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Interim Manager Finance/CFO/Finance Director EMEA

Interim Manager Finance/CFO/Finance Director EMEA

Work Experience

Ad Interim Accounting & Treasury Director EMEA
Ad Interim Finance Director EMEA
Project & Finance Manager
Interim Business Process and Change Manager
Interim Change Manager
Financial Interim Manager

Project & Finance Manager
 Optimization of processes and preparation of due diligence with KPMG
 Optimization of (consolidated) Reporting tools (via power pivots, ODBC,)
 Analysis and of margins on all current contacts
 Change vision of finance to more Business Partner view

2. 16/05/2012- 11/08/2013 Different coaching Missions & other

3. 15/03/2013- 15/05/2013 Intys Accounting
 Feasibility study to setup new company
 Budgets, business plans, market research, analysis of margins, profitability.

2. 01/2012-03/2013 ESSENSYS NV
Senior Advisor
 Business development for Essensys executive interim management,
 Coaching of Interim managers during their mission.
 Different Confidential Projects for Essensys.

3. 03/2010-12/2011 LCM - Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten
Interim Business Process and Change Manager
 Mapping of all current Accounts Receivable processes and applications for all Belgian entities of CM.
 Coordinating and leading a workgroup to perform a study to see if one national uniform process of accounts receivable would be possible.
 Presenting to and validating this process by the board of LCM.
 Preparing people for a change management and thinking out of the box.
 Delivering a study of these processes by mid July 2010.
Interim Change Manager
 Implementing the new Order to Cash process in all the Belgian CM company’s, leading the Change Management Project.

Interim Finance Consultant
 Restructuring the Finance department of the National HQ of LCM, implementing new procedures in closing the Year end, introducing monthly closure.
 Assist in setting up the new Insurance Company to report to CBFA
 Change vision of finance to more Business Partner view

4. 01/2010-02/2010 GROUP BERNAERTS
Financial Interim manager
 Short mission to help out a fellow interim manager with IPO preparations.
 Pre-year end closing audit of all group companies for IPO preparation.

5. 01/2009-12/2009 OMEGA PHARMA BELGIUM NV
Financial Interim Manager
 Mapping and assessment of current processes before migration to SAP; optimization of processes for migration to new ERP system SAP FI/CO/SD (MM was already implemented); planning and steering of ERP project with external SAP consultants.
 Adapting of existing Blueprints for migration, preparation of Master Data (master data, chart of accounts, profit centers,) for migration to SAP.
 Responsible for order to cash process in function of SAP implementation.
 Reorganization of customer service department in function of implementation to SAP, elimination of 2 FTE in customer service department by automating of certain tasks.
 Adapting existing business processes to SAP. Adapting internal control procedures.
 Establishing a weekly operations meeting with management team to enhance the overall communication and solving of urgent operations issues.
 Setting up of different analysis tools in SAP for calculating sales margin
 Involving marketing, sales, supply chain and controlling in the cross-department changes.

Ad Interim Accounting & Treasury Director EMEA
Financial Consultant EMEA
 Reorganization and change management of accounting department EMEA, assessment of all processes and people
 Standardization of audit files; standardization of processes for all EMEA companies
 Reducing the month closing from 5 to 3, 5 days in six months with upgrade of the reporting quality; optimization of the reporting in Hyperion in IFRS / US GAAP
 Implementation of the European chart of accounts; startup of different processes such as Record to report, accounts payable, budget process, procure to pay
 Preparation for implementation of a new ERP system.
 VAT review of EMEA Structure
 Roll out of scanning of purchasing invoices in EMEA;
 Reporting to USA and Australian HQ’s in Hyperion.
 Analysis of margins with the business unit controllers.

7. 05/2006-04/2007 VPK PACKAGING GROUP

Financial Interim Director EMEA
 Organization & coordination of the half year closing 30/06/06 and year end closing 31/12/06 of all European entities audit by external auditors
 Implementation of SAP to EMEA companies
 Optimization the statutory consolidated annual accounts and the financial information for the workers council
 Coordination and optimization of month closings, intercompany reconciliations, consolidation in Cognos Controller, writing of new procedures
 Optimization of the consolidation process for 44 companies on European level
 Implementing of the quarterly consolidation process; reporting in IFRS/group rules.
 VAT audit and review of different VAT flows.
 Follow-up with the group controller and business unit controllers to support margin analysis

8. 02/2005-05/2006 DAIKIN EUROPE NV
Ad Interim Finance and Accounting Manager
 Organization & coordination year end closing 31/03/2005 and 31/03/06 from Both entities in 4 days after cut-off; coordination of audit by Deloitte
 Optimizing the statutory consolidated annual accounts and the financial information for the workers council
 Assistance in the writing of “Business Process Descriptions” for the start of the Moscow Office, planning, coordination and optimization of the closing procedures, writing of new standard procedures for different accounting processes, starting the corporate governance in F&A (“pre-sox”).
 Automation in SAP (module BW) of the statutory consolidation process (statutory hierarchy; ZFI table in SAP, Eliminations of intercompany transactions; testing, live).
 Close contact with controllers, marketing, sales, and purchase as it is a very sales driven organization.

1. 02/2001-10/2004 TEXTILE COMPANY Production of polypropylene fibers and fabrics
Financial and Administrative Manager Division Fibers
Finance & Accounting
 Coordination en supervision of the accounting and controlling department of the division Fibers & Fabrics (1 factory in BE and 2 in France + - 600 employ)
 Relations with external auditors, Federal government.
 Implementing new reporting system (productivity, maintenance, contribution, sales margins per product,…)
 Coordination and supervision of the business plan and budget reviews;
 Financial controlling; tax, social and legal matters;
 Supervision over +- 20 employees.
 End responsibility for the 600 employees.
 Setting up new evaluation system, all legal matters (France and Belgium), assessments, compensation and benefits
 Attending meetings with union responsible,
 Implementing new payroll system in France and Belgium.
 Responsible within the division Fibers for all administrative ,
 Change of management reporting in Excel to Safran reporting tool; Coordination project
 Automation operational reporting by means of Ms Access, Ms excel, business objects.
 Coordination of the new implementation; organization of support.
 Benchmarking for a new pay-roll system for the French companies (Dunkerque and Comines), project still current.
 Coordination project automation of the stock appreciation in three companies (calculation direct Cost and Full cost); need definitions, stipulating the resources, planning of the project.

Finance and Administration Manager
Finance, Accounting, Controlling
 Coordination en control of general and analytical accounting;
 Budgeting and forecasting, analysis of sales margins per product.
 Annual accounts
 All tax declarations; relations with banks, federal government and external auditors (Price Waterhouse Coopers)
 Social and legal matters
 Implementing a shared service center and change management.
 Implementation of SAP R/3 on group level (FI,CO,MM,SD),
 Optimize of accounting procedures for implementing SAP on group level
 Business process reengineering; IKZ, EFQM, TQM
 Supervision of 8 employees
 Supervision of payroll, all social and legal issues, assessments,
 Realizing & Implementation of change management,
 Realizing compensation and benefits on group level
 Realizing changeover from in-house HR program to GroepS program.
 HR responsibility on site level: payroll, coaching the employees legal matters, union matters,
 Realizing Project SAP R/3
 1st phase: Member working party at group level Tiense Suikerraffinaderij for benchmarking and choice between Baan, Oracle or SAP for the module FI/CO/SD.
 2nd phase: responsible for a working party SAP of the plant Suikerfabriek van Veurne of the analysis, coordination and implementation, this plant was a pilot project was for the start of SAP modules FI/CO/SD and MM. Test in a copy of the production version, analysis of the tests, adaptations. Coordination of effective input of data and live going on the provided dates.
 3rd phase: Evaluation of the implementation on group level, defining of the new working parties for the 4th phase.
 4th phase: Optimization outputs from SAP;
 Integration of the existing reporting (business plan, budgets, management reporting...).
 Responsibly for the working party monthly closing, legal reporting (annual account, VAT declaration...) and member of the working party budgets, operational reporting...
 Realizing project remuneration administration: (sugar factory Veurne):
 Coordination of the changeover of pay-roll administration in own management to social secretariat with automation of the time recording of the workers.
 Realizing reporting by means of business objects.
 Make up of Internet site on intranet with the procedures for the month and year-end closings and other reporting.

3. 05/1989-06/1995 GROUP EUROSENSE NV Arial photography, photogrammetric
Accounting Manager EMEA
Finance & Accounting
 Internal control accounting from all group company’s (+- 20 company’s) by four accountants
 Make up en ensure new accounting and administration procedures
 Frequent visits of sites in Wemmel, Namen, Zeebrugge, Diepenbeek
 All tax declarations for all group company’s
 Relations with external auditors, federal government, Feet manager (45 cars)
 Management of all insurances including 5 airplanes, two hovercrafts, liabilities found new company’s
 Make up of first consolidated accounts
 Monthly reporting to group controller
 Management of the land and buildings; financial analysis of the annual accounts
 Assisting E&Y in restructuring the CEO’s personal financial situation and companies.
 Supervision over 8 employees.
 Supervisor of payroll maters
 Need definition of resources and software
 Implementation of software Accon annual accounts for all companies
 Make up of 1st consolidated monthly and annual account with M Excel
 Make up several analysis tools in M Excel.

4. 04/1988-04/1989 JONCKHEERE BUS & COACH BVBA (Nu VDL)
Responsible Costing Foreign Subsidiaries (NL, FR, UK)
 Make up of production planning for the foreign subsidiaries and calculation of the contribution margins and cost of goods sold
 Supervision over 4 employees.
5. 10/1985-04/1988 CANON (division Gent)
Administration Manager
 Finance, Accounting & controlling
 Complete restart-up of accounting and administration
 Realizing renewal car-fleet and with win-win situation for employer-employees
 All tax declarations
 Realizing and setup of contribution margin analysis per product
 Reorganization of stock management; reporting to Canon headquarters
 Supervision over 4 employees.
 Supervision of payroll
 Changeover of bonus system for sales people
 All social and legal issues.
 Automation of accounting, credit control, VAT declarations, and annual accounts; ….
 Design and make up of contribution analysis by product turnover.
6. 08/1983-09/1985 SERVIMO NV
Finance & Accounting
 Realizing the reorganization and automation of the accounting and administration procedure, balance sheet and preparation of the annual reports, budgets.
 Supervision over 2 employees.
 Payroll administration and supervision, social issues,
 On Apple McIntosh computer syndic’s calculations, complete automation of the accountancy of the real-estate office plus syndics accounts plus management of rentals and sale estate-property.
 Responsibly for the office at Koksijde and Sint-Idesbald with the ITC analysts of the software company for the analysis, design, tests and complete implementation of the automation.


Holds a Bachelor in Accountancy & Fiscaliteit, is a chartered tax consultant by the “Beroeps Instituut van Boekhouders en Fiscalisten” since 1983 has an Insurance Brokers education and also followed the Vlerick Mastering Interim Management coarse.

\Various courses in coaching, management, fiscal club, SAP R/3 courses, advanced financial management, IAS/IFRS, US GAAP, balanced scorecard, tax updates, ... (1983-present)


Change management;
cost reduction;
SAP implementation;
IFRS/other GAAP;
Mergers & Acquisition;
Business process reengineering;


Dutch: mother tongue
French: fluent
English: fluent
German: good
Spanish: basic


General Characteristics
• A self-starter with drive to achieve.
• Forceful and direct in approach.
• Ambitious by nature.
• Questions the status-quo and ventures into the unknown.
• Enjoys challenging assignments.
• Seeks the opportunity for advancement.
• Prefers to act with consensus and consultation.
• A hard taskmaster
• Active, mobile and alert.
Values He brings to the Organisation
His greatest contribution to any organisation will be his ability to achieve meaningful and tangible results even in the face of opposition or strong competition. He will be quite willing to assume responsibility and authority challenge others and venture into the unknown in order to reach his objectives. He will also be able to lead others in trouble shooting and problem solving assignments.
Descriptive Words
Self-starter, direct, logical, authoritative, restless, driving, independent, critical, energetic, alert, strong-willed and self-assured.

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