managing director sales director international

managing director sales director international

Work Experience

leading international branches
setting up branches in Germany, Netherlands, Czech republic
leading business units
developing sales & marketing plans
leading international project teams

Responsible for building long term relationships with major players within the printing & packaging Industry, consumer electronic health care, beauty care and pharmaceutical industry in EU.
Excellent experience in new market developments, strategic partnerships
Very Good experience with print technologies, managing and inspiring people
Excellent team manager .Defining & developing business plans , marketing strategies

Extensive network within the printing & packaging Industry

With successful situational experiences in operations/manufacturing, sales, marketing, business development, project management and general management roles as well as multiple P&L responsibilities throughout my career, I aspire to an opportunity in a growth oriented business with innovative products and a strong corporate culture to support the vision of its leaders.

My skill base has multiple facets and my work experiences and professional successes cover a broad range of areas and geographies as a consequence. A common denominator being the overall and absolute focus on results and execution, the belief that both growth and productivity enhancements are required to sustain and develop a profitable business and that people are always key assets enabling us to achieve our objectives and vision.

During the last 17 years I was working with major players in the FMCG industry, consumer electronics industry, food and beverage industry as well as pharmaceutical/ health care & beauty care industry. I have created a broad international network within these industries. My contacts are major decision makers within their companies. I have created a lot of trust with my clients to assure their willingness to discuss with me future business opportunities.

I have setup and ran foreign sales offices for my employers, defined sales strategies on new markets outside their traditional business . I am an expert in printed packaging as well as moulded plastics within the FMCG. My technical expertise in manufacturing is excellent.
I have created a huge network within the cardboard industry, including the major player both from the customer and production side of the business

My expertise is to search for new business opportunities, research on new target markets, define major players that suit to the employers company profile, introduce, implement and develop new and existing client base. Define and develop additional services for clients to assure a long term business relationship. I have a proven track record with a budget responsibility of over 100 m Euro
My activities are within the EU( mainly DE, NL,B, UK, F, PL, CZ, HU), as well as in the US and Asia
During my role as sales director/managing director I was also involved in finding, auditing and developing relationships with suppliers all over the globe to assure the growth of business and create added value for both the company as well as the clients.

Especially within the cardboard converting & manufacturing industry my network of major players is extensive, which helped in many cases to create unique business opportunities.

As a person I am hungry to learn and to improve my skills & personality on a daily bases. Listening, analysing, reflecting and the willingness to change methods and behaviour are key for me.

I am focussed and driven, which also reflects on the teams I have been leading .
Result is everything.


HBO hogeschool Rotterdam


Excellent communicator,
Strategic negotiator
Inspiring motivator
Leader in change management
Strategic leader


Dutch motherlanguage
german mother language
English C2
Czech B2