Work Experience

Current Activities:
Consultancy and support for corporations regarding (re) structuring and (re) financing.
Consulting and support for startups regarding structuring and financing. Setting up programs for cyber security. Program Director of a Cyber security course for professionals.
Working for an east coast investments funds in the US to advise them on investments in Europe.
Acting CFO of a Lloyds broker in distress in London.
Interim CFO positions within start-ups, scale-ups or organisations in distress.
Past Activities:
Working for an investment fund out of the Middle East to search opportunities (energy and industry) in Western Europe.
Advisor for two investment funds in the US to review opportunities in Europe.
Working for a Dutch investment group to evaluate and coach participations.
Advising start-ups on their strategic and operational.
2013-2016 General Manager (Including acting CFO) Internet platform, started in May 2013 in the Netherlands, at the moment headquarter in San Francisco and did A-round 2014, B-Round in 2015 and C-round early 2017
2010-2012 Managing Director / CFO (appointed out of PE)
Belgium music company, focus to sales, business development, internal organization and finance created.
Create the future internal structure of the company .
- Find new strategic partners (especially in the USA) to expand the business throughout Europe and the USA.
- Business development in all new markets (setting up different PMC’s).
- Find funding to finance this expansion and further R&D development.
- Improving the management reporting towards the board, supervisory board and shareholders.
2009-2010 Acting Financial Manager ad interim (three days a week)
European automotive lease company (> 120.000 cars in NL)
Restructuring and managing three financial departments:
- Reporting and analysis
- Financial administration
- Central administrative services
Primary tasks:
- Setting up a new reporting structure
- Improving the quality of administrative processing
- ‘Ongoing’ activities such as budgeting, forecasting and long term planning
2008-2009 Chief Financial Officer ad interim
Same lease company
Following the forced departure of the CFO, I restructure and manage the financial departments and the trust of “Holding company” in the company:
- Restoring confidence and trust of the auditor and mother organization in the company;
- Improving the reporting structure and supply of information;
- Setting up a new reporting structure;
- Improving management of working capital, especially decreasing receivables.
- Reduced by auditor suggested impairment on the car fleet with 90%.
In addition to the above, I was responsible for operational activities such as budgeting, forecasting and long term planning. Next to that responsible for periodic management reports, annual reports (2007/2008; according to IFRS), cash management and funding.
I was a member of the board of directors and fulfilled all responsibilities regarding that position
2007-2008 Chief of Business Development (Board of Directors)
Stock listed company In June 2007,the company strengthen the board and my target was to find out how we could prevent and limit operational damage. I was successful in this operation. At the time, I was also a member of the Board of Directors and executed various managerial tasks.
- Completing the sale of a large asset.
- Restructuring of the other companies.
- Managing the procedure regarding AFM
- International projects
o Responsible for and set up of a new sales program in China
o Work out of lease concept (and sales concept) in the USA
o Worked out an integrated sales approach with the local sales
office in Germany
- Overseeing the foreign subsidiaries (worldwide).
2005-2007 Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer (Board of Directors. Same stock-listed company as above.
- Restructure working capital management
- Reorganize both the physical and the financial administrative organizations
- Operations, setting up the new product-line production facility,
- After sales, transforming the organization into one capable of handling larger numbers of complains, this included the use of webcam around the world to make engineers travelling less.


Erasmus University, MScBA Business Administration; Change Management (MScBA / Drs)
Graduation September 2001
Major: Change management
Minors: Marketing management
Information management

NIVE – HOFAM , HOFAM educates people toward the degree of 'Qualified Controller' (BBA / QC)
Graduation September 1995
Post BA degree. Dissertation topic: change management – moving from a static financial administration towards an active controller’s department.

Institution Praehep - SPD, SPD (B Ec (Bachelor of Economics))
Graduation October 1993


As a general manager, with a business development and financial background, I have created stable environments within several (from start-up to stock-listed) companies to successfully initiate and execute change processes.

I am an innovative motivator, flexible and quick-witted, who is neither impulsive nor emotional. I always seek to understand the background behind circumstances and am committed to my cause.
My motto: ‘nothing is impossible’.

I look at things from different angles and assess options while looking forward and maintaining a birds-eye view of the situation. My management style is: ‘empowering and directive’.

My experience within highly dynamic companies has taught me to quickly adjust to changes and maintain my focus in any situation. I love a challenge.


Dutch Native speaker (ERK C2)
English Fluently writing and speaking (ERK C1)
German Independent user (full understanding) (ERK B2.1)