Projectmanager / Operations manager

Projectmanager / Operations manager

Work Experience

2001 – present: Interim and Project Manager
As a project and interim manager, I ensure that companies make the right changes and achieve the required results and / or realize projects on time and within budget by making optimal use of the energy and commitment of their people.

In other words:
Impressive results in complex technical environments by focussing at the workforce.

My work is based on a method I called "KLASSE"
KLASSE is a Dutch word, which means “Best in Class”:
K: kijken (to watch)
L: luisteren (to listen)
A: analyseren (to analyse)
S: serieus nemen (to take one seriously)
S: systematisch handelen (to act systematically)
E: evalueren (to evaluate)

In this way I have fulfilled various divergent, usually longer-term assignments, mostly within production organisations. Often responsible for preparation and implementation of modifications or responsible for a production department, regularly dealing with SMED, TPM, Lean, Scrum, Agile and the like. Size of the projects varies between approximately € 5 million and € 10 million and approximately 25 - 50 employees in my team.

Summary results (previous assignments)
• Reorganisation project: realised a powerful, viable site
• Productivity and material control improved over 10%
• Set up logistics department, increased delivery reliability 10%
• Self-managing teams embedded in organisation
• Office relocated, old factory dismantled
• Realized prototype steering coach for High Speed Line
• Modifications and major maintenance of NS diesel trains
• Asbestos decontamination Sprinter trains NS performed
• Repaired major train crash damages

As a Project and Interim Manager, I completed the following assignments:
• 05-2016 – 06-2018: Dutch Railways Technology Department, Utrecht
Interim Project Manager Train Specification and Validation:
Changes to the equipment of the North-South Corridor (including High Speed Line) specified and verified, thereby validating the deployment of the coaches on the HSL

• 11-2015 – 02-2016: Neitraco Rail, NS Maintenance workshop, Amsterdam
Interim Project Manager high speed train ICE (DB) for NS:
Maintenance process high speed train ICE at the NS workshop in Amsterdam analysed and concrete possibilities for improvement reported

• 04-2012 – 04-2015: NS Train modernisation (NedTrain), Haarlem
Interim Project Manager:
Prepared and implemented some modification and modernization projects: building prototype steering coach, modifications Diesel trains, asbestos decontamination NS Sprinter trains

• 05-2011 – 12-2011: MVO Nederland, Utrecht
Interim Executive Secretary:
Provided various support services to the Director and the Management Team, started the improvement and modernization of IT support

• 03-2010 – 12-2010: Neitraco Rail B.V., NS Components Company, Tilburg
Interim Project Manager Component Company:
Developed and implemented new system for standard working procedures, made the modified pantographs for the intercity double-deckers production-ready

• 11-2009 – 02-2010: Bombardier Transport Services, Bruges (Belgium)
Interim Project Manager Training RET, Rotterdam:
Rotterdam Metro maintenance staff trained and qualified for maintenance of recently purchased equipment

• 08-2008 – 12-2009: NS Damage Repair, Haarlem
Interim Project Manager Major Crashes:
Removed backlog, where previous project leaders did not succeed, improved processes within Damage Repair

• 09-2007 – 02-2008: General Electric - BHA group, Ahlen (Germany)
Interim Project Manager Relocation and Dismantling:
Furnished new office, relocated to new office and dismantled old factory

• 12-2006 – 07-2007: SAMAS Groep, Tilburg
Interim Manager Assembly and Coating:
Improved operational processes (further implementation Lean Manufacturing); improved processes after implementation of new automation system (SAP)

• 05-2006 – 12-2006: AMG, Ridderkerk
Interim Project Manager Improvement Project:
Prepared inventory, instructed team leaders and executed it, improved delivery reliability (more tightly organised warehouse operations)

• 11-2001 – 05-2006: Hewlett Packard / Indigo, Maastricht
Interim Manager Supply Chain & Projects:
Integrated Indigo into HP Supply Chain Operations, realised relocation project and business excellence project

• 05-2001 – 11-2001: Connexxion, Techno Service Nederland, Heerlen
Interim Manager Maintenance Workshop:
Introduction new customer with garbage trucks successfully completed; introduced new organizational structure for the workshop management

1983 – 2000: Other Working Experience

1998 – 2000: Nampak Containers (before: Plysu/SEP), Kerkrade
Development, production and sales of plastic bottles and containers.
Plant Manager (Statutory Director), Nampak Kerkrade B.V.
100 Employees, turnover: approx. € 11.5 million, mostly food bottles and containers
• Productivity and material control improved with over 10 %
• Initiated and realised investment programme for new equipment and technology
• Initiated the introduction of HACCP and renewed the ISO 9001 certificate

1992 – 1998: KNP BT B.V. (nowadays: Smurfit Kappa)
Leading supplier of paper, cardboard, office supplies and graphic systems.

Manufacturing Manager, Bergen op Zoom
Trimbach, 70 employees, turnover approx. € 45.5 million
Production cardboard packaging for vegetables, fruits and flowers
• Self-managing teams further embedded in the organisation;
• Flexibilization of labour introduced: working hours adjusted to seasonal pattern;
• Productivity maintained despite the dismissal of 50 people.

Assistant Manufacturing Manager, Pallet Division
PKF/Steijn, Voorschoten, 315 employees, turnover approx. € 45.5 million
Wooden crates and pallets for the fruit and vegetable market and industry.
• Implementation of MRP system (MFG PRO) realized;
• Reduction of changeover times;
• Contribution to culture change process.

1988 – 1992: Katalistiks UOP
International group for the development, production and sales of Fluid Cracking Catalyst for the oil refining industry. Part of UOP, leading company in development and sales of technology for the petrochemical industry.
Head Logistics, Katalistiks, Delfzijl
• Established and managed logistics department, improved production planning and supply planning for raw materials;
• Provided training on quality.

1984 – 1988: NKF Kabel
Netherlands lead manufacturer of cable and wire for power and telecom transmission.
Manager Business Engineering Department, Delfzijl
• Realized reorganization project, thereby achieving powerful, viable location;
• Efficiency improvement, standard setting and monitoring.

1983 – 1984: Alcoa Nederland
Manufacturer of rolled and extruded aluminium.
Industrial Engineer, Aluminium rolling-mill, Drunen
• Productivity improvement, reduction of changeover time of the rolling mill bottleneck reduced by approx. 25%.


• Economische Bedrijfstechniek (B Eng.) - HTS, Tilburg, 1983
(Technical Business Administration, with Internship in South Africa)

• Analyse van organisatieproblemen - Post Academisch, TU, Delft, 1984
(Analysis of Organisational Problems, post academic, University of Delft)

• Integrale basisopleiding arbeids- en bedrijfskunde (VOA-2) - Philips, Eindhoven, 1985
(Training on Business and Industrial Engineering)

• Methodisch Organisatieonderzoek - MOC, Driebergen, 1988
(Systematic Investigation into Organisations)

• Managing Total Quality (The Process for Continuous Improvement) - 3M, St. Paul, U.S.A., 1990 (Training on leading Quality Improvement Processes)

• Financieel Management - De Baak, Noordwijk, 2000
(Training on financials for non-financial Managers)

• Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen - MVO Nederland, Utrecht, 2011
(CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility) Engineering)

• Safety for Operational Supervisors VCA, NIBHV, 2012

• Railvoertuigtechniek, Lloyds Register Rail Transportation Academy, 2014
(Technics of rail vehicles)

• Throughout the years several additional training and seminars in the area of: organisational changes, supply chain, communication, decision making, influencing effectively, leadership / management, quality and productivity improvement (SMED, TPM, MTQ, Lean, Scrum, Agile, Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement)


• Ik begon mijn loopbaan als industrial engineer bij een metaalverwerkend bedrijf en werkte vervolgens als intern organisatieadviseur, logistiek manager, productiemanager en locatiedirecteur. Daardoor heb ik ruim 35 jaar ervaring als senior manager.
• Operationeel management
• Project en Interim management
• Verandermanagement (organisatie en cultuur)
• Ruime ervaring in technische en productieorganisaties: onderhoud, assemblage-industrie, verpakkingsindustrie, procesindustrie, railvoertuigen
• Kennis van Logistiek, Kwaliteits- en/of productiviteit-verbetering (SMED, TPM, MTQ, Lean, Scrum, Agile, Operational Excellence, Continu Verbeteren)

Core skills / Competencies
• Analytical and rational
At the same time I keep an eye on the emotional aspects associated with my intended actions and decisions. I communicate directly and clearly and through my ability to listen carefully and to take people seriously, I am able to quickly gain trust at the different levels in the organization.
• Future-oriented
I am focused on growth and development and I am therefore always on the lookout for new possibilities or solutions where they have not yet been found. I like to organize and arrange, while keeping enough room to respond flexibly to changing circumstances.
• Result-oriented
I allow people to find their own ways to achieve results, so they can use the means that fit them best. Moreover, I take my responsibility and I want to be called to account, and besides that, I can delegate in a way that makes people enthusiastic and involved.


• English
• German


“If it becomes difficult, you have to bring in Roel”
Bachelor of Engineering (Business Administration); energetic and driven, 35 years of experience as Senior Manager in Production and Technology, as Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Interim Manager and Project Manager.
It is my passion to make people do what they are good at. My strength is to motivate and inspire people, based on my method "KLASSE" and by making the connection between man, technology and organisation. In this way I ensure that companies achieve the required results and / or realize projects on time and within budget, by utilizing the energy and commitment of their people.

Working style (Feedback from assignments / working environment)

Driven and analytical
On one hand Roel is very driven and completely committed to the project. Half results are not sufficient. Assignment is Assignment. On the other hand, is he very analytical and puts all issues into perspective. Proactive, continuously considering which developments or situations might influence the goal. He keeps the overall overview in complex projects over a longer period of time and remains committed to the goals. However, he may, if necessary, make adjustments and is always able to search and find solutions, along with the team.

Customer oriented
Roel maintains good contacts at all levels with many parties involved in a process or project, even when interests collide. His method of collaboration is focused on the common goals. He keeps the sharp edges of customer and supplier in balance without affecting mutual trust.

Coaching leader
Roel is focused on development of the organisation and its people. Able to challenge employees to push their boundaries and develop new opportunities. Can listen carefully and take people seriously, which allows him to build a basis of trust pretty fast.
He is strong in creating a common objective and facilitating the framework conditions in order to achieve that objective. A good discussion leader at meetings (allows every opinion come into its own but easily returns back to the agenda). Where necessary, he will be directive, checking and/or take corrective action. Taking people seriously, means for Roel that he keeps a close eye on the results and appeals to people on their responsibilities if necessary.