Supply Chain und Operations Professional

Supply Chain und Operations Professional

Work Experience

Qualifications: -

Doctoraal Bedrijfskunde (MSc/MBA-equivalent), University of Groningen
Propedeuse (first year) of Economics, University of Groningen. This year was required as a basis for the study “Bedrijfskunde”
VWO-B (secondary school), Winkler Prins (Veendam)

‘Make the impossible possible!’

‘efficiency is the automatically outcome of aiming at effectiveness’

Turnaround-manager, change-manager. I like to do a short and proper analysis followed by an implementation of the proposed changes. I like complex challenges, therefore one of my favourite sayings is: make the impossible possible. Further more I am convinced that aiming at effectiveness will be followed by efficiency automatically.
A proper preparation is the key for success. Quality is very important. I don’t believe in quick and dirty changes, real change is mostly tough and thorough.
I have been both a consultant and a manager for a long time. I know to manage large groups of people in a direct hierarchical way, but also how to motivate people in an indirect way.
My specialization fields are Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Operations and ICT. I am broad but I don’t hesitate to go deep into details if necessary.
People mostly describe me as somebody you can trust to do a complex task. Keywords in evaluations are: honest, straight-forward and in-time.
Short overview work-experiences 2003-now

Independent interim manager/consultant, Director/owner of 3*S
Principal Consultant, JansenMI
Supply Chain Director, CSM (Koninklijke De Ruijter and RBVLeaf)
Senior Consultant, Coopers & Lybrand
Material Manager, Philips

Overview projects as an independent Interim Manager/Consultant 3*S (Simple, Solid, Solutions)

Project Manager (InterSnack jan 2010 – now)

Implementation of ERP-software (CDC/Ross) on several sites of a German manufacturer making snack-products. CDC/Ross is the company standard and replaces SAP in this case. Interfacing with Basware and EDI-software. I was on the project since jan2010. The project was going to fail, there have been two project-leaders before me. I managed to get the project on track again and managed to get the people motivated. Focus on: implementation, interfacing, motivation

Project Manager (DHL, nov 2009 – jan 2010)

A system had to be implemented on all Dutch sites of this logistics company to regulate and formalize the hiring of temporarily-personnel. Focus was on authorisation to hire people, time-registration and billing. I was a Project Manager to make the implementation a success.


Interim Program Director/Director Operations (Erbi, aug 2008 – sep 2009)

For a company making working tops (for kitchens and bathrooms) I was responsible for the daily operations (Manufacturing, Logistics, and ICT) and for several projects to improve the margin. I used Business Process Redesign and Lean principles. A program was defined and I was the program manager, main projects were: -
• Making the customer order process more simple and smooth (Lean). A CRM-system (Update7) and a productconfigurator (Sofon) were implemented and connected to the existing ERP-system (Softbrands)
• Lean Manufacturing. Manufacturing flow was made more logical and more smooth
• Optimization of the ERP-system itself. No complicated made-to-stocks anymore only made-to-order. MRP installed, productfiles/bill-of-materials were cleaned-up and made more simple
• Plan for new hardware based on virtualisation-techniques
• Implementation of purchase and billing software (20/20 Vision)
Realized savings 2 million, investment 500k. Focus: BPR, Lean, Customer Service, ICT

Project leader (FaberHalbertsma, march 2008 – may 2008)

Assistance in taking over a company (35million business, 500Fte).

Interim Logistics Manager and Project leader (FrieslandCampina, june 2007-march 2008)

I was responsible for running the logistics department (until a successor was found) for one of the two cheese-packaging companies. I was responsible for Purchasing, Planning&Scheduling and Warehousing (10Fte’s). In the meantime I was also responsible for two special projects:
• Introducing of a new way to plan within SAP. Main idea that packaging should be more in accordance with the top-planning and forecasting.
• Optimizing production-batches. Differentiation between fastmovers and slowmovers and define different target for batches and stock. This was also a major quality issue. Target annual savings 5 million euro.
Focus: planning, production-batches

Interim Director Operations (Sonneveld, sep 2006 – jun 2007)

Company produces bakery-ingredients. I started on a project to improve the planning department of 5Fte’s and working with ERP-software (Ratio-plan). The Planning itself was improved seriously and as a consequence the stocks were reduced seriously as well. From November 2006 on I became also responsible for the total operations (100Fte) and I led some major changes in the organisation in order to get the organisation on a higher quality standard. I ran a reorganisation program, a lean manufacturing program (waste reduction) and a quality certification program. Realized savings 1,5 million euro . Focus on: planning, lean, operations

Project leader (AfvalEnergieBedrijf Amsterdam, may 2006 – may 2007)

Project manager restructuring the production organisation (90Fte) for a company which produces energy from burning garbage. Company was a public company and in a transformation process to become a more commercial organisation. I helped to make the production-organisation (which is the core business of this company) more effective and finally more efficient. Basic questions to be answered were: how many people of which level do you need? How to differentiate between operational matters and more structural long term matters? How should the coordination been done with other departments like automation, maintenance etc.? How to organise shifts? Focus on: structuring, planning

Program-manager (CSM/BakeMarkUK, may 2005 – jun 2006)

Program-manager for a tender on warehousing and transportation for a UK-based company producing bakery-ingredients. Important part of the project was also to improve the ordering-process (Navision), this was a key process. Aim was to save £3 million on an annual basis. Also involved in a manufacturing assignment for the same company to reach a better use of capacity (goal 80%) with lower inventory-levels (4 weeks). Focus on: outsourcing, reorganisation, ICT, contracts..

Project leader (Nutreco, feb 2005 – jun 2005)

Project-manager for a tender on warehouse and transportation for a big international operating meat-company. Aim was to save 1.5 million euro annually. Focus on how to reach substantial savings.

Project leader Global Supply Chain (CSM/Purac, may 2004 – jun 2005)

Program-manager of a Supply Chain Optimization program for a large multinational biochemical-company. Base data were already installed but Forecasting, DRP, MPS and MRP (BPCS) didn’t work properly. Asked to start the engine: -
• I started with aligning the different locations (Europe, US, Brazil, Thailand, Japan, Singapore)
• After the aligning DRP (which was a standard function) could be installed properly. With DRP it became possible to really plan over the different plant/locations
• Then forecasting has been developed (together with Sales) and software was developed together with the software partner (Eniac)
Focus on: product-alignment, planning, forecasting

Project leader combining Purchasing-power (jan 2004 – mar 2004).

Program-manager to combine purchase power for 8 middle-sized companies (800 million in total). Focus on: outsourcing, developing an organisational structure, contracts

Project leader Kanban (Cordis, jun 2003 – nov 2003).

Responsible for the introduction and implementation of Kanban in a manufacturing environment within a large pharmaceutical organisation producing special catheters and stents for human body purposes. This solution should fit in the existing ICT-infrastructure, the MRP-system (BPCS/JDE) should remain as well as Manuigistics. Problem was to connect a relatively simple system like Kanban with a complex planning within a large international firm. Focus on: connecting Kanban within a complex planning structure, Kanban itself

Project leader Outsourcing (Nuon, february 2004)

Facilitator-role to help a large energy-distributor to outsource their infra-division (Nuon, feb 2004). Focus on: outsourcing, organisation and implementation aspects

Overview employers 1983 – 2003

Principal Consultant (JansenMI Consultants Amersfoort, okt 2001 – may 2003)

Jansen MI was a to Dutch standards middle-sized consultancy-firm (60 consultants and 25 interim-managers). Focus was on the Benelux, target group was middle sized to big companies. Beside the responsibility for the firm, I have been Project-leader on larger projects with more consultants involved. I have done work for a large Bakery-organisation (ICT/Supply Chain Management), a chemical firm (Organisation of Planning),an Electronic company (E-business) and company in Utilities (Outsourcing).

Supply Chain Director CSM (first with Koninklijke De Ruijter followed by RBVLeaf)
January 1997 - October 2001
from April 1998 until October 2001 within RBV Leaf (Oosterhout)
Red Band Venco Leaf was one of the companies within the Sugar confectionary-division of CSM (is now part of CVC-capital partners) which is manufacturing and selling sweets (for instance gum, wine gum). Within RBV-Leaf I was responsible for Supply Chain Management. I reported directly to the CEO.
Responsible as SCM-Director for: forecasting, order entry, planning, purchasing and logistics. Logistics was mainly outsourced. Headcount was direct 30 people and indirect an additional 15. Sales volume 250 million euro’s on an annual basis. Total headcount of the company was 700. Production at four locations, stock was kept at three DC’s in the Benelux and Germany. During the time I worked for RBVLeaf we took over the Leaf-company. Eventually it was a take-over and the organisation had been fully integrated within the old RBV-organisation. My task was to integrate the two departments.
Targets were: 90% capacity-load, forecast-reliability of 80%, no Out Of Stocks and a stock of 4 weeks on FP and 6 weeks on RM/PM
until April 1998 within Koninklijke De Ruijter (Baarn)
Koninklijke De Ruijter was one of the companies within the Food-division of CSM (it’s now part of Heinz after a take-over) which was manufacturing and selling all sorts of (mostly chocolate based) vermicelli-products and syrups. I was responsible for the total supply chain. The function was very similar to the function I had within RBV-Leaf only somewhat smaller (headcount 15). Turnover KDR was around € 90 million.
Targets were: 80% capacity load, no Out Of Stocks and a stock-level of 3 weeks on FP and 5 weeks on RM/PM

Senior Consultant (Coopers & Lybrand Utrecht, 1987-1997)

As a consultant I have worked within the Manufacturing & Logistics group. The sectors I worked for were mostly in the semi-process (Pharmaceutical companies and companies in Food & Drink), but I did also jobs in other industries.
I have done a variety of jobs in the field of reorganisations, interim-management and working out and implementing organisational concepts.
As a consultant I specialized on subjects as:-
• Software-selection in the field of manufacturing, logistics and finance. In a lot of jobs I have helped implementing the software (CPC/Unilever, Pet food Services, OPG-Pharmachemie)
• Efficient Consumer Response. For C&L in the Netherlands I was one of the first who started with ECR. Together with colleagues I did a lot of analytical assignments. In the meantime Coopers & Lybrand became one of the main advisory companies on ECR in the Netherlands (Ahold, Heineken, Johma, and Uniekaas).
• Business Process Reengineering. I helped a lot of firms in changing the organisation in a more effective way. In this way I learned to know the CSM-companies Koninklijke De Ruijter and Red Band Venco. I did also BPR-work for CPC-Benelux and Bruynzeel.
• special assignments. I did forecasting jobs for Unilever en KNP, a logistics assignment within Volvo Car, purchasing contracts for The Ministry of Defence, a reorganisation project within The Ministry of Defence.

Material Manager (Philips Computer Apeldoorn, 1983 – 1987)

The firm I was working for manufactured the printed circuits boards for the P4000 and P9000 series. I managed the department responsible for production planning, purchasing and material handling (total headcount 30 people).
Languages Dutch : mother-tongue
English : fluent
German : fluent
French : basic
Spanish : basic

Publications Article on Sofon within Erbi
Editor report ‘Food on Food’
Several articles in respond to report ‘Food over Food’
Chapter on Demand Management in a book titled ‘quality and logistics’
Article for a management book titled ‘demand management’
Several articles on software-packages in CA-Techniek
Several times speaker on seminars (ECR and BPR)
Sport Hockey, fitness and jogging
Free-time spending Sport, reading, cooking
Other relevant occupations For two years I lectured on a evening school (Technical College Voorburg in the Netherlands) on logistics and quality
I am heading a network-group called ‘ Passion For Food’, for people working with passion in the Food


Universitat Betriebswirtschaft und Management (MSc/MBA)


Logistik, Produktion, Forecasting, Customer Service, Warehousing, Planning, Einkauf


Niederlandisch, Englisch, Deutsch, Fransozisch, Spanisch