asset, contract, project manager and property consultant

asset, contract, project manager and property consultant

Work Experience

2007-2009 Scholtens Beheerdivisie BV in Wognum, NL, division Solide Goed
Function Portfolio and contract manager
Duties Commercial, administrative and technical management of corporate and private property, port folio analysis and return optimisation. Project management of new properties and build-in projects. Implementation of application software for property management.

2007-2007 Diephuis partners in Amsterdam, NL
Function Property consultant for corporate, private and institutional investors
Duties Restructuring / commercialising of appraisal and consultation departments.

1994-2007 Cimec (Pty) Ltd. in Somerset West, RSA
Function principal owner
Duties Asset management, project development, estate agent and appraiser for real estate, business broking, residence permits, project management and consultation for corporate and private investors. Board member of the SA Chamber of Commerce. Implementation of Sarbanes Oxley.

2001-2006 Amedo Horse Farm in Sir Lowry’s Pass, RSA
Function Owner (private enterprise on commercial principals)
Duties Founding, constructing and managing of a horse business. Chairman of the home owners association of a 92 ha. estate.

1993-1995 Whitron Motors (Pty) Ltd. in Somerset West, RSA
Function Director owner
Duties Trade in fossil fuels, workshop and retail outlet (food and non-food).

1990-1993 Rijnhave Automatisering BV in Zoetermeer, NL
Function Director operations (division software development)
Duties Management of outsourced staff and in house software development. Change manager, human resource planning, forecast and budgets, field management.

1989-1993 Fort Bouw BV in Woudrichem, NL (at present division of BAM)
Function Dealer (not employed)
Duties Dealership for the provinces of Utrecht, South- and North Holland for pre-fabricated bungalows (wooden skeleton with traditional finish). Purchase of plots, sale of property, building permits, project management.

1985-1990 Delft Automatisering in Delft and TradeCom International BV in Koudekerk a/d/ Rijn, NL
Function Project manager
Duties Management, sales and marketing of software packages and turn-key computer systems in 1st and 2nd level healthcare. Set up of dealer network, sale of business to MSD.

1984-1985 Alfa-Laval NV in Amstelveen, NL
Function Thermal engineer
Duties Design and management of production of components for city heating, shipping industry, and process industry. Project management of city heating projects.

1981-1984 Syntel BV in Alphen aan den Rijn, NL
Function Marketing representative and customer support engineer
Duties Sales of turn-key computer systems for project management of Dutch construction companies abroad. Portfolio management systems for stocks and bonds brokers and Trust management. Hardware and software support in Northern Africa.

1981-1981 AMRO bank NV, directorate Mahuko in Amsterdam, region Haarlem, NL
Function Inspector
Duties Assessment of business loans and property finance.

1977-1981 Alfa-Laval NV in Amstelveen, NL
Function Thermal calculator
Duties Design of heat exchangers and equipment for ships, city heating, HVAC, dairy, breweries, chemical and cool drink industry.

1976-1977 De Bruin’s banketfabriek BV in Amsterdam, NL
Function Maintenance technician
Duties General maintenance and preparation of maintenance scheduling and forecasting.

1975-1976 Royal Dutch Army in The Hague, NL, 543 communication battalion
Function National service sergeant.


1993-1994 Estate Agency Affairs Board, RSA, sworn estate agent and appraiser
1990-1991 Stichting Vakopleiding Makelaardij SVM in Nieuwegein, NL
1974-1975 VWO, Scholengemeenschap Buitenveldert in Amsterdam, NL
1972-1974 HAVO, Scholengemeenschap Buitenveldert in Amsterdam, NL


Real Estate: property management (commercial, administrative, facilities and technical for commercial, industrial, agricultural, leisure and domestic property) for corporate, private and institutional investors;
asset and portfolio management of global portfolio’s;
transaction experience (often with special power of attorney or mandated) in acquisition, disposition, (farm) lease, sell and lease back, usufruct, letting and hiring;
project development, project management, benchmarking and lifecycle cost and return;
consultation for direct and indirect real estate.
Contract mngt.: all property real rights and personal rights with real right effect, joint ventures, maintenance and construction tenders.
People mngt.: up to 65 FTE at a time, coaching style.
IT: project management, outsourcing and employment, financial institutions, non profit market, software development, data-analysis, healthcare, global industrial and agricultural project development, accounting systems, asset and property management, investment and trust management.
Thermal: chemical, dairy, breweries, soft drinks, offshore, HVAC.
Healthcare: 1st and 2nd level, healthcare centres, wozoco (live care complex), private clinics and diagnostic trees.
Banking/finance: exchange control, business loans, mortgages.


Dutch and English (good), German and Afrikaans (fair), French (poor).


Drivers licence: A, BE
Hobbies: tooling, antique motorbikes