Operations Director

Operations Director

Work Experience

Current Management
Started my own business, with focus on Project and Interim Management services

- Management support (a.i.) at a start-up company in the steel business
Development orderprocessing
Calculation methods
Project Management
Market research

2016/2017 Project Manager (a.i.)
- Development of a production-unit for shelves. (€ 9 M investment)
In-line production of parts and assembly (high complexity), introducing new techniques.
Project stopped after the engineering phase as the end customer could not get approval for the sales plan.

2011 – 2016 KS Profiel
Operations Director at a family owned company, producing and distributing cold formed steel profiles for construction purposes, solar support structures, warehouse racking and automation and greenhouses.
Reporting to the CEO (and owner), member of the Management Team and responsible for all operational activities in the company, engineering, tool shop, production and overall logistics and transports.

• Transition from a more informal to a professional organisation by structuring the processes (ISO 9002), introducing Continuous Improvement (Lean Techniques) and automation (robotising).
• To support the improvement processes major investments were made in Human Resources (training and organisation) and machinery (standardisation and capacity)
• As projects of customers became bigger and more complex the first steps to realize a distribution centre were made

2008 – 2010 Schokindustrie
Manager Operations at a production plant for building products, part of a Dutch group and reporting to the Managing Director.
Processes: metal converting, assembly, concrete handling, inventory control and transport (special due to product size)

- Restructuring of the plant processes to obtain maximum service and minimum stocks
- Minimised cost of materials by optimising the formulations (- 15%)
- Development and implementation of a KPI dashboard

2003 – 2008 Budelpack Group
Site Director at a co-manufacturer to the FMCG market (non-food), reporting to the COO.
Processes: making and packing of liquids (detergents, shampoos and hard surface cleaners)
• Managing a ‘make and fill’ operation for personal & home care products
• Preparing and realising the yearly budget for the plant
• Supply Chain Management and Customer Service
• External communication
• Chairman of the Management Team

.- Restructuring the plant from “fill” to “make & fill”, from selling services to selling products
- Development and implementation of a process (technically and supply chain) for the production of liquids in water-soluble foil.
- Moving the operation to a new building (finding the location, get licences, engineering, ...)
- Introduction of Lean principles in the organisation

1999 – 2003 PACTIV CORP. (PREGIS)
Plant Manager at an American multinational, producing and selling protective packaging materials (corrugated paper, bubble sheet (polyethylene) and mailers) reporting to the Managing Director Western Europe.
Processes: corrugating, extrusion, converting and printing
• Managing an operation for the production of protective packaging solutions
• Member of the Western European Management Team
• Participation in international Project Teams to adjust processes in all European plants, implementing best practices and become market leader.
- Portfolio analysis, resulting in a drastic change in the policy concerning non-core business
- Project Manager of a major investment, reducing material cost with approx. 40%
- Re-implementation of an ERP system

1996 - 1999 Roltrans Group
Production Manager Europe at a company producing and selling covers and related products to the transport market, reporting to the Managing Director (and owner of the company)
Processes: welding, printing, mechanical treatment
• Responsible for 3 European production sites
• Allocation of orders
• Changing the production process to optimise (lean approach), supported by the forming of autonomous groups
• Change in strategy by moving all production activities to Poland


1969 – 1972 MTS (Mechanical Engineering)
1974 – 1979 HTS (Chemistry)
1980 – 1982 HBO (Business Administration)
1988 – 1991 APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society)
2008 – 2009 Management Development Program (Tias Nimbas Business School)

Training courses
Quality analysis
Contractor assessment
Business economics
Lean methods and introduction


Operational Management
Project Management
Process Improvement (Lean, Continuous Improvement)
Business re-engineering
Change Management
Resource allocation
Operational streamlining
Logistics (planning, inventory, transport)


Dutch (native),
English (speak and write),
German (speak and write)