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Private Equity investment group that invests in venture and seed capital investment opportunities in China and China related businesses.

China's vibrant market currently offers significant opportunities in a broad range of industrial and service sectors. With a large growing domestic market and the leverage of their recognized expertise in technology, engineering and manufacturing for the global market, we believe that China is an attractive place to invest.

Primarily invests in unique, scalable and competitive growth opportunities, including businesses whose products and services have the potential of gaining niche or dominant market share.

Through our Advisory Service department we provide valuable support to our portfolio companies in area such as Leadership &
Management, Strategic Change and Transaction Services, and by providing hands-on operational support if required, to improve operational excellence and accelerate growth.

Apart from our portfolio companies, we also support a diversified range of international companies to deliver their China strategy.
We believe that China is the market of the future, and with our China Value Proposition we help our portfolio companies and we can help you to get the money where it is found!

Shanghai, P.R. China
Director Apr 2007 – May 2008
Client assignment history
Ready Medicine – Wuhan, China
Project Ready 2 months
Hubei Ready is a pharmaceutical distribution company in central China who is aiming to get listed at the NYSE by the end of 2008. Deloitte was invited to conduct an analysis in which they made and inventory of all the projects that had to be executed to become fully compliant to the NYSE listing requirements and to boosted Hubei Ready’s operational and financial performance for the longer term.

Role and responsibilities:
Bas led a team of 7 people on the ground at Hubei Ready Medicine to deliver the Analysis phase. Bas structured and coordinated the final deliverable and supported the diverse team of experts responsible for covering all angles of NYSE compliancy. Bas worked along side the General Manager and reported to the CEO who was the sponsor of this project.

ICBC – Beijing, China
Acquisition support
Bas worked with the strategic and development team of ICBC to improve there acquisition capability. He facilitated training, and build their understanding of Integration Blue-printing, Day 1 delivery, Synergy Case, Integration planning.


UTC Fire & Security – Shanghai, China
Acquisition support
Bas worked with the strategic and development team of ICBC to improve there acquisition capability. He facilitated training, and build their understanding of Integration Blue-printing, Day 1 delivery, Synergy Case, Integration planning.


Barclay – London, United Kingdom (Deal Size €70 billion)
Project Jones 5 months
Barclays aimed to acquired ABN-AMRO for €70 billion, but eventually lost the deal to the Consortium of RBS, BS and Fortis. Nevertheless Barclays prepared well for the acquisition and integration and invited a brought team of Deloitte experts from around the globe to support them.

Role and responsibilities:
Bas led one of the three Integration offices at Barclays and was responsible for training, supporting and coordinating all Deloitte expert involved in the integration preparation process. The office held 12 full time members and had an additional 43 people directly reporting to the office. This team mainly Deloitte expert was responsible for supporting over 300 clients within Barclays.

Bas was also responsible for the direct contact with the ABN-AMRO executives in Holland to coordinated and support the communications, negotiations, data room set up and data exchange process.

Business Development – Shanghai, China
Bas led business development initiatives for:
Cathay Pigments, Huifen Agrochemical, J&J, Saic-Nac, BAO, Dupon, ICBC, Singapore Airlines, BnB, Honglong Bank, Jabil and UTC fire & Security

London, United Kingdom
Assistant Director Apr 2005 – Mrt 2007
Client assignment history
Heinz - HP – Hayes, United Kingdom (Deal Size £470m)
Project Rumba 4 months
In Heinz Europe’s acquisition of HP Sauces, Deloitte was invited to support Heinz in integration planning, Day 1 management, benefits case review and milestone plan development and execution

Role and responsibilities:
Bas was responsible for the preparation and delivery of Day 1. He supported six workstreams through integration plans development and execution. He also facilitated various integration mobilisation and acceleration workshops for the leadership team and supported the development / refinement of the synergy case.
AkzoNobel – Amersfoort, Netherland (Deal Size €confidential)
Project Scarlet 3 months
Akzo Nobel reformulated their strategy resulting in the decision to divest a number of business units. Deloitte was engaged to support the Carve out of one of their largest business units, Salt Specialties.

Role and responsibilities:
Bas was responsible for producing a detailed separation plan covering key milestones, dependencies and costing. He worked at Pan-European level with a group of 12 functional leaders and their teams to deliver an integrated separation plan and budget, covering all departments and regions within the business unit.
Ntl: Telewest – Hook, United Kingdom (Deal Size £6bn)
Project Vanilla 4 months
Ntl: acquired Telewest resulting in the second largest communication and entertainment business in the UK. Ntl: engaged Deloitte to support integration planning including Day 1 management, roll out of effective programme management methodologies, development of a detailed integration plan with all associated dependencies agreed, and support in realisation of in excess of £250m annualised synergies expected by the market.
Role and responsibilities:
Bas led the development and execution of the Day 1 plan working with all functional areas reporting directly to the leadership group. He designed and rolled out a milestone based benefits tracking infrastructure to facilitate integration steering group’s control on the synergy delivery and is currently leading the first 100 days integration plan.

London, United Kingdom
Project Manager Dec 2002 – Apr 2005
Client assignment history
ProRail – Utrecht, The Netherlands
Project OPC+ 12 months
ProRail owns and maintains the entire rail track in The Netherlands. This makes ProRail the second largest asset manager in The Netherlands with €30bn worth of rail track to look after. The organisation had doubled in size in the last 6 six years however the service/quality metrics declined by c30%. Celerant was engaged to help ProRail improving their service/quality metrics by 25% and cutting out cost of €43.5m within a timeframe of over one year.

Role and responsibilities:
Bas was project manager and led a team of five consultants in the North-East region and therefore responsible for delivering one-fourth of the business case in quality and efficiency terms. Bas’ daily responsibilities consisted of training, coaching and developing the North-East project team, the engagement of the managing director of ProRail NE and his senior management, driving the implementation of a new organisational design, management system, maintenance process and reporting implementation progress and realised saving to the central operations manager of Celerant.
DSM Elastomers – Sittard, The Netherlands
Project Slim down 14 months
Overcapacity in the global EPDM market pressurized DSM’s largest business group, Elastomers, to resize their business. Elastomers was challenged with a major transformation program, which required simultaneously managing the implementation of a new industry model, restructuring the supply chain (e.g. global goods flow, warehousing and packaging), closure of Operations in Japan and the United States, re-segmentation of customers and the implementation of new ways of working. All resulting in a bottom line improvement from €46m loss in 2002 to a realised profit of €6m by Aug 2004. Elastomers’ Turnaround was rewarded as Celerant’s ‘best result showcase 2004’

Role and responsibilities:
Bas co-designed and implemented the redesign project structure and the global transformation system. He designed the savings-realisation plan, produced an analysis on Elastomers’ global logistic costs and made the full picture of the global organisational evolution up to 2006 (e.g. headcount reduction in all regions and functional area’s).
Bas was directly responsible for all projects and change initiatives running in the supply chain department of Elastomers. In this department he has implemented a full Management control and reporting system, including a new Sales and Operations structure.
High Performing Fibers (HPF), DSM – Heerlen, The Netherlands
Project Programme Management at HPF 3 months
Due to overwhelming growth adventures, HPF was strategically entangled and required realignment of its strategic direction and execution. HPF deployed Celerant to redesign and implement Programme Management, which enabled HPF to bring their business unit strategy into action and enabled them to reduce their running project portfolio from 410 to 82 strategy focused projects.

Role and responsibilities:
Bas facilitated numerous workshops required to develop Programme Management at HPF. He was responsible for enabling HPF to link strategy to value. For this purposed he developed, in cooperation with HPF’s Financial Director, the CVA value tree.

Internal assignment history
Finance Trainings Celerant – London, United Kingdom
Lead Finance Trainer May 2003 – Apr 2005
Bas led the finance training modules within Celerant between May 2003 and April 2005. In that period Bas trained all new staff in Finance Fundamentals and lectured four other modules to colleagues and clients where appropriate. (1. Basic Accounting, 2.Finance Fundamentals, 3.Corporate Finance, 4.Base & Evaluation – Basics, 5. Base & Evaluation – Advanced)

PwC Consulting
London, United Kingdom
Consultant Sept 2000 – Dec 2002
Client assignment history
Givaudan, Roch – Geneva, Switzerland
Project Measuring Performance in Value Terms 7 months
After the public listing of Givaudan by Roch, Givaudan instantly had to change their way of reporting from an internally driven accounting approach to an externally driven shareholders value approach. Givaudan engaged PwC Consulting to change their way of communicating performance.

Role and responsibilities:
Bas functioned as a Value Based Management Analyst. He developed a valuation model to measure Givaudan’s performance and translated this into 50 different metrics generally used by the market to value a company’s performance. He made a comprehensive analysis of the investors’ perspectives on Givaudan and he co-developed processes for strategic initiatives assessment and value target setting.
TNT Post Group (TPG) – Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
Project 100 days value agenda 7 months
TPG originated a value analytics team to carry the Value Based Management methodology through the business. PwC Consulting was engaged to give dedicated support on a significant number of technical issues related to Value Based Management.

Role and responsibilities:
Bas analysed and formulated the market’s perspective on the Logistic part of the business as a part of the equity analysts report. He co-produced the peer group analysis report and developed the ‘best in class’-valuation model and user guide, and trained people in the investor’s relation department with regards to the usage of the model. Bas modelled and tested the EP target setting and M&A initiative models. He developed a three days Value Based Management training programme for the value analytics team.
British Airways (BA) – Heathrow, United Kingdom
Project Linking Strategy and Value to Business information 3 months
An overload in business information (e.g. financial and operational KPI’s) and an inconsistent link between and strategy and value encouraged BA to engage PwC Consulting to define the link between the company’s value measures and their strategy by making proper use of available business information.

Role and responsibilities:
Bas developed an airline specific value tree and tested this against BA’s standing strategic objectives. He made a ‘fit for use’ KPI selection and co-facilitated workshops to support the client in deciding what KPI’s should measure BA’s strategic and operational business performance.
Jewson, St Gobain – Coventry, United Kingdom
Project Value Realisation 4 months
Jewson required a measurement system that could demonstrate the benefits on their intended ERP investment to ascertain the financial support of the mother company, St Gobain. They engaged PwC Consulting to proof their latest developed capability; Value Realisation.

Role and responsibilities:
Bas functioned as a Consultant and a Value Based Management Expert. He was involved in the development of PwC’s latest capability, Value Realisation, and therefore was part of the PwC-Jewson project team. Bas made a company valuation of Jewson. He produced an internal growth plan and a value staircase analysis to reflect the impact of the ERP business case in the companies’ value. He reviewed the business case and developed possible scenarios including a sensitivity analysis. Results of the different value components and financial KPI’s were collected in an overall project-balanced scorecard.
Diageo - London, United Kingdom
Project ‘The big Idea’ 2 months
Diageo was considering a significant IT investment. They consulted PwC Consulting to develop as cost-benefit case related to this initiative.

Role and work stream responsibilities:
Bas functioned as a Consultant and Financial Modelling Expert. He produced a market analysis, a general update on Diageo’s financial position and a cost-benefit model to financially justify their IT initiative.

Internal assignment history
Valuation Course – London, United Kingdom
Project valuation course
The Value Based Management group at PwC Consulting needed a valuation course to strengthen the skills of their own people as well as a mechanism to easily hand over valuation knowledge to clients.

Role and responsibilities:
Bas co-developed a valuation course and functioned as tutor for different colleagues and clients at all levels within the organisation.
Pharma 2010 – Uxbridge, United Kingdom
Project supply side perspective, 2005 and beyond 3 months
PwC Consulting issued an extension on the Pharma 2005 Point of view and aimed to analyse, model and forecast the supply side of the global Pharma industry, as a basis for subsequently assessing the scale of any future developments in Total Shareholder Returns and for estimating the value impact of proposed solutions.

Role and responsibilities:
Bas functioned as a Consultant and a Financial Modelling Expert. He co-developed a report that qualified the impact of the supply side within the global Pharma industry. He produced a future sales curve model, a development pipeline analysis, a supply side valuation and scenario analyses all based on the data made available by the 98 largest Pharma companies in the world.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consultants
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Business Analyst Nov. 1999 – Sept. 2000
Bas functioned as a business analyst engaged in various valuations exercises, presentation preparation and supporting in specific research enquiries for senior colleagues.
Prior this role Bas wrote his final essay required to conclude his Master of Science (M.Sc.) programme at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Bas’ work statistically proved the different impacts of Porter’s generic strategies on the cash flow generating capability of companies. His work covered Airports, Airlines and Staffing Agency. It’s worth mentioning that Bas was rewarded with the exceptional high mark of a 9/10.

OFR Venture Capital
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Junior Investment Manager Nov. 1998 – Aug. 1999
OFR is a small Venture Capital Fund owned by ABN-AMRO Participations, NPM Capital and OBR investing in High Tech, ICT and Internet companies in the regions around Rotterdam.
Bas started as a trainee and developed an assessment model to assess business plans and management applying for Venture Capital. The model was used to assess four dominant areas in Venture Capital opportunity selection; Finance, Strategy, Market and Leadership.
As a Junior Investment Manager his primary responsibility was to make a first judgement on requests for venture capital by studying business plans and annual reports, quick market scans, interview with the enquirer and the briefing of OFR’s accountants and lawyers for further investigation.

Academic research
European Energy Market Research – Rotterdam School of Business, Rotterdam
Bas assisted Drs. M. Teeuw, managing director of the RSM trading room, in his research on arbitrary trading opportunities within the European energy market. His role was to update different analysis spreadsheets to define variations and volatilities in the trade prices over time. Bas intensively work with Reuters, Bridge, DataStream and Lexis Nexus to fulfil his role.
Industry-wide performance of European IPO’s – Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam
Bas assisted Associate Professor of Finance dr. R.A.I van Frederikslust in a research on industry-wide performance of European initial public offerings. His role mainly involved date collection and the data analysis of the thousand companies in the study sample.
Risq Index – Rotterdam School of Business, Rotterdam
Bas assisted Professor dr. T. Zuurmond in the development of the Risq IndexÓ. This index is complex equation build-up from a number of call options and futures related to three energy specific commodities, respectively, Oil, Gas and Electricity.

University activities
Femus - Sviib International Business Project Hong Kong 2000
Rotterdam, Hong Kong
Chairman Mar. 1999- Feb. 2000
Bas presided over a group of 25 students in their endeavours of the International Business Project Hong Kong 2000 (IBP Hong Kong 2000) of the faculty of Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The purpose of the project was the completion of ‘The handbook of Hong Kong property companies’. This handbook is an analysis tool to support investors and fund managers in there day to day investment decisions related to property companies listed at the Hong Kong stock exchange. The International Business Project was sponsored by 10 global financial institutions, which all held an individual interest in this piece of work.


M.Sc. Business administration Aug 2000
Financial Management – Major in Financial Analysis
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Final essay: ‘Generic Action’ Mark: 9/10


Post Merger Integration – Day 1 preparation, benefits tracking, 100 day integration planning & execution
Business Carve outs – Separation planning, costing & execution
Value Based Management – Performance measurement, value target setting & reporting
Corporate Finance – Financial analysis, financial modelling & company valuations
Corporate Strategy – Strategic assessment, strategy formulation, planning & implementation
Strategic Change – Business redesign, transformation management & business turnarounds
Project Management – Project design, project planning, project execution, training & coaching


Bas is the owner and Managing Director of Investment Group, a seed capital investment fund that invests in unique, scalable and competitive growth opportunities in China and China related businesses.

Before Bas started as an venture capital entrepreneur he was a Director in Transaction Service group of Deloitte Shanghai. Prior to his job in Deloitte China, Bas worked for several years in the Post Merger Integration team of Deloitte in London. Prior to Deloitte, Bas worked as a Project Manager at Celerant in the Operations business unit and before that Bas was a Management Consultant at PriceWaterHouse within the Strategic Change Management team. Bas started his professional career as a Junior Investment Analyst at venture capital fund OFR in Rotterdam.

His experience spans Merger Integrations, Business Carve Outs, Strategic Change, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis in various industry sectors. Bas has significant experience in a wide range of Post Merger Integration and Carve Out assignments, including Day 1 preparation, benefits tracking, 100 Day integration / separation planning and Merger Office management. Bas also has particular experience in financial value modelling to resolve shareholder value questions and strategy implementation to realise modelled value targets (Value Base Management). Apart from that he has a good understanding of Change Management, Six Sigma (Bas is trained at Black belt level), Operational Excellence, Supply Chain and Maintenance Planning processes.

In his capacity as an advisor Bas has been very successful in building strong relationships with his clients and delivered results, recognised by his clients and colleagues, in all his areas of strength. He is considered to be confident, result orientated, persuasive, disciplined, intelligent, a hard worker and well organized. His colleagues believe him to be an effective team player with excellent interpersonal skills.


Training and Development
CMA, Chartered Management Accountant
Bas is currently attending a 3-year programme for Chartered Management Accountants with CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management s) in the UK. He is aiming to conclude this programme in May 2007.
Company training and development at Deloitte
Anti-money laundering course London, UK, 10th June 2005
Advanced financial modelling London, UK, 6th – 7th September 2005
Post Merger Integration Training London, UK, 16th September 2005
Company training and development at PwCConsulting
Value Builder & Evaluator London, UK, 22nd – 23rd March, 2001
Logical Thinking & Writing London, UK, 17th May, 2001
Building Working Relationships London, UK, 8th August, 2001
Profitability Training course London, UK, 24th – 25th September, 2001
Introduction to SAP SEM Heathrow, UK, 28th –30th November, 2001
Client Workshops London, UK, 3rd –5th December 2001
Introduction to Consulting St. Albans, UK 10th – 14th December, 2001
5-days analysis course London, UK 5th – 12th March 2002
Company training and development at Celerant
Programme management awareness session Urmond, NL, 12th – 13th February, 2003
Operations Fundamentals Bournemouth, UK, 12th – 16th May, 2003
Project management in Programmes Urmond, NL, 21st – 22nd – 28th May, 2003
Analyses Fundamentals Aberdeen, Scotland, 9th June – 13th June, 2003
Managing Senior Clients Hoenderloo, NL, 18th August, 2003
Advanced Presentation skills Hoenderloo, NL, 19th August, 2003
Six Sigma Fundamentals Brockenhurst, UK, 20th – 22nd October, 2003
Project Management Training Lommel, Belgium, 5th – 9th January, 2004
Supply Chain Management Warwick, UK, 29th – 30th April, 2004
Behaviour Change management Vaals, NL, 18th August, 2004
Asset Management Vaals, NL, 19th August, 2004
Six Sigma Black belt London, UK, April 2003 – April 2004
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