Change management, project management

Change management, project management

Work Experience

Period : 05/2016 – 04/2017
Company : Siers telecom
Function : Transition manager
Following my role at Siers telecom in Waddinxveen (see previous experience), my responsibility in this function was to form and construct the Siers telecom Ziggo department in Oldenzaal, servicing the Ziggo contract that we acquired for the North-East region in the Netherlands. I was responsible for the transition of the “Ziggo department” from Waddinxveen to Oldenzaal.
I have been working on the recruitment of the team, the transition from the team of engineers from the region west to north east (NB: These professionals were already based in Oldenzaal) and the financial implementation of the KPI model towards Ziggo. In addition, I was internally involved in interlacing the department within the Siers telecom organization and also to take over the work of the old partner to Siers telecom.
After the realization of this phase and the established connection with Allinq, with which we conducted in partnership towards Ziggo, my task was accomplished.

Period : 11/2014 – 05/2016
Company : Siers telecom
Function : Project- / change manager
The process oriented thinking within Ziggo (my previous assignment) urges Siers as a Ziggo partner to internally optimize their processes and look at how the organization is currently acting and whether the relationship between Ziggo (client) and Siers (contractor) is effective. This because at that time the relationship between Ziggo and Siers telecom Waddinxveen was under pressure.
I was hired to initiate change and to shape and assist in the change process within Siers to make a successful transition from 'contractor' to 'partner'. Based on internal interviews and a quick scan, I recommend the management what steps should be taken in order to ensure an effective transition to partnership, which will benefit both Siers and Ziggo. A portfolio named “VODEWA” was started, which was successfully implemented.

Period : 04/2014 – 10/2014
Company : Ziggo
Function : Project- / change manager
At the time of this assignment, Ziggo was transforming towards a process-orientation. One of the starting points was that worktime and workplace were no bottlenecks in the work performance. The work should be done anytime, anywhere. Also, I was responsible for the fit of the different roles required for the realization of the “newbuild and reconstruct” assignments.
This, combined with a transition of all subcontractors from contractor to partner, fusing with the Ziggo organization. Engineering takes place jointly, which makes the fulfilment more efficient. Important part of the success of this turnaround is the accompaniment of the employees, because on the one hand, they see "the region disappear" and, on the other hand, more and more people rely on their own leadership, where in the past a manager often made the decisions.
I was responsible for introducing process thinking and working accordingly the blueprinted process. In doing so, I accompanied the people in the Rijswijk region to the new way of working. As an interim manager I was responsible for the complete construction / connection of this turnaround from project to process thinking.

Period : 03/2012 – 04-2014
Company : Schuuring
Function : Project and process manager

Within Schuuring I am engaged to ensure that the process for “Ziggo Nieuwbouw” (New development) and Coax triple play will function better and improve this process and the customer experience. Furthermore, as senior project manager I am responsible for the installation of fibre-optic networks for among others RBCIF, such as the installation and renewal of the central incoming signal for cable television in Borculo (the so called “POP-location”), which has recently been acquired by CIF whereupon the complete infrastructure has been renewed. I am responsible for the complete spectrum of fibre-optic structures, coax structures and (within Ziggo) am also partly involved with the roll out of the “wifi hotspots” with which Ziggo currently advertises nationally.
Also, as process manager I am responsible for the further installation and optimization of the internal processes within the Coax business unit. The most important internal system is SharePoint, which I have used to harmonize the workflows and structures. From my combined experience as project manager and process manager I have the knowledge and experience to achieve this.

Period : 06/2010 – 12/2011
Company : ABN-Amro
Function : Project and implementation manager

In this project I was engaged within the ABN-Amro organization as a project manager working on the integration of Fortis within the ABN-Amro architecture. Within this total transition I was responsible for the financial settlement/implementation of all trade finance products, such as letter of credits. But the calculation and migration of mortgages from the Fortis systems to the ABN-Amro systems were also a part of my project.
An additional component of the project was the optimization of the Basel-II flow in respect to the trade finance products, whereby the capital requirement around these products acquire a lower rating within Basel-II. The consequence of this project result is that more money can be released to be used for other purposes within the bank.

Period : 01/2010 – 04/2010
Company : TNT
Function : Senior consultant

At the time of this project the HR&O department of TNT Post was busy with a transition in the Netherlands. ( In the meantime this transition from postman to post service has been discussed extensively in the media). As a consequence of this they needed a clear report that gave insight into the current and expected workload within the department.
As consultant I was responsible for analysing and advising the HR&O department with regard to the resource planning and workload planning of 2010 and 2011. I was asked to examine the impact of the transition from a financial perspective. What does it cost and what are the benefits? I delivered a model from which it can be examined which costs and benefits a certain choice can lead to.


Training: Short description: Year: Status:
- Master of Business Administration MBA 2017
- VCA-VOL Building contracting safety 2012 Diploma
- IPMA-C Project Management training 2008 Diploma
- Prince 2 Practitioner Prince 2 project management training 2008 Diploma
- Prince-2 Foundation Prince 2 project management training 2008 Diploma
- Requirements management Development of drawing up correct requirements 2006 Certificate
- Intercultural workshop Recognizing and anticipating cultural differences 2006 Certificate
- BPR The implementation perspective Training (USA) for Business Process Re-engineering 1994 Certificate
- BPR Advance implementation Training (USA) for Business Process Re-engineering 1994 Certificate
- Demand Based Management Logistic training around
flow-technology 1994 Diploma
- Advanced Mixed Modelling Logistic training 1994 Diploma
- State Practice Diploma Business Administration (SPD) Bachelor education in financial
administrative and economic area 1994 Diploma *
- Modern Business Administration MBO education financial/administrative 1988 Diploma
- Practical diploma bookkeeping Preparatory education for Mba 1987 Diploma (2x)
- Typing Typing 1982 Diploma
- HAVO (Senior secondary education) Preparatory education 1983 Diploma
- MAVO (Lower secondary education) Preparatory education 1981 Diploma


Ceative, inspiring leader, teamplayer


English, excellent
German, average


Process management: From my employment at Wabco, where I worked intensively on process re-engineering and as a change manager I was responsible for thinking in terms of processes within Wabco in the Netherlands. I have become competent in my various assignments in thinking in processes, process optimization and supporting ICT systems from processes. In total I have around 5 years experience in this area, so that I am an experienced process thinker.
Project management: In various corporate environments (banks, insurers, telecom) I have always worked from a business (people) perspective on the delivery, disentanglement and implementation of various multidisciplinary project results. In addition, I have also helped set up companies, which ensures that you can also look over project boundaries and consider projects from a total perspective. Age (seniority) combined with education and more than 10 years of experience in project management makes a senior project manager.
Financial management and policy: Starting from a financial education I have developed into an all-round controller/financial manager, who understands his profession. In various roles and through experiences such as setting up companies, project and process management, I am able to make the difference within the financial function. My personality, my knowledge and my experience make a financial man of me, one who also looks over the boundaries of the financial function and can be a part of the management team from a total perspective. I bring more than 15 years of financial experience.