Finance Director

Finance Director

Work Experience

June/ November 2017
Interim Transition Manager / Boer & Croon Management B.V.
International interim assignment for a Private Equity owned group active in global maritime handling, storage and transport services. Head office in Hoofddorp (Netherlands) and affiliates in Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. A profitable cyclic activity with significant capital expenditure and differentiated customer base of industrial companies and shipping lines. Assignment to develop the 5-year strategic plan and to define and manage various transition projects in IT and Finance.

February 2015/ May2017
Interim Financial Director / MS Masterservices
International interim assignments for a Business Unit of an American public company active as manufacturer of machinery and equipment for production lines in automotive, aerospace, nuclear and food. European head office in Frankfurt and affiliates in Germany, France, Netherlands, UK and Spain. A profitable niche activity with stagnating sales growth, a small market share and a fragmented product portfolio.
The developed plan of transferring operational activities to Eastern Europe has been abandoned, due to my insights and advice.
Assignment to gain control over the plant in France (6 months), the improvement of the financial departments in Europe, optimization of the ERP-system Oracle, integration of the European entities and the finance role in winning long-term contracts with Daimler-Benz and BMW.

Realisations: support to General, Financial, Human Resources and Risk management; optimization of ERP-systems; set-up of Business Controlling; definition of Reporting and Strategic Planning; Cost Price definition; reorganisation of commercial / industrial organisations; integration of European entities; long-term contracts with Daimler-Benz and BMW.

May 2011/ May 2014
Chief Financial Officer / Rexel Nederland B.V.
Sales Channels Rexel/ Hagemeyer/ Onexis
Sales: 350 Million Euro - Staff: 600 persons
Dutch subsidiary of Rexel Group (Public owned company Paris-based); post-merger integration of 2 equal sized activities (Rexel and Hagemeyer)
Gouda (the Netherlands)
Distributor of electro-technical components for the Dutch market (Electro-technical installers and Industry), sustainable energy solutions and international projects

Realisations: solving the root causes of significant accounting differences; integration of Business Units (Rexel/ Hagemeyer); structural improvement of the financial organisation; optimization of IT-systems; implementation of a new ERP-system (M3/ Lawson); margin improvement programs; professionalisation of cashflow and working capital management; savings in operational expenses; financing by means of Securitization; transformation of 7 regional Distribution Centres to one central DC; set-up of new activities in sustainable energy solutions and international projects.


Various management and specialized training, including IMD Lausanne, Krauthammer, IFRS/ USGAAP requirements, international tax matters and IT developments and applications.

« Register Controller » (RC) in Business Administration
Two years post-university course State University Maastricht (the Netherlands)

Doctorandus (Master) degree Economical Sciences
Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands)


Role: Reliable partner for shareholders, management team and employees of the organization.
Experienced and multilingual (Dutch, English, French, German) Director/MT-member
Responsibilities: Finance & Control, Accounting & Consolidation (US-GAAP/ IFRS), Information Technology, Treasury/ Working Capital Management, Taxes, Legal, Facility Management, Insurance
Entrepreneurial skills: Mergers & Acquisitions, Management Buy-Out, Sale of activities and assets, Restructuring measures, Outsourcing of activities, International Purchase strategy, Private Equity
Special skills: Implementation and optimisation of ERP/ IT-systems, Reporting systems/ tools, Strategic reviews, Project & Change management, Planning and Forecasting, Human Resources
Characteristics: Competitive, Result driven, Analytical, Professional, Honest, Proactive


Dutch, English, French, German.


Available for international assignments requiring temporary housing and traveling.