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IT Developer / Consultant

IT Developer / Consultant



Broad computer experience in application design, programming, and IT project management. Up-to-date and in-depth knowlegde of:
Databases: MS-SQL, MS-Access, MySQL
Programming: Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic 6, VBA(Access/Excel), ADO, DAO, C++, MFC
Web technologies: PHP, HTML, JavaScript
Networking: TCP/IP, DNS, Apache, IIS
Operating systems: Windows XP/2000/NT, Linux SuSE/RedHat/Debian.
Other: Crystal Reports, ERP systems


Since 1999
Freelance IT Developer/Consultant

Since 1998
Owner Software Company

Company Profile
Development and marketing of software tools for databases. The software is sold to over 1000 companies worldwide.

Full responsibility for the business, both operational and technical. Development of the database tools.

Windows, Visual Basic .NET, Visual Basic, Visual C++ (MFC), ActiveX, ODBC, MS-SQL, Office Add-Ins, ADO, DAO.

IT Developer (Interim Project)
Pensionfund Administration/Consulting Company (Switzerland)

Projectmanagement/Design/Implement a performance calculation and reporting system for monitoring pensionfund investments as enhancement of existing pensionfund accounting system.

ICT/Financial Consultant (Interim Project)
Online Recruitement Company (Netherlands)

Full design and implementation of interactive multilingual website and backoffice for recruitment and selection of interim-managers. The backoffice enables the company to truly run a paperless and officeless business. The online backoffice contains all contact, resumes, project, and statistics information, and holds the main business logic.

Unix (Linux) based platform, MySQL, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Apache, Sendmail, Procmail.

ICT/Financial Consultant (Interim Project)
Manufacturing Company (Switzerland)

Analyze current financial organization; define requirements and advice on new financial accounting software (Navision Financials).

Independent ICT/Financial Consultant (Interim Project)
Online Insurance Company (Netherlands)

Company Profile
European insurance company startup, with major insurance companies from Swizerland, Germany and USA as investors. The goal is to sell insurance products via the internet. The first introduction is on the Dutch market, quickly followed by Germany, Belgium and France.

Design, implement, and maintain web insurance premium calculator for car, home, personal liability and accident insurance polices for the Dutch and German markets. With this system the client can calculate online the insurance premium, and immediately buy the insurance coverage.

Functional design of internal relational database for polis administration and claim processing. Project management of the actual technical realization in Microsoft SQL Server by external consultants.

Design and implement a Management Information System (MIS) on the company intranet after acquiring specifications from management. The MIS reports key performance indicators such as written and earned premiums, number of web visitors, and ratio of income per visitor.

Functional design and implementation of intranet backoffice system for debtor and contact management. Interfacing the backoffice to AS/400 IVVR system for statutory reporting requirements.

Windows NT4 based platform, VP/MS insurance calculator tool, MS-SQL, ColdFusion, Crystal Reports, HTML, JavaScript.

Business Systems Analyst
Manufacturing and Distribution Company (UK)

Company Profile
The location in the UK is one of the manufacturing plants of the group, and acts as a coordination center for European marketing and IT activities.

Project manager for the implementation of Scala financial/logistic software at UK distributors. The main project goal is to build a pilot system that can be cloned to the majority of 250 distributors worldwide. To accomplish this, the project was split in two parts. The first part is to find the best solution within a framework of budget, ease of implementation, scalability and international portability. Deliverable was a “Startup Guide” that documented in detail an implementation from start to finish. The second part of the project was to actually implement the solution at a pilot site at the distributorship in Manchester. The project team contained four consultants of the involved software houses and four employees of the distributor.

To maintain contact with European distributors as advisor in the area of business systems and as representative of the Group Computer Center USA.

Scala, MS-Access (VBA), Crystal Reports.

International Financial Analyst
Manufacturing and Distribution Group (Ohio, USA)

Company Profile
An internationally operating production/distribution company. Producer of high-quality valves and tube fittings used in oil, semiconductor, medical, and nuclear industries. The company employs 6000 employees. Manufacturing takes place in thirty plants in the USA, Canada, UK and Switzerland. Distributing via regional warehouses to 250 exclusive distributors.

Implementation of Cincom:Control MRP II in the manufacturing plants in England and Switzerland. The system was already fully implemented in all American plants, as well as the regional warehouses. The system keeps track of worldwide production and stock levels of products and raw materials. The project duration was three months per implementation and the project team consisted out of four to six employees of the plant (the local project leader, shop floor foremen, production scheduler, buyer, QA, and accounting), internal and external consultants for training, personnel from Swagelok Computer Center USA for setting up WAN infrastructure, custom programming, etc. My primary responsibility was toe implement the financial accounting modules, the production reporting tools and the training of the end users on these systems.

On personal initiative design, implement and maintain multiple QA database systems: calibration and tracking of gages and measurement instruments, registration and reporting of in-process inspections, administration of suppliers. Especially the gage calibration database was a great success and was implemented in the USA, Canada, UK and Switzerland. The database tracks 40,000 gages and measurement instruments, reports which are due for calibration, and contains online documented calibration procedures and results.

Build an US-GAAP reporting system for the UK plant, and trained the local staff on the system.

Preparation of financial prognoses, capital investment analyses and audits, warehouse level strategies for plant management and the CFO.

Ms-Access (VBA), Cincom:Control ERP, MS-Excel, Lotus-123.

Translation Company (Netherlands)

Company Profile
A service company specialized in translation of online manuals, help files and software.

Design and implement accounts receivable management system.

Provide support for computer aided translations.


Master of International Management
Thunderbird, American Graduate School of International Management (Glendale, Arizona, USA)
Emphasis on finance and accounting.
Practical training period at McDonnell-Douglas (Mesa, Arizona, USA)

Master of Science – Technical Physics
University of Technology Eindhoven (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Thesis on System and Control Technology.
Practical training periods at Institute for Perception Research (Eindhoven, Netherlands) and OMRON Electronics (Minakuchi, Japan)


Dutch (native), English (fluent), German (conversant)


For rate and availability information, contact me directly via: +41 78 911 8518

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