barentz France 05/2013 – 01/ 2014
Topic: Decreasing profitability & stagnating growth of the French operation
Responsibility/role: Interim country manager/consultant
- Full audit/P&L analysis of the entire French operation
- Indentified key growth barriers & opportunities
- Identified & implemented cost reduction measures
- Reorganized sales team to increase sales effectiveness & spur growth

C&F Technics 02/2012 – 12/2012
Netherlands based, European leader in development, production and sales & marketing of electrical heating systems for consumer- and utility housing.

Topic: Setup online strategy for water based floor heating systems
Responsibility/role: Practicing consultant

Various UK/US based debt/private equity investors 02/2012 – current
Regularly hired to advise/consult investors on their potential investment into the chemicals distribution industry
- Phone consultations
- As part of pre-deal investment team
- As part of due diligence team


Full-time MBA-program (MBA), TSM Business School, The Netherlands 1990 – 1992 Focus: Strategic Management

Chemical engineering (BsC), Institute of Technology Breda, The Netherlands 1986 – 1990
Focus: Process control & automation


• Strategy development & implementation
• Project - & change management
• International Commercial management & business development
• Mergers & acquisitions: Identification, valuation, negotiations & deal closure, due diligence, integration
• B2B marketing & marketing communications
• Key account management
• Implement & manage cost reduction programs
• Sales & marketing leadership
• Sales effectiveness programs
• ERP implementations
• CRM implementations
• Sales incentive programs
• Working capital management
• Pricing, pricing optimization and price optimization tools


Dutch : Native
English : Fluent, oral and in writing
German : Fluent, oral and in writing