Interim Manager

Interim Manager

Work Experience

’19 Interim Warehouse Manager Inbound DocMorris, Heerlen
Situation Pharmacist, Supplier of medicinal products on the German Market.
Responsibilities Inbound: Goods received, Scan Departments, Replenishment and Stock Control.
Team size: 220 FTE in 2- and 3-shifts.
● Grow and structure teams to increase capacity;
• Structure working processes;
• Create new document structure to update the Working Instructions;
• Evaluate trainers and structure training process for new employees;
• Select and hire new Team Leaders.

’19 Interim Plant Manager Nabuurs Logistic Services, Heijen
Situation Provider of logistical services. In Heijen only for Essity.
Responsibilities Whole site – Inbound, Order Processing, Outbound, Technical Department, Customer Service, Transportation and Planning. First point of contact for customer in the turbulent period after implementation of new ERP System
Team size: 65 FTE in day- and 3-Schift.
Achievements One month intensive crisis management and one month to hand over responsibility to and coach the Site Management Team:
• Stabilize customer contact;
• Introduce Tier structure;
• Stabilize order forming process;
• Streamline internal communication;
• Work close together with IT on system improvements.

’18 Interim Operations Manager Value Added Services Stryker, CDC Venlo
Situation Supplier of Medical Devices; Crisis management in a management gap.
Responsibilities Value Added Services – Inbound, Outbound, Labelling, Kit building, Configurations of beds, Handling Dangerous Goods and Capital Goods.
Team size: Grew from 33 to 45 FTE.
Achievements ● Increased reliability of internal processes and rearranged department;
• Integration of New Business (Physio Control);
• Increase processing capacity from 34k to 174k units per month;
• Increased working stations and reduced CPU with 60%;
• Streamlined and improved customer communication;
• Installed internal meeting with Supply Chain team to improve scheduling process;
• Smashed several records with the team: Units processed and Deliveries for several goods.

18 Interim Operations Manager Inbound Stryker, CDC Venlo
Situation Supplier of Medical Devices, Bridge a holiday period.
Responsibilities Inbound, Putaway, Picking and Clarification.
Team size: 80 FTE.
Achievements ● Absorb over 100k units and create space for it;
• Reorganize warehouse to absorb more stock.

’18 Interim Senior Project Manager Stryker, CDC Venlo
Situation Project Manager and support to Operations.
Achievements ● Implementation of Time registration System
• Split and upgrade Quality Management System;
• Embedding Safety within the company;
• Prepare the Rough Cut Capacity Plan 18 months ahead;
• Finalize contracts with Temps Agency and stabilize cooperation.


MBA at TIAS Business School


18 years MT experience in executive level as Operations Director , Plant Manager and General Manager.
Interim Manager since 2018.

Experience with:
- Project Management Create project plan, set milestones and manage progress;
- Crisis and Change Management: Create the right customer focus with structured and optimized company processes and allocation of the right responsibilities;
- Quality systems: ISO, HACCP, GDP, GMP, IFS and BRC.

It is my goal and challenge to optimize the human factor in the company processes, to empower the people and innovate and secure the Supply, Operations and Quality Processes.
Ultimate goals: meet or exceed customer expectation against minimal costs.
I have excellent communication skills, inside and outside the organization, a good sense for cultural differences and am specialized in Crisis- and Change Management, Project Management and Process Optimisation techniques.
This is including coaching the people within these processes and changing responsibilities.


Dutch - Native
English - Fluently
German - Fluently