IT manager/CIO/Programma manager/Project Manager

IT manager/CIO/Programma manager/Project Manager

Work Experience

NOW: Independent contractor
July 2009 – March 2010: Project Manager at Norfolkline / Maersk. Freelance Manager for an international project for the replacement of the current international Booking - and Reservation system for all offices, routes and activities.

January 2009 – July 2009: Program manager at Delta NV
Sector: Utilities
Working towards and on projects concerning:
- Enterprise Service Bus (Gateway)
- Message Management
- EMV and MDB system implementation
- Market and Business transition
- Electronic enterprise
- Data warehousing.
- "Stroomopwaarts" program, compliance with legal requirement to split roles and infrastructure

Tideworks Technology, United States
Joined this company after having sold his business to them, for an agreed upon period of 4 years. This company is part of the Carrix Group, which is established in 15 countries, 10.000+ employees, €1.2 Billion Euro turnover. Tideworks builds and sells systems to the transportation and logistics sectors, including terminals, warehouses, liner agents, forwarders.
Period July 2004-December 2008: BUSINESS MANAGER EUROPE. (Area covered: EMEA). Reporting to the president, building the business in the area, running the local office as well as working with international task teams executing projects. Identified and executed business growth initiatives, managed contacts with existing and potential customers, performed project assessments and risk analysis, and negotiated and executed contracts. Maintained contact with various international product and services groups, Was the interface to the (potential) customers. Was also involved with product conceptualisation and R&D initiatives to identify and introduce suitable technologies with customers.
ACHIEVEMENTS: Grew the business with 300% and helped putting Tideworks on the map in this part of the world, introduced standards and efficient work practices in the group, and worked towards a quality image that better equips the group to deal with large (potential) customers.

VS/Sonu Group, self-founded and self-owned
Started a business after a successful period with the previous employer.
Period November 1989- July 2004: PRESIDENT AND BUSINESS OWNER. Started with a small team, specialising in consulting work. Has worked on many national and international consulting projects in the private and public sector, including World Bank projects and projects in development countries. During the years to follow the group of companies became an international player on the market as a software vendor. Also the group delivered IT management and infrastructural services, whereby the management of the complete network and related equipment was outsourced by the customer. The business has been sold in 2004, and continues its operations under the name of “Tideworks Technology”.
ACHIVEMENTS: Established and grew an international business from 2 to 60 staff, successfully developed products that have been installed at many international sites. Helped setting up IT infrastructure in many companies integrating multiple applications, ensuring business continuity.

ODT Group, 12 subsidiaries, 700+ people, The Netherlands
ODT was an independently owned leading group of Rotterdam, employing 800+ staff, owning 14 national and international subsidiaries involved in forwarding, liner agency, tanker shipping, forwarding, container services, and finance services,
Period August 1986-December 1989: MEMBER OF THE BOARD. Was invited to take a board position in this group, and became responsible for finance and IT group-wide. Managed the implementation of transportation systems for the group’s subsidiaries. Conceptualised and implemented a group-wide financial system tailored to the industry. Has engineered and implemented a new set of business processes. Also has been responsible for the execution of the restructuring of subsidiaries, and setting up of new activities and corporations.
ACHIEVEMENTS: Improved efficiency in financial and operational processes, leading to a cost moderation in a situation of business growth, estimated to have improved results by 20%. Has been acknowledged by the board and shareholders and the ODT group became a customer in his own business since 1989 for a period of 15 years.

Inchcape Group, Rotterdam, Netherlands and London, United Kingdom
This company is predominantly involved in shipping and forwarding and car distribution. They have 700 subsidiaries in all major countries, a turnover of € 6.5 Billion, 10.000+ employees. I was invited to join their employ.
Period July 1985-July 1986: PROJECT MANAGER. Was promoted in 1985 after an internal evaluation of IT functions within the group to work on a holding level in London for the design and production of a group-wide system. Designed an all-embracing system. Reported to the Inchcape Group CIO.
ACHIEVEMENTS: Conceptualized a system that has become the de facto measure of quality within and outside of the group for many years.
Period December 1983-June 1985: ASSOCIATE STAFF, FINANCIAL SERVICES UNIT. Worked for the shipping division, Gellatly, and was involved in the setting up op financial procedures, reporting to group management, staff management. In due course the responsibilities were expanded with the managing of EDP activities of the company.
ACHIEVEMENTS: Introduced new systems and PC technology. Introduced new reporting standards and working procedures.

Klijnveld Kraayenhof & Co (Later: KMPG), Rotterdam, Netherlands
KPMG at that time employed 30.000+ staff all over the world. Entered into an intensive internal and external educational scheme.
Period August 1979 - December 1983: SENIOR, AUDITING STAFF. Was deployed for the auditing of company procedures, financial accounts, EDP evaluation and process charting, and many incidental assignments. Has worked with many internationals and in many different business types.
ACHIEVEMENTS: Conducted assignments independently at the end of his employ ad after being promoted.


- Preahap Hogeschool (1979)
- KPMG EDP and ICT audit course (1982)
- NIVRA modules (1983)
- Various trainings and courses on technologies, methodologies and management


- Quick and analytical mind, extracts the essentials uit of complex issues fast and translates those into practical solutions and projects.
- Leadership qualities, motivator of people.
- Advocates professionalism and focus on quality.
- Practical personality.


Dutch (mother tongue), English (Fluent), German (Proficient), French (Fair)


Has published various articles within the field of ICT management and related technology. Is a regular speaker on seminars and conferences.
Has given lectures from 1993 up to 2001 on the Cambridge Academy of Transport, United Kingdom. All lectures related to the role of non-ICT schooled management in the introduction of new technology, management around ICT, general tendencies in the market and their impact on information strategy.