Project/IT Manager, COO, CEO, Bus. Developmnt, I

Project/IT Manager, COO, CEO, Bus. Developmnt, I

Work Experience

Dynamic, adaptable, very hands-on, empathic, all-inclusive, high energy executive, entrepreneur, achiever and a global citizen. Extensive business development experience with a growth mindset based on a balanced risk-taking approach to succeed. Ability to master complex and competing issues, not shying away to address the issues at hand, balancing immediate short- and long-term objectives. Builder of deep, extensive and trusted customer relationships with a strong solution orientation and maniacal focus on customer success and delivering on made commitments. Large and complex (transformational) dealmaker, extensively operated at boardroom level (incl. Fortune 500). Initiated and delivered ‘game changing’ and ‘break out’ business strategies with customers based on deep market insights and the aspiration of achieving bold targets and executing big plays.This included creating various outcome based commercial constructs (JV’s included) linked to meeting critical KPI’s across the financial, capacity, timing, and availability domains. Grounded by a strong moral compass, zero-tolerance approach to all forms of behaviour that violate the dignity of others and/or undermines integrity of the company.

Experienced in having ultimate and significant P&L accountability, delivering on both revenue and profit growth objectives. P&L accountability implied responsibility for the full scale of business controls, meeting the highest standards of integrity (all aspects), meeting margin (expansion), sales and expense targets, meeting customer satisfaction levels (externally measured), managing the forward looking book of business as well meeting attrition, promotion, skill development, engagement, diversity and ‘fit for the role’ targets. Span of control ranged up to 6000 FTE’s across different countries, including staff in shared service centers. Build many sustainable high performant teams that delivered on revenue, profit and growth objectives. This requires a relentless focus on skills to keep delivering exceptional value with respect to specific customer’s needs and/or broader market opportunities. In addition securing investments for targeted growth opportunities and driving continuous structured productivity and process improvements, including managing several turn-arounds of ailing businesses (Japan, Europe, Australia).

Extensive experience in IT product development and enterprise architecture, service delivery and service and project management, sales, general business management, strategy development and operational excellence with deep international grounding in a highly matrixed and multi-cultural organizational environment. Was accountable for meeting high Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) for large and global IT operations, where some applications required a high resiliency to meet zero downtime. By en large this was in settings which needed to meet extreme high regulatory and ditto compliancy requirements and had to apply extensive incident management controls.

Had a significant exposure over the years in diverse M&A and divestiture activity in which operational, organisational, IT, HR, finance, accounting, (IP) asset transfer aspects and hitting specific timelines were key all ingredients. This included setting the business strategy to identify acquisition targets to accelerate growth in marketshare and execution capabilities.
All the various business units managed delivered high value and complex industry or transformational solutions (long sales cycles) augmented with high volume products and project-services (short sales cycles), under-pinned with a recurring revenue stream from services, software or asset(s) licensing.

A rare mix, breadth and depth of 20+ years of building expertise in global industrial markets (automotive, arerospace, process, mining, oil and gas, heavy equipment, shipbuilding, electronics) spanning the spectrum from digital product development through testing and production, including company re-invention, business process (re-)engineering, organizational restructuring, transformation and outsourcing. Delivered highly integrated and automated production and logistics systems.

Transitioned for 10+ years into the world of financial services. Supported financial institutions – at the height of the global financial crisis – accelerating their digital transformation, adapting towards a real-time (simplified) and data-driven operating model, improving speed of customer service and (credit) decision making (near real-time), digital self service and multi-channel integration, integrated product manufacturing and planning, improved advisory, regulatory compliancy and reporting, advanced risk management, creating a digital bank, mergers, divestitures, process outsourcing and ‘always on’ state of operation. The latter required extreme focus on designing for and testing of business continuity and resiliency matters, meeting RTO requirements – incl. providing proof to various regulatory authorities.

Born optimist, recognized for a 'big sense of humor and servant leadership' approach, for a pleasant, genuine, positive and open-minded personality with a ‘hands-on, can-do, down-to-earth, zero ego and no nonsense’ involvement in the day-to-day business as it ultimately all happens ‘ín the trenches’. Praised about people management, skill and personal development focus, ensuring organizational readiness and setting up collaborative (extended) teaming including external partners. Strong team builder as well a big proponent of flat and transparent organizations with a low ‘center of gravity’. A sought after speaker.


MS Degree in Mechanical Engineering – University of Technology Delft (Netherlands)

Business Management Curriculum – Nyenrode University (Netherlands)

Masters of Business Administration – London School of Economics (UK)


Turnaround management, M&A integration or separation, Complex project management, re-architecting core processes, setup of data management, affordability and TCO analysis, enhanced risk-management, regulatory compliancy.


Fluency in Dutch (spoken and written), fluency in English (spoken and written), German (spoken), French (spoken) and a little Japanese and Chinese to come by with.


The Netherlands, Nigeria, Surinam, UK, USA, Japan, France, China, Australia

Hobbies include soccer, rugby, biking, hiking, running.