Work Experience

2007 - 2014
Managing director
Humatix (Amsterdam)
This leading developer and supplier of digital instruments for occupational health & safety services large accounts and branch organisations since 1999.
Most of my activities as general manager were focussed on business development and marketing. We gained many A-brand companies as clients, such as Ahold, Cargill, Diversey, Flora, Holland Casino, Jumbo, KPN, UPC and UWV, and quite a few branch organisations. Due to the economic crisis, corporate survival demanded a lot of attention as well. This required personnel restructuring. I also lead the company through the transition of changing from project focused software developer towards customer focussed product supplier, using standardised web applications.
In addition, I co-founded a new - branch focussed - consulting company () and reorganised the company's own shareholder structure. I personally became co-shareholder as well.
• business development
• direct marketing
• budget cuts and consolidating business
• HR issues
• restructuring
• networking, also with labour unions and employer organisations

Sales & marketing manager
Humatix (Amsterdam)
Is was hired by the general manager to broaden and increase revenues into branch organisations and multiple products. Raising company awareness and reaching new contacts using the participation in exhibitions, media partnerships, direct mail campaigns and much personal acquisition, I managed to double the turnover. In addition, the spread of the customer portfolio broadened towards 50% being branch organisations. Finally, I took responsibility for corporate HRM in the job as well..
• marketing communications
• networking
• personal sales
• human resources

Account director
Popcom (Zoeterwoude)
This newly founded full service communications agency had to be established in the market. A financier invested in talented designers , digital producers and writers, both beginners and well experienced. My own responsabilities, in addition to some people management issues, were mainly sales focussed. This lead to campaigns and productions for Hirschman, Honda Marine, JVC, McGregor, Moto Guzzi motoren and Remia.
• business development
• entrepreneurship
• leading professionals

Consultant branding and marketing communication
Logica Consulting (De Meern)
Hired out to Siemens Telecom I have substantially improved their brand awareness on the Dutch market for telecom infrastructures. This made Siemens Netherlands an examples for offices in a few other European countries. In this job, I made integrated use of almost every marketing communications instrument, including radio and televisions commercials.
The overall target was to land an order for a new UMTS/G3 infrastructure (valued approx. € 2 billion), which was achieved.
Furthermore, I was able to strengthen the proposition of Logica Consulitng itself in the Netherlands, and increase the knowledge and involvement of many colleagues on the subject of branding as well.
• interim management
• international cooperation
• marketing communications
• leading the customer team and managing agencies
• execute trainings and workshops

Senior advisor Information, Media and Communication
Bikker communicatie (Rotterdam)
In this role, I advised large organisations in IT, telecom and media on communication at a strategic level. I also served as a professional coach for an international marketing manager for a period.
To name a few customers: Software AG, Syntens and PCM.
Half of this working period, I was interim Communications manager at Twinning (then Netherlands first investor in IT start-ups).
Also, I was commercially active and was deputy captain of this consultants team.
• interim management
• professional coaching
• acquisition
• strategic communications advice

Product Group Manager ICT
RAI (Amsterdam)
Within the exhibitions department I was responsible for management and development various trade fairs, such as the Efficiency Beurs (IT), Grafivak (printing industry) and Firato (consumer electronics). These productions were prepared and executed by the team I led, consisting of a few project managers, project assistents and a secretary. For the development of related other media such as magazines and digital media I sought support from internal and external specialists in various areas.
• project management
• marketing communications
• budgetting and deadlines
• many internal and external contacts

Interim manager back office
Robert Bosch (Hoofddorp)
For this distributor of electrical DIY equipment and garden tools (hired through Randstad Interim) I have restructured and improved their back office (customer support) as well as their own call centre.
• interim management
• restructuring
• team building

Commercial deputy director
Nederlandse Speciaal Drukkerijen Delft)
This highly specialised company with approx. 200 people in the Netherlands and Belgium was leading in printed adhesive and security products.
I was responsible for managing and coaching all employees (about 70) in the departments sales, marketing, logistics, support and productions preparations in the Netherlands and the complete Belgian operation. This included the systems department and a separate unit, Etipost, which dealt with mail orders through catalogue sales.
In addition, I was responsible for managing the overall company, including corporate strategy, together with my colleague director.
In those days, the company was in a serious turnaround phase, with declining turnover. During my first year of employment, the revenues were established, the next year turnover was increased by 8%, for the first time in 5 years. Also, motivation and involvement of many employees substantially improved, as well as brand awareness and market position.
• strategy
• restructuring
• creating cultural change (from technology to customer orientation)
• result driven
• people management

Commercial coordinator
Getronics (Amsterdam)
As employee of this new staff department (after their acquisition of Koning & Hartman), which advised the Group board, I coordinated many commercial activities from companies within the Getronics Group. Main target was to establish and optimise synergy between the more than 50 business units the Group consisted of in the Netherlands, Being a highly diversified and decentralised company supplying products and services in IT and telecom, grown by mergers and acquisitions over just a few years, this was challenging. The job included the coordination of commercial activities from all the various business units towards the company's large accounts, creating tools to adequately manage these relationships, defining strategic growth areas and helping to improve corporate image.
• (internal) networking
• coordination
• analysing and advising
• creating support and cooperation

Product Manager LAN
Getronics (Delft)
At Koning & Hartman, later to be acquired by Getronics and supplier
of communications and network products and solutions (with approx.
300 employees), I first started as sales manager of a datacom team
for a year. After a reorganisation I became product manager
responsible for managing, improving and positioning the product
portfolio for local area networks. This included pricing and initiating
and managing various marketing communications activities (adds,
direct marketing, seminars, etc.).Furthermore, I supported the sales
teams in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, advised
management and managed the relationships with various suppliers,
both European and non-European.
In my final year, I fulfilled the same role for their daughter Datelcom,
which acted as a distributor towards various resellers.
• maintaining many international contacts
• product positioning and marketing communications
• executing many workshops and presentations
• creating enthousiasm

Product manager personal computers and networks
Compass Direct (Aalsmeer)
For this office automation company with over 80 people, I was in charge of the marketing of a new generation IBM PC's and the first local PC networks. This encompassed initiating and structuring national support, consultancy and sales around these solutions towards large accounts. I also took care of the selection, positioning and marketing of the product portfolio, including supplier management, training sales people and organising marketing communications and public relations.
• positioning of new products
• marketing communications
• supplier management
• executing trainings
• sales

Coordinator office sales
Hertz Leasing (Hoofddorp)
Working for the Dutch subsidiary of the world's largest car rental and lease company, I fulfilled two jobs. Most of the time I was the coordinator for the sales office, being the primary contact for smaller prospects and supporting the account manager concerning larger prospects.
In the final stage of my employment I became operational supervisor, responsible for the technical condition of the vehicle fleet of 1.500 cars. My tasks included the purchasing of parts, repair authorisations, invoice assessment and correcting unacceptable driver conduct in case of excessive vehicle wear or damage.
• coordination
• customer focus
• problem solving


Master of Business Administration
Delta University
1992-1993 (cum laude)
Courses: international marketing, services marketing, strategic marketing, legal issues, management science, information resource management, international economic relations, HRM, organizational behaviour and design, financial analysis and accounting.

Business school - automotive
IVA Driebergen, level A
Courses i.e.: technology, langauges, management, presenting and sales

VWO (Grammar school)
Goois Lyceum, Willem de Zwijger college
B-courses plus economy

Various courses
Related to communication, presenting, negotiation, conflict handling, etc.
For a few years, I have taught in marketing Communications at the SRM training institute.


My business relations appreciate me as a result driven self starter, creative, able and persevering in finding solutions.
Analysing sharply, I perceive the heart of a problem rapidly most of the time, including its related stakeholders and issues. This is of value, since I regularly work in project related jobs.
I'm perfectly capable of working on my own, but usually operate in a team setting, normally in a managing and/or coaching role.
I am judged to be reliable, communicating clearly and directly, and I'm interested in others and their motivations.

My core disciplines are (general) management, marketing, business development, sales (B2B) and communication. Usually this involves the challenge of starting or improving something!
Finally, I'm good in motivating others for specific goals (as long as I believe in them myself), and I have positive experience with personal coaching and conflict mediation.


Dutch and English fluent
German reasonable
French and Italian moderate


Frequent user of Microsoft Office:
Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Experience in working with:
* CRM systems
* VoIP telephony
* Android smartphones

Holder of Dutch driver licences A, B en E
Holder of the Dutch nationality