CEO, CFO, Business Development

CEO, CFO, Business Development

Work Experience

Professional experience:
10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, thereof 5 years in oncology and hematology, 8 years FMCG, 10 years industry (automotive and oil),
Senior Management experience in Eastern Europe since 1990,
8 years of service in foreign countries across Western Europe.

Regional General Management, sales and marketing experience involving multiple markets (up to 45), business set-up across Central and Eastern Europe, Russia/CIS and Middle East, direct headcount responsibility up to 65, indirectly 280 employees
Finance and executive finance experience combined with strong business focus, in particular in complex corporate matrix structures, regional business planning and analysis, (review of market development and market share, ongoing sales, expense and profit planning/review), repeated legal and business set-up of companies - in particular in Eastern Europe, representing the company to outside parties, negotiations with customers and suppliers, banks, insurances and IRS,
regional consolidation, finance accounting (US GAAP, IAS),
HR management, supply, logistics and IT management,
regional banking and treasury management, review/appraisal and determination of credit lines, due diligence, analysis of stocks, options, bonds and futures (with special emphasis on NYSE and NYMEX)

Professional Activities:

10/07 – 12/08 Celgene International, CH-2017 Boudry
Head Region CEMEA
set-up and general management of Celgene operations across Central/Eastern Europe, Russia and Middle East, marketing and sales responsibility for 45 markets)
Set-up and general management of Celgene´s business in Central & Eastern Europe,
Russia & CIS, Middle East, Sales and Marketing responsibility for 45 markets
Particular activities:
- Building a seven years strategy plan and related budgets for the entire region
- Hiring of General Managers (through own network) for Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Baltic States, former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia
- Pre-selection of second tier country staff (medical and marketing/sales directors)
- Set-up of exclusive agreements to cover business in the Middle East, CIS and other non EU markets
- Reimbursement filings for Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia; Slovenia, Registration filing Russia

02/2004 – 09/2007 Novartis Pharma AG, CH-4002 Basel
Regional Finance Manager – Oncology,
Region Europe ($ 2.2 billion sales) with special focus on sales and marketing development in Central/Eastern Europe & Russia/CIS (28 markets), effective 2006 also including Emerging Growth Markets (EEMEA)
Review and analyze Region Europe ($ 2.2 billion sales, approximately 1,850 employees)
and Emerging Growth Markets with special focus on the sales development in Central & Eastern European/Russia/CIS and Middle East Countries.
Actively support sales development in Eastern Europe, assist in defining strategy for the entire Region. Support Management in developing and translating plans and programs into resource requirements while evaluating business risks/ops.
Ensure CE and EEMEA Regional Sales and Ebit targets are met.
Strengthen control of Overhead costs and coordinate activities with Novartis Pharma Services
Co-ordinate with Business Unit Heads as well as with major functions in the General Medicines Organization to ensure smooth cooperation,
Participate in the definition of the overall strategic plan for the Region and prepare under direct responsibility for the 28 CE markets
Develop budgets & LEs; participate in the annual Marketing Plan process while also
making improvement suggestions.
Develop business processes; improve and simplify the planning/target setting process
aggressively challenge business assumptions and practices; collaborate with other departments to improve decision making throughout the Novartis organization.
Additionally starting in 2007, actively contribute to Global IQP project Revenue Deduction and Market Access Cost
Particular success stories:
Double digit sales growth in Eastern Europe from $ 140 to $ 280 million (2004 – 2007)
Reorganization Russia (sales level 2004 $ 10 million - today in excess of $ 100 million)
Additionally financial and business support to Middle East Countries (2006/2007)
(Sales value in excess of $ 200 million),
Participation in global revenue enhancement project in 2007
(streamline of global sales and revenue deductions valued at approximately $ 10.5 billion)

09/2002 - 12/2003
independent consultant, due diligence, specialization in stocks bonds and futures

11/1998 – 06/2002 Wyeth Lederle Pharma GmbH for Cyanamid International Ltd, Zurich, (AHP, WYE)
Wyeth Whitehall Export GmbH (WYE) A-1150 Vienna
- Regional Controller, with strong focus on business development for all markets in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia & Common Independent States (CIS)
coordination of all financial matters for the Eastern European pharmaceutical activities, including active sales and marketing support for the pharmaceutical division for 15 active out of 28 total markets
Continued budget preparations, sales and profit forecasts, US GAAP financial accounting, consolidation and reporting of multiple legal entities and divisions, business support, treasury management for all countries
Particular success stories:
Significant share in the turnaround management of the East Central European Region:
1998 - IBT US $ - 9,0 mln, 1999 – IBT US $ + 0,3 million,
2000 – IBT US $ + 2,3 mln, 2001 - IBT US $ + 5,5 million).
1999: strategic planning and initiative for the set-up of the new export company in Vienna to concentrate all Eastern European pharmaceutical activities (previously handled through Cyanamid International in Zürich).
2000: foundation of the Vienna Holding co. (share capital US $ 35 million) with subsequent foundation of New Co´s in Eastern Europe, transition of assets and employees from existing Cyanamid structure (e. g. in Poland more than 100 employees, $ 15 million in assets),
Set-up of Representative Offices in Bulgaria (2000), Baltic's (2000, 2001), Croatia (2001), Romania (2001).
Banking/Treasury Management 2000/2001 profits of US $ 4.5 million

01 - 06/1998 Octapharma GmbH. A-1230 Vienna,
Controller pharma production

04/1993 – 12/1997 Moulinex GmbH. A-1190 Vienna
Regional CFO, Director of Finance and Business Development Central & Eastern Europe, Member of the Management Board, temporary GM Eastern Europe including sales and marketing responsibility, headcount responsibility 65 employees
Determine the companies goals and objectives in cooperation with the CEO and the Groups headquarter, steering the companies development based on the objectives, review and appraisal of the companies development, planning of the necessary means to meet the objectives, represent the company and multiple subsidiaries to outside parties.
Review and preparation of quarterly and annual consolidated financial accounts for the Central & Eastern European subsidiaries in line with French joint stock requirements based on IAS standards on a sub consolidated basis for all legal entities, review and preparation of the entire monthly reporting preparation and coordination of the annual budget including quarterly adjustments as well as monthly and weekly sales forecasts, responsible for the areas of invoicing and billing, inventories and logistics, controlling and finance accounting (G/L, A/R, A/P, asset accounting and payroll), personal affairs and recruiting, treasury and insurance matters, manage a direct workforce of 15 employees including 3 managers (manager finance accounting, controller, manager logistics), excluding the business development activities.
negotiations with banks, insurances, IRS, auditors, customers and suppliers, representing the company to the corporate headquarters in all financial matters, appraisal and determination of credit lines to customers in Eastern Europe, close cooperation with the regional sales managers in Eastern Europe with particular attention on market development as well as monthly sales and margin planning (sales volume and value, market share)
Special accomplishments:
in close cooperation with the CEO, sales in Eastern Europe were tripled within 2,5 years starting already from a high level based on a prudent credit policy. Takeover of business development ECE in 1993, Introduction of a new IT system for the Region
Interim General Manager in 1995 for Eastern Europe (subsequent to the promotion of the CEO to the Paris HQ.), during this period set-up of a branch office in Hungary and representative offices in Bulgaria, Romania, and Croatia (all 1995), conversion of prior representative offices in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary to legal entities in 1996/1997. HR responsibility 65 employees

11/1992 – 03/1993 Coca-Cola East Central Europe GmbH. (KO) 1230 Vienna,
Regional Controller

07/1990 – 10/1992 Sara Lee (SLE) A-1060 Vienna,
responsible to manage the companies finance department including administration, IT and personnel affairs.
The main duties consist in the preparation of the annual and quarterly accounts in line with IAS and US-GAAP standards as well as monthly corporate reporting including B/S, P&L, management comments in comparison to budget and forecasts, (net sales, expenses, key figures such as ROI, DSO, average investment, etc.)
preparation of the companies annual budget including quarterly adjustments (Outlook) in cooperation with the General Manager,
internal management reporting, manage a small team of 6 employees for billing, logistics, and accounting (A/P, A/R, G/L)
coordinating all matters with banks, tax consultants, internal and external auditors as well as the companies European head quarter in all financial questions, planning and optimizing all internal administrative affairs, IT management, payroll and HR coordination

01/1982 – 06/1990 General Motors (GM) A-1220 Vienna
Auditor, Chief Internal Auditor
from 1986 to 1989 permanent international traveling assignment as corporate auditor with GM Corp., 48202 Detroit, USA, located particular in Germany, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland
1. Disbursement Auditor
review of all company disbursements, reporting to the Chief Internal Auditor
2. Internal Auditor
financial und operational audits, reporting as well to the Chief Internal Auditor
3. Chief Internal Auditor (Internal Control Coordinator)
responsible to manage the units internal audit department, reporting to the Director of Finance

January to April 1985 and April 1, 1986 to April 30, 1989 assigned to General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Michigan, 48202 USA, performing financial and operational audits of all European based General Motors subsidiaries, either by myself or in cooperation with our audit team, reporting to European Audit Manager.
The audits included the following entities:
- Vauxhall Motors Luton (UK)
- Adam Opel AG including all their German subsidiaries (Rüsselsheim, Bochum, Kaiserslautern, Berlin)
- Convesco Vehicle Sales (ISUZU) Germany
- Packard Electric Europe (Kabelwerke Reinshagen) including all their German subsidiaries (Wuppertal, Neuss, Neumarkt/Oberpfalz, Berlin) (today independent - Delphi automotive)
- European Treasury Center (Belgium)
- Harrision Radiator (GM France)
- GM Service
- Avis (contractual audit)
- Electronic Data Systems (today independent - EDS)

09/1980 – 08/1981 Mobil Oil Austria AG. (XOM) A-1010 Vienna
Retails Sales Administration

9/1979 – 8/1980 Z-Bank GmbH. (HVMGY) Vienna
review and appraisal of commercial customer credit lines


Handelsakademie (Commercial Academy), Vienna
successfully completed in June 1979

Harvard Finance, Boston - February 2005

Media Training (Novartis) - 2006

Leading at the Frontline - July 2006 and January 2007 (Mercer Delta)


German, English, French (advanced) Spanish (basic)


IT knowledge:
Standard Office Applications, Reuters, Hyperion, Essbase, SAP, TM1, IMS,