Interim Plant manager

Interim Plant  manager

Work Experience

VOESTALPINE RO/ Voestalpine Group (AT) – Arad (Automotive tier 1 supplier of metal stamping/welding parts TO €~24mil , 250 employees)
Interim Plant Manager 09.2017 – 11.2017
- stabilize operations, identify causes for current problems and implement corrective actions.
- implement improvement plans for operational and financial KPI’s, until new GM appointment.
Responsibilities: presented to CEO and COO current status and implemented operational plan to improve situation; switch activity from constant fire-fighting to a planned work with 1 week in front; implemented complete processes in SAP; turn-around supply-chain activity in order to sustain production; implemented reverse engineering for stamp maintenance; implemented action plan to get Mercedes audit certification.
Key achievements:
● get certification to VDA 6.3 audit with B84 vs B82 a year before
● increased sales in October by 12% vs September, profitability improved by 250k€ in October
● reduced stamp maintenance time with 2 weeks

ZF/TRW ( DE ) world-wide automotive group - tier 1 supplier - casting
Interim Operations Manager / Consultant - Italy 07.2017 – 10.2017
Objective: to align activity of Italian casting supplier at customer demands, to increase OTD.
Responsibilities: improved daily basis supplier activity in order to sustain ZF/TRW demands; production report on daily/weekly basis; build and implemented action plan to reduce casting stoppages and micro-stoppages; worked with ZF/TRW colleagues to reduce die exchange time; during audits, sustained supplier in front of VW as final client; reviewed and reinforced lean in production.
Key achievements:
● increased casting production volume by 80%

MECANOR Rumania/Bravo Group (ESP) Oradea (Automotive tier 2 supplier of Al casting & CNC precision and critical parts, TO €~6mil , 85 employees)
Interim Plant Manager (project based) 07.2016 – 10.2016
Reporting to shareholders and board (SP+FR+PO) of the group, led 7 subordinates
- eliminate delivery concession, obtaining Bosch Audit process release, raise OTD from 85%
- reduce customer complaints at max. 1/month from initial 30 complaints in 6 months
Responsibilities: Build and implement of strategic plan as well 5S, start-up tool life management, PDCA way, review TPM; implement lean manufacturing practices, pro-activity meetings, production planning, production quality reports, logistics inventory, maintenance daily reports; implement visual management all over the plant, one-piece-flow; reinforce ISO TS standards; support sales corporate in finding new clients.
Key Achievements:
● Succeeded to achieve Yellow result from Bosch Audit process release with 2 minor non-conformities by
strategic plan achievement.
● Reduced complaints to 1 in 4 months vs previous 30, raised OTD from 85 % to 96 % by lean techniques

GDP (CZ) Bistrita (automotive tier 2 manufacturer of plastic / metal stamping parts, TO €4mil, 155 employees)
Plant Manager 09.2008 – 04.2016
Reporting to shareholders (Cz+D), led 6 subordinates
Responsibilities: Plan, define and implement short / long term department’s goals and strategic direction in a brown field investment, using efficient all resources; review performance of each machine, implement TPM from scratch and increased net availability time; increase productivity lines by introducing continuous improvement programs to every process and implementing problem solving tools; coordinate and implement lean, manage engineering projects.
Key achievements:
● Reduced SMED for mould exchange with 65% in 2010
● Reduced cycle time with 9% in 2012 by improving metal press operating procedures.
● Reduced scrap from 9,8 % for 3 high runners in 2013 to 4 %
● Increased manufacturing productivity with 12,5 % in 4 years

ARPLAMA (BE + DE) Brasov (tier 1/tier 2 in automotive– plastic/composites parts, TO €5mil, 220 employees)
General Manager 11.2006 – 07.2008
Reporting to CEO and shareholders (BE+D), led 5 managers
Responsibilities: Redesign and develop manufacturing, operations to encompass all necessary functions and align activities with ISO and HSE standards; initiate sales on Romanian market; Ishikawa diagram; plan and implement investments in production area: cutting and drilling CNC robot as well training courses abroad for engineers/employees to work with CNC robot; renegotiate company contracts with suppliers as well for utilities; reduce manufacturing operating cost by introducing lean tools, standard work, TPM, 5S; begin marketing campaign, affiliate company at AHK German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce; represent company in front of local authorities, unions negotiations.
Main projects/key achievements:
● Cabin covers/bumpers for MAN/Iveco, water tanks Rosenbauer, engine covers for Case New Holland
● Saved 17% of raw material costs in 2007 through implementation of the ERP, lean tools, BOM review
● Implemented € ~1mil new investment to eliminate cutting/drilling rejects in production areas
● Reorganized production flows with effect in reducing labor costs with 14 % in 1 year

KEY SAFETY SYSTEMS (USA) Deva (automotive tier 1- seat belts, safety device, TO €45mil, 450 employees)
Production Manager 07.2004 – 11.2006
Reporting to Plant Manager (IT) and to the President of Division (UK), led 6 direct and 380 operators
Responsibilities: Build transfer plan together with USA Project Manager; relocate manufacturing operations from 2 manufacturing sites: UK and Italy in terms of 72 production lines; start-up production activity in a new green-field plant and transfer production lines for 6 months; implement lean manufacturing, Kan-Ban production methodology tools.
Main projects/key achievements:
● Successful ramp-up production in new plant, improved productivity with 15% from July 2005 to end of 2006,
reduced complaints from 7ppm in 2004 to 2 ppm in 2005
● Raised (OTD) rates at 98% in 2005 for all clients: VW, Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, Range Rover, Lancia, Fiat


EDUCATION: Master of Science – Electronics engineer - Technical University in Cluj Napoca 1997

UK and Italy training: ISO 9001, TS16949, ISO9001
UK training: lean manufacturing, 5S, TPM, Kanban, Kaizen, Hoshin, Standard work, VSM
Six Sigma – on going
Training courses for company’s management


- Plastic parts, stamping metal parts; safety devices
- Al casting and CNC – machining safety parts
- scientific instruments, sensors


English and Italian fluency, German beginner-medium, French and Spanish basics