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Interim Manager

Interim Manager

Work Experience

SAMAS Groep B.V.
International group for the development, production and sales of office furniture.
Interim Manager Assembly and Coating, Tilburg (12-2006 ¡V 06-2007)
Goal: Managing production departments Assembly & Coating
Operational Management of the department (50 co-workers excl. temps, 4 team leaders)
Improvement of the overall operational processes
Process improvement after implementation new automation system (SAP)

Ankor Mennema Groep B.V.
Dutch whole-sales company for metal ware and construction materials, with well known Dutch customers in the ¡§do-it-yourself market¡¨ as HUBO, Formido and Karwei.
Interim Project manager Improvement project, Ridderkerk (05-2006 ¡V 12-2006)
Goal: planning and implementation warehouse wall-to-wall count, support overall improvement project
Implemented wall-to-wall count (45 co-workers en 7 team leaders), improved reliability
Operational and purchasing processes improved and documented

Hewlett Packard, Indigo Division
International group for the development, production and sales of digital printing machines and consumables for the professional printing market, being part of the worldwide HP organisation.
Interim Manager Supply Chain & Projects, Maastricht (2001 - 2006)
Goal: Several longer lasting projects in an International Setting (USA, Western Europe and Israel)
Integration of the Indigo activities within the HP Supply Chain Operations; developing and implementing solutions for remaining activities and recent developments ¡V all 10 employees of the department have found their new position within the several departments of the HP Supply Chain Operations
Developed and implemented plan for new demonstration centre and office building, reorganisation of the existing offices including the actual relocation.
Coordinated and lead several projects to improve customer satisfaction (coordinate project team with 6 professionals and about 15 sub teams)
Improved the logistics performance: inventoried expectations of internal and external customers and prepared and implemented plan of actions to meet the agreed expectations

Techno Service Nederland B.V.
Dutch group with 60 settlements for maintaining Travel Coaches, Trucks and Busses for Public Transport, including Truck dealerships.
Interim Manager Maintenance Workshop, Heerlen (2001)
Goal: lead the workshop through an extremely difficult period:
Replaced over strained workshop manager and maintained contacts with newly acquired customer
Developed and started a new organisational structure for the management of the workshop
Guided change process towards a commercial maintenance organisation, including a solution for former bus drivers that were not able to qualify as mechanic

Nampak Containers Ltd. (former Plysu / SEP, in the mean time RPC Packaging) 1998 - 2000
European group for the development, production and sales of particularly plastic bottles and containers.
Site Director, Nampak Kerkrade B.V. ((90 employees, turnover: approx. 11.5 million Euros)
Goal: improve site results that were declining for several years.
Productivity and material control improved with over 10 %
By means of team building and extensive guidance on their functional behaviour, the functioning of the Management Team improved
Improved relationship with the Unions and the Works council
Initiated and realised investment programme for new equipment and technology
Initiated the introduction of HACCP and renewed the ISO 9001 certificate

KNP BT B.V. 1992 1998
In those days one of the worlds leading suppliers of paper, cardboard, office supplies and graphic systems.
Manufacturing Manager, Bergen op Zoom (Trimbach, 70 employees, turnover approx. 45.5 million Euro)
Goal: further implementation of a team concept, aimed at more self control and responsibility of the team leaders, whilst at first the settlement has been downsized.
Productivity remained at same level despite dismissal of 50 people.
Introduced flexible working: working hours adapted to the seasonal pattern of the market demands.
Assistant Manufacturing Manager, Pallet Division, Voorschoten (PKF/Steijn)
Goal: support a process of cultural change: from a traditional controlled family company into self supporting site managers in each of the manufacturing sites.
As a project leader implemented an ERP-project for manufacturing, supply chain and finance.
Reduced set-up times in the Venlo site with approx. 50 %

Katalistiks UOP 1988 1992
At that time an international group for the development, production and sales of Fluid Cracking Catalyst for the oil refining industry. Part of UOP, the worlds leading company in development and sales of technology for oil and gas refining and the petrochemical industry.
Head Logistics, Delfzijl
Goal: establish a logistics department.
Improved production scheduling; result: delivery performance increased from 80 % to 95 %.
Improved material supply scheduling; result: waiting costs for raw material suppliers decreased from approx. Euro 275,000 to Euro 13,500 per annum
Special assignment during the last two years:
Implemented and managed a process of integrated Quality Assurance (Managing Total Quality).

NKF Kabel B.V. 1984 1988
The Netherlands biggest manufacturer of cable and wire for power and telecom transmission.
Manager Business Engineering Department, Delfzijl
Goal: Internal consultancy, efficiency-improvement and production goal setting and -control.
Project of reorganisation, prevented shut down by overhead reduction.
Efficiency increased by using the knowledge of well skilled workers to educate less skilled workers.

Alcoa Nederland B.V. 1983 1984
Manufacturer of rolled and extruded aluminium.
Industrial Engineer, Aluminium rolling-mill, Drunen
Goal: Efficiency-improvement and production goal setting and - control.
Reduced down-time of the bottleneck of the rolling-mill with approx. 25 %.


Economische Bedrijfstechniek HTS, Tilburg, 1983
(Business Administration, a.o. Internship in South Africa)
Analyse van organisatieproblemen Post Academic, TU, Delft, 1984
(Analysis of Organisational Problems)
Integrale basisopleiding arbeids- en bedrijfskunde (VOA-2) Philips, Eindhoven, 1985
(Training on Business and Industrial Engineering)
Methodisch Organisatieonderzoek MOC, Driebergen, 1987
(Systematic Investigation into Organisations)
Managing Total Quality (The Process for Continuous Improvement) 3M, St. Paul, U.S.A., 1990
(Training on leading Quality Improvement Processes)
Financieel Management voor de niet-financiële Manager De Baak, Noordwijk, 2000
(Training on financials for non-financial Managers)

Throughout the years several training's and seminars in the area of communication, quality, supply chain, finance, processes of organisational changes, management, decision making and influencing effectively.


Hobby¡¦s and other activities
Ever since my high school I have always been involved with all kinds of voluntary work: conducting swimming classes, involved in young men associations in the communities where I used to live and member of the board of Christian organisations and other society organisations. The most recently as chairman of the Maastricht Animal Care Foundation (2004) and Secretary of the Protestant Church of Eijsden (2005). At present quite active in the SPIL-network (a network that stimulates developments in the area of Spiritual Leadership).

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