Consultant & Interim Manager

Consultant & Interim Manager

Work Experience


01/2004 – today Consultant and Interim Manager, Freelancer

Selected projects:

Since 10/2018 Cheplapharm GmbH
Manufacturer of generics located in Greifswald Interim Project Supply Chain Management

• Responsible for the implementation of a robust supply chain for the launch of new generic pharmaceutical after having completed successfully a planned MAT

02/2018 – 10/2018 Cinfa Biotech GmbH
Manufacturer of biosimilars located in Pamplona/Spain and office in Munich
Project Lead Supply Chain

• Building a robust supply chain for the expected launch of a new pharmaceutical beginning of 2019 in all EU countries
• Coordination of activities with CRO, CMO, Contract Laboratories and further contractual partners
• Preparation of the implementation of SAP MM, SD and an additional CRM system

11/2017 – 01/2018 Kelvion Machine Cooling Systems GmbH
Manufacturer of cooling systems for a variety of industries (automotive, shipping, utilities etc.) with manufacturing sites in Monzingen and Herne (Germany)
Project Lead Procurement

• Introduction / implementation of new purchasing processes
• Optimization of supply relationships (Supplier Management)
• Sourcing activities to achieve an extented Supplier Base
• Improvement of material availability

04/2017 – 11/2017 Mercer International Group Germany
Manufacturer of pulp for paper industry with production sites in Stendal/Saxony-Anhalt, Blankenstein/Thuringia and saw-
mill Friesau/Thuringia
Head of Central Purchasing

• Responsibility for all purchasing activities in Germany and lead of three purchasing teams located in three sites
• Negotiation of contracts mainly for CAPEX and major raw materials
• Motivation, coaching and development of personnel
• Consulting
• Analysis of present purchasing organization and working on a proposal for a potential structure for the future
• Optimization of purchasing processes and interfaces with internal functions and integration in SAP
• Implementation of Category Management
• Improvement of Data Management in SAP
• Implementation of Supplier Management
• Development of KPIs

05/2016 – 01/2017 Gurit AG
Manufacturer of Composite Materials and Tooling with HQ in Zürich and production sites worldwide
Based in Newport site, Isle of Wight, UK
Chief Procurement Officer

• Responsibility for Procurement worldwide
• Leading and coaching a Procurement team
• Development of team
• Optimisation of (Purchasing) processes
• Improvement of relationship and collaboration between local Supply Chain Teams and Group Purchasing and clear definition of tasks and responsibilities
• Organisation of Group Purchasing (definition of roles and responsibilities)
• Updating of a Purchasing Policy and implementation of purchasing tools
• Negotiation of contracts with assistance of legal counsel
• Discussions and negotiations with major suppliers to identify areas of improvement and reduction of cost
• Hiring and intensive coaching of new Head of Purchasing in China
• Initiation of sourcing projects in China to mitigate risk and visit of major suppliers
• Evaluation and definition of a purchasing strategy in three Chinese sites
based on current developments in the markets and change of legal
• Leading a cross functional project for the definition of raw material specifications and agreement with suppliers

08/2015 – 04/2016 Puren Pharma, former Actavis Deutschland /
Manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals in Munich
Head of Supply Chain

• Leading and coaching a team and working on improvement internal collaboration and information flow
• Responsibility for all purchasing and production planning activities
• Optimisation of internal processes and preparation of SOPs
• improvement of collaboration with external service provider for warehousing and logistics
• Meetings with key suppliers to evaluate saving potentials and to mitigate risk of non-conformance with requirements
• Assisting implementation of Oracle as operational system

01/2014 – 07/2015 CureVac / Biotechnology company in Tübingen
Head of Purchasing

• Lead and development of a small purchasing team of 3 persons
• Representative of Purchasing and Supply Chain in a major CAPEX project (estimated spend >100 m €) for the extension of current production facility and construction of new production site. Participation in selection of service partners and bidding process for all spend categories
• Strategic planning of future demand for raw materials and consumables in close cooperation with technical team and engineering
• Sourcing of potential manufacturers and discussion with them and internal functions to define quality parameters and future capacity for supply of larger quantities (upscaling or new production sites, if applicable)
• Negotiation of contracts with CROs (clinical testing) and assistance of Clinical Managers
• Sourcing for new potential service providers or suppliers of goods, negotiation of contracts for all spend categories

12/2009 – 09/2010 Various projects with customers in Germany and India
01/2004 – 07/2008

• Project at WWK Versicherungen, an insurance company located in Munich (definition and implementation of new processes for their Procurement Dept. (Change Management))
• Update of current procurement rules, compilation of a purchasing manual for buyers, definition and implementation of processes e.g. internal revision of purchasing processes to detect and prevent fraud in cooperation with internal auditing team, Contract Management, Supplier Management including supplier evaluation. Preparation of checklists for buyers and evaluation of new contracts with suppliers.
• Analysis of chemical market in Europe for an Indian manufacturer of amino acids and peptides and establishment of business contacts for sales opportunities
• Market analysis for an Indian manufacturer of amino acids and peptides and establishment of business contacts for sales opportunities
• Consultancy activities for an Indian manufacturer of chemicals based on azides. Analysis of usage and sales opportunities for amino-tetrazoles as an intermediate in chemical synthesis
• Market research in Europe for an Indian manufacturer of antigens for diagnostic kits in cooperation with a consultant in the US
• Implementation of Product Management processes for a chemical trader in Munich. In addition development of a target customer data base, travel activities in Easter Europe
• Preparations for the development of a new division for generic pharmaceuticals, market research and negotiations with providers of dossiers and licenses for pharmaceutical products
• Optimisation of QA-processes and SOPs for the preparation for customer audits for an Indian manufacturer of amino acids and peptides.
• Moreover representation of this company worldwide by contacting potential customers and attending at all major trade fairs with a stand
• Head of Purchasing (Interim Manager) at a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and devices in Munich. Optimisation of processes and integration of Procurement in the supply chain
• Sourcing activities in Easter Europe (re-/parallel-import of pharmaceuticals) for a German generic company


01/2013 – 1/2014 Raschig GmbH in Ludwigshafen
Specialty chemicals/Plastics/Steel
Head of Purchasing

• Responsibility for the site in Ludwigshafen and major chemicals used in their sister company Oxiris in Spain
• Change Management (development and implementation of centralised procurement processes. Regrouping of a purchasing team
• Spend Map Analysis, planning and realization of activities
• Strategic sourcing in Asia and Easter Europe for raw materials, intermediates and custom manufacturing. Negotiations with suppliers of key products and fixing of contracts
• Implementation of Contract Management
• Optimisation of Supplier Management
• Sourcing for alternative suppliers for major raw materials, organisation of bidding processes and substitution of various service providers and furthermore to establish savings initiatives in cross-functional teams for cost reduction of raw materials
• Implementation of reporting system of targets and KPIs
• Risk Management activities for strategic products and qualification of additional potential suppliers

10/2010 – 12/2012 Chemtura Manufacturing Germany in Waldkraiburg
Specialty Chemicals
Procurement Hub and Logistic Manager

• Head of Procurement and Logistic with the responsibility for the production sites in Waldkraiburg (Germany), Catenoy (France) and Pedrengo (Italy).
• Furthermore responsible for Toll Manufacturing in Europe within the Global Procurement Department
• Commercial head in a major project to transfer production from Italy to a toll manufacturer in Antwerp including negotiations of prices and commercial parts of the contract
• Operational and strategic procurement of raw materials, technical equipment, capital expenditure, fleet, external services, excipients and packaging material (primary and secondary)
• Logistics
• Analysis and improvement of purchasing processes, Change Management
• Lead and motivation of 7 team members in Germany and 2 persons abroad

• Direct report in a matrix organization to Global Procurement and General
Manager in Germany

08/2008 – 11/2009 Dynamit Nobel in Leverkusen
Custom Manufacturer of fine chemicals and APIs
Head of Purchasing

• Responsibility for operational and strategic procurement of raw materials, technical equipment, investments (capex), energies, fleet management, external services and packaging materials
• Initiator and head of a project to bundle purchasing activities together with European sister companies located in France
• Head of a project for sourcing activities to find a second source for the most valuable strategic raw material. After 9 months a manufacturer in China was found, qualified, enabled to upscale production capacity, enabled to secure tight raw material sources in China and successfully produce about 1,500mt/year (50% of our demand) which led to savings of several million USD.
• Optimisation of procurement processes
• Integration of procurement into the supply chain process. Optimisation of processes and interfaces between Procurement, Production, Quality Control, Technical Departments and Logistics.
• Management and motivation of staff
• Strategic sourcing of raw materials in Asia and Eastern Europe
• Auditing of key suppliers worldwide
• Risk Management for strategic products and development of new potential suppliers
• Target Costing activities for new product development and strategic products

01/2002 - 12/2003 Aventis Pharma AG in Frankfurt
Pharmaceutical Company
Purchasing Manager

• Lead of an international procurement project named „Supplier Base Optimisation" in teamwork with PWC with the goal to focus midterm on preferred suppliers and to reduce the huge number of suppliers worldwide. This project included lead of an international team, worldwide communication of company policies and the implementation of a long-term thinking process to continue with these activities.
• Analysis of suppliers worldwide
• Instruction and training of an international team and members of international purchasing organisations
• Coordination of activities in the countries involved (e.g. USA, Japan, Brazil, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany etc.)
• Lead and presentation in frequent meetings of the core team to control goal-oriented activities
• Uploading of only selected suppliers onto the new purchasing software from Ariba
• Control of compliance with the new company policy
• Achievement of objectives: The goal to reduce the number of suppliers per product / spend category and to load only these suppliers onto the system was achieved in time. Processes and control mechanisms were implemented in the second year of the project to prevent loading of additional suppliers.

01/2000 - 12/2001 Aventis Pharma Deutschland GmbH in Frankfurt
Pharmaceutical Company
Head of Purchasing Industrial Operations Drug Products

• Member of the Management Committee and direct report to the General Manager and to head of global purchasing in the USA
• Purchasing volume approx. € 200m
• Lead of a purchasing team of 7 persons with management by objectives
• Responsibility for operational und strategic procurement of external services (customs manufacturing), APIs including sourcing activities for potential new suppliers, excipients and all packaging materials (primary and secondary) for Aventis Pharma (e.g. medical devices like insuline pens, syringes, folding boxes, glass, drums, pallets etc.).
• Sponsor of a project to improve cooperation and cost reduction within the supply chain with key suppliers (Key Account Management / Industrial Excellence).
• Leader of various European purchasing projects concerning packaging materials with the achievement of savings for folding boxes and glass in the range of €3-4m
• Key Account Management with major suppliers
• Achievement of objectives: The most important KPI, the realisation of annual savings of 3% / year was achieved in the first year with about 4% and in the second year with about 3,5% and thus built the basis to achieve a long-term objective of 10% savings.

06/1997 - 12/1999 Hoechst Marion Roussel in Frankfurt
Manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals
Strategic and operational Purchasing Manager

• Responsibility for all chemical raw materials and intermediates used for pharma production in the multi-purpose plants
• Purchasing volume approx. DM 100m
• Sourcing activities for potential new suppliers worldwide
• Member of various integration teams to build up a new purchasing organisation together with members from Rhone Poulenc
• Representative of the German purchasing organisation in a European „Quick Hit Team" to realise short term savings after the merger with Rhone Poulenc in Fleet-Management with savings of several hundred thousand DM for Germany only
• Intensive cooperation with colleagues from all over the world (USA, Brazil, Japan, China and major European countries) by integration in projects and purchasing conferences
• Participation at worldwide supplier audits in cooperation with Quality Assurance Dept. to qualify new suppliers
• Participation at international events (DCAT-Meeting New York, CIA-Meeting London) or trade fairs like Informex USA, Chemspec und CPhI to build up an international network

• Head of purchasing teams (Spend Teams) consisting of members of the complete supply chain (head of production, QA, QC, logistics). The objective was to optimise internal processes, integration of purchasing and coordination of activities to identify new products (make or buy decisions), to qualify new suppliers, to reduce cycle time and increase capacity for development products.
• Representative of purchasing in three international Supply Chain Teams for potential block busters from Aventis with the achieved goal to reduce cycle time and to accelerate launch to the markets
• Risk Management analysis and sourcing activities to qualify additional suppliers as well as Supplier Management
• Experienced in working with Asian, American and East European suppliers by intense travelling
• Achievement of objectives: Savings of approx. 5% in the first year and approx. 3% / year in the following years. Development of second sources for major products (Risk Management initiatives) and development of new suppliers for development products which were up-scaled in the multi-purpose plants.

06/1995 - 05/1997 Hoechst AG in Frankfurt
Chemical Company
Product Manager

• Responsibility for worldwide sales of products from the facility in Gersthofen (Chloroacetic acid derivatives) which are mainly used by producers of pharmaceuticals, detergents, fragrances and flavours
• Sales approx. DM 60 m
• International travels and visits of actual and potential customers together with sales representatives from the countries
• Participation at international trade fairs and marketing conferences. Experience with American and Asian customers and colleagues.
• Representative of Marketing in a Strategic Business Team to optimise the strategic alignment for various products embedded in an analysis of strategic business segments. Benchmarking analysis, strengths-weekness analysis, cost-benefit analysis against competition.
• Achievement of objectives: Increase of sales by approx. 3-5% through acquisition of new customers in an environment of stagnating prices.

06/1985 – 05/1995 Hoechst AG in Frankfurt
Chemical Company
Area Sales Manager

• Responsibility for sales of pharmaceutical active ingredients (API)
in Central- and West-European countries in in Austria, Switzerland, Benelux,
France with customers like Sandoz, Ciba Geigy, Hoffmann-La Roche
• Sales approx. DM 40 m
• International business trips and visits of actual and potential customers together with sales representatives from the countries.

• Achievement of objectives: Increase of sales by approx. 1-2% per year in an environment of decreasing prices due to growing competition from Asia.

06/1993- 09/1993 Delegation to Hoechst Iberica / Barcelona

• Working in a project to optimise cycle time and cost for finished dosage forms within Europe
• Learning Spanish to prepare gaining responsibility for Spanish speaking countries
• Development of knowledge about Supply Chain Management
• Exercise in project work

03/1990 - 06/1992 Job-Rotation with Central Procurement Department of
Hoechst AG in Frankfurt

• Responsibility for purchasing and sourcing of raw materials and intermediates mainly for API production
• Adoption of responsibility for procurements of raw material for pharma production with a spend of approx. 40 m DM
• Learning about Supply Chain and in particular production of APIs
• Short term introduction in a new working environment and adoption of market information
• Learning of new methods and tools (TCO, Supplier Management, Sourcing)
• Knowledge about production according to cGMP, Quality Assurance Measures, ISO-certification, audits of suppliers, statistical production process
• Awareness of cost and quality



Politics, Macroeconomics, Law 2001 - 2005
University in Hagen without degree

„Certified in Production and Inventory Management CPIM" (APICS) 1999

Certification in „Basics of Supply Chain Management" (APICS) 1998

Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH)
Business Administration (University of Applied Sciences Mainz) 1986 - 1991

Commercial Apprenticeship Wirtschaftsassistent (IHK) 1986 - 1988

Commercial Apprenticeship Industriekaufmann (IHK) 1983 - 1985


Long-standing international experience in Purchasing / SCM / Logistics at all company
International experience through travel and business in the whole of Europe, USA,
Canada, India, China, Middle East
Intercultural Competence
Target Costing / Make or Buy / Sourcing
Management and coaching of purchasing departments as well as development
of employees
Project Management (cross-functional and international)

Strategic and operational purchasing
Long-term experience in the purchasing of Directs (chemicals, sophisticated
intermediates, excipients, APIs, packaging materials, medical devices, iron and steel castings, metal assemblies, fans for cooling systems), Indirects (Technology (electrical
and electronical equipment), CAPEX (machines, production components), Utilities,
Fleet Management, External Services (repairs, construction services, maintenance
work, toll and contract manufacturing))
Negotiation of international contracts for goods and services
Supply Chain Management
Global Sourcing
Product Group Management
Supplier Management
Supply / Risk Management
Process Optimization

Pharmaceutical industry (biotechnology, large multinational research companies
(top 10), manufacturers of generics and biosimilars)
Chemical industry (fine chemicals, specialty chemicals)
Pulp & Paper Industry
Insurance company
Machine Building Industry


German: Mother tongue
English: Fluent
French and Spanish: Basic knowledge


Additional training:

Professional - Seminar for executives
Procurement of Pharmaceuticals
PEP-Training (Procurement Enhancement Program)
General GMP Requirements
Change Control
Pharmaceutical Quality System
Manufacturing of Biological active substances and Medicinal products for human use
Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products
Qualified Person
Complaints, Quality Defects, Product Recalls
Excerpts from Guideline GDP of medicinal products for human use (personnel, responsible person, qualification of suppliers and customers, storage, complaints, returns, falsified products, outsourced activities and transportation
SPC (Statistical Process Control)
Strategic Marketing I und II
Intensive language courses 1-4 Spanish
Key Account Management
Techniques for Presentations
Sales Training
Simulation of managing a company
Time Management
Supply Chain Management
Chemistry for Businessmen
Trading of dangerous goods
Legal Compliance and Ethics
UK Bribery Act
Conflicts of interest
Fraud at the working place
What you should know about Emailing
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Code of business conduct
Training in mediation and conflict solving
Act of non-discrimination
Training of responsible persons according to 1.3 ADR
Trading of dangerous goods to the US
General briefing für caretakers
Obligations according to GGVSEB (German Law) and dangerous goods regulation