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Chief Commercial Officer, VP/Sales & Marketing

Chief Commercial Officer, VP/Sales & Marketing

Work Experience

2009 – APG, Heerlen, The Netherlands
Sale of enterprise-wide speech, e-mail and Internet analytics solution in Microsoft and Aspect environment, keeping customer compliant with ‘Wet bpf’. Solution covers 3,000+ desktops

2009 - UPC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sale and implementation of a Knowledge Management solution, using combination of license and open source technology, covering 6 locations, 750 seats in Citrix environment

2009 - KBC Bank, Mechelen, Belgium
Sale & implementation of compliancy solution in Avaya, Siemens & Genesys environment covering >1,000 desktops in multiple locations in Belgium.

2008/2009 - Fedex, Brussels, Belgium
Sale of IP based Video & audio recording solution covering 18 countries in EMEA

2008 – APG, Heerlen, The Netherlands
Sale & implementation of Customer Experience solution (incl. Quality Monitoring, Customer Survey and Agent E-learning application) covering 120 seats in 2 contact centers.

2007 - PWN, Velserbroek, The Netherlands
Sale & roll-out of a full Quality Monitoring Suite covering 100 desktops, followed by sale of upgrade project to IP in 2009.

2007 – IND (Immigration & Naturalization Services, The Hague, The Netherlands
Sale of new customer services concept (from paper-based to digital client file), as subcontractor to Ordina, hired as Customer Experience specialist to manage the RFP process

2006 - UPC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sale & implementation of Call Recording Solution covering 700 seats across 4 company owned and 2 foreign locations in Citrix environment

2006 – A Dutch Ministry, The Hague , The Netherlands
Sale of secure Knowledge Management solution to automate the information capturing, categorisation & hyperlinking process for text, audio & video content from the Internet

Employment History 1993 – 2000
2003/Current – Hilversum, The Netherlands
Co Founder & Interim Business Development Director in this ‘Going to Market’ Firm

2001/2002 – CIO at Wolters Kluwer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1996/2000 – Manager Bus. Information Division at Reuters, Zurich, Switzerland

1989/1995 – Global Sales & Marketing Manager at Reuters, London, UK


MBA International Management, Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.
Versicheringskaufmann, Hannover, Germany


New Product or Service to market; Sales & Business Development; Geographical expansion.


Fluent in Dutch, English & German (basic Swiss German)

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