CEO-Manufacturing-SCM-Sales-Projekt Management-Coaching

CEO-Manufacturing-SCM-Sales-Projekt Management-Coaching

Work Experience

2007 - Today: Industrial Consulting GmbH
Consulting, Coaching and Interim Management
General Management / Production / SCM / Project Management / Sales
Owner and Managing Director

Head of Production: Textile Machine Industry - 9 month
6 departments with 70 employees, company: 800 employees, 250 million CHF turnover

• Running the daily business by perception the leadership responsibility
• Introducing a KPI-System (key performance indicator) as a new leadership instrument
• Extreme reduction of the equipment time in production of 70 % with the KAIZEN method
• SCM-project: Successful outsourcing to new international suppliers with a procurement volume of 2 million CHF

• Managing and improving the production departments
• Training of the production staff (KAIZEN)
• Managing the teams by MbO (management by objectives), coaching and controlling
• Responsibility for on time delivery to the assembling hall and the spare part service
• Profit and loss responsibility
• Cost planning and controlling
• Coordination of internal projects (realization, objectives, etc)
• Planning, realizing and controlling of cost reduction programs and productivity increasing programs
• Managing the continuous improvement process (CIP / KAIZEN)
• Cooperation and support in the realization of production transfer projects

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: High Voltage Industry – GIS Production
800 employees, 200 Mio. CHF turnover

Analysis and assessment of a new outsourcing partner in Eastern Europe
• Identification of problem areas and nomination of the necessary actions
• Order processing / ERP-System
• Production halls / infrastructure
• Material flow / logistics
• Production installations / appliances
• Production know how
• Risk evaluation for different joint venture variations

FACTORY PLANNING: High Voltage Industry – GIS Production
800 employees, 200 Mio. CHF turnover

Analysis and risk evaluation of a new machine concept incl. the complete manufacturing process and the logistics concept
• Analysis of the new welding production concept incl. all quality-relevant production steps before and after welding
• Assuring the investment decisions
• Assuring the quality of the new production line for GIS-housings
• Assuring the planned "flow production"
• Assuring the planned output quantities
• Assessment of the new welding production concept
• Investigation of the entire production process due to completeness of all necessary process steps
• Indicating improvement potentials in the entire production process
• Assessment of the logistic layout plan due to an optimized flow production
• Risk evaluation of the entire production process
• Suggestions for improvement actions

• Business analysis at several SMEs in Switzerland
• Installation construction painting industry, 26 employees, 6.5 Mio. CHF turnover
• Carpentry - windows and doors, 25 employees, 3.6 Mio. CHF turnover
• Building construction - facade elements, 1 employee, 0.5 Mio. CHF turnover

2000 - 2007: Wartmann Technologie AG, CH-Oberbipp
- Vice President, Member of the Management Board
- Business Unit Director “Energy Technology” (GIS) and “Installations and Appliance Construction”
- Quality Manager of the Company

• 2006: Achievement of the most successful half yearly result of the company history by the successful realization of a productivity increasing program
• Jan 2005: Promotion to Vice President
• 2002: Achievement of the most successful yearly result in the company history

• Responsible for profit & loss of the company with 110 employees
• Managing the business unit incl. production & logistics GIS manufacturing, order processing incl. SCM and sales
• Process optimization in production and supply chain management
• Reduction of production cost and increasing productivity in various production areas
• Realization of rationalization investments
• Implementation of new, innovative welding technologies
• Initialization and realization of change management projects
• Supplier selection, audits, price negotiations
• Quality manager of the company
• Certification due to DIN 6700 (rail admission)
• Definition and realization of the growth strategy for Energy Technology (GIS)
• Development of new business fields “Rail Technology” and “Food Installation Construction”
• International key account management and acquisition of new clients in the business field “Energy Technology (GIS)” and “Rail Technology”
• Organization and execution as exhibitor at the following fairs:
o International Railway Industry Exhibition SIFER 2005 in Lille, France
o International Trade Fair for Transport Technology InnoTrans in Berlin 2004
o International Trade Fair for Vacuum technology and Vacuum Applications vaQum in Magdeburg 2004
o International Trade Fair Hannover Messe 2002
o International Subcontractor Fair ELMIA in Jonkoping, Sweden 2001

1994 - 2000 Alu Menziken Industrie AG, CH-Menziken
1997 - 2000 Member of the Management Board
1999 - 2000 Business Unit Director “Automotive” and “Tubes and Pneumatic”

• Acquisition of important new clients in the business field “Automotive”
• Successful product development in close cooperation with the customer in the business field “Automotive”

• Responsible for profit & loss of the business unit with 35 employees
• Responsible for the budget of 25 Mio. CHF
• Implementation of the new business unit “Automotive”
• Market research for applications in the automotive industry
• International key account management and acquisition of new clients automotive
• International key account management in the printing industry
• Realization of a cost reduction program  

1997 - 1999 Business Unit Director “Mechanical Production”

• Turnaround to positive return
• Increase in turnover
• Jan 1998: Promotion to Vice President

• Responsible for profit & loss of the business unit with 50 employees
• Budget responsibility for 12 million CHF
• Definition and implementation of the product portfolio strategy
• International key account management and acquisition of new clients in the business
o Aviation technology
o Medical technology
o electronics, electro technology
o Energy technology
o mechanical engineering
o Accuracy mechanics
o HiFi Industrie
o Design furniture

1994 - 1997 Head of Department “Application Technology”

• Development of turnover from zero to 3 million CHF within 2 years
• Acquisition of important new clients in the business field automotive
• Jan 1997: Promotion: Authorized Representative and membership on the Management Board
• Jan 1996: Conferment of limited authority to act and sign

• Budget and reporting to the board
• Start-up of the new product line “hydro-formed parts” to create a profit-oriented
product group
• Close cooperation with an Austrian joint venture company in the area of Hydroforming
• All-European technical advice of automotive manufacturers (OEM) with construction and development
• All-European product management and acquisition of new clients
• Cooperation in the area of the material technology with the ETH Zurich,
Professor Dr. Speidel, Professor Dr. Uggowitzer

1989 - 1994 Helbling Technik AG, CH-Aarau,
Project Manager Development and Simulation

• Jan 1993: Conferment of limited authority to act and sign

• Acquisition of new customers
• Project management in cooperation with external companies in the following customer segments:
o Aviation and space technology
o Rail vehicle technology
o Cable cars
o General mechanical engineering
o Aluminum industry
• Numerical analyses (FEM) in the field of linear and non-linear static, dynamics and thermodynamics

1985 - 1989 MBB (now EADS), D-Munich, Ottobrunn
Calculation Engineer space technology
• Static and dynamic structure analyses with the FEM method
• Optimization of satellite structures
• Authoring training course documentation for CAE tools (IDEAS)


1978 - 1985 Technical University of Munich
Subject: Mechanical engineering and aviation and space technology
Qualification: Dipl. - Ing. Univ.

1968 - 1976 High School in Hamburg
Qualification: High school diploma

1963 - 1968 Primary School in Hamburg

Further education
1998 Technical Academy Esslingen
Measuring and increasing customer satisfaction

1997 Institute for Business Administration of the University of St. Gallen
Management of a Profit Centre

1994-1995 FHZ College Zentralschweiz in Horw
NDS Business Management


• Several years experience in general management as Vice President, Member of the Management Board and Business Unit Director with profit and loss responsibility in leading, international companies in the investment goods industry.
• Production management in the industry, metal processing and assembling, installations and appliance construction and mechanical engineering
• Process optimization in production & logistics, increasing productivity, (KAIZEN / CIP)
• Supply chain management: production transfer, supplier selection, supplier audits
• Factory planning, realization of bigger investments, reorganization, quality management
• Development of new business fields, project management, product management
• International key account management and acquisition of new clients
• Long-time experience in engineering (installations and appliance construction, energy technology, rail vehicle construction, automotive industry, textile mechanical engineering, aluminum industry, aviation and space technology,
• Sound knowledge of development, engineering, simulation


German: Native speaker
English: Negotiation level, spoken and written
French: School knowledge
Latin: Latinum certificate


2005 “Aluminium-Schweissen im Schienenfahrzeugbau”
Blech Rohre Profile

1999 "A New alloy for cold forming”
Automotive Technology International

1995/1996 "Innenhochdruckumformung von Strangpressprofilen”
VDI-Z, Blech Rohre Profile and Automobilindustrie