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Interim manager

Interim manager

Work Experience

Contracted education, Consultancy and Interim experience:
Since 1987 I have been organizing educational possibilities for companies. This contracted education has always been a common thread in my career. For AXUM and NAB, I’ve set up a course called “ICT in education” which by now has been taken by 4,500 teachers from all over the Netherlands.

During my assignments as interim manager and consultant, I have gained extensive experience with crisis management, organizational change management and creating business plans. These include the Frederik Hendrik College in 's-Hertogenbosch, Streekschool Gildevaart in Nieuwegein, City of Heerlen, ROC Eindhoven, SCHUNCK Heerlen, SIOB, Mollercollege Steenbergen.
References are available upon your request.


•DGA, Senior Consultant , Interim Manager (2003-present)
•Deputy Director at Scholengroep VO, Bergen op Zoom (2011-present)
This concerns a project based job as change manager. My main task was to transform the high school in Steenbergen, Ravelijn, into a so called model school of modern day education using the latest tools technology has to offer. The project has been successfully completed at the end of last school year. I am currently still working there one day per week on implementation and embedding the changes into the organisation.
•Managing Consultant (part-time, 2006-2010)
Project manager Low Literacy. Main responsibility was to put low literacy on the agenda at provinces and city councils
•Senior Consultant, Interim Manager (2000-2003)
Assignments at Frederik Hendrik college in 's-Hertogenbosch and at Streekschool Gildevaart in Nieuwegein. In both cases I was responsible for the finance and HRM portfolios.
In addition, I was also responsible for setting up the Interim Bureau as well as the Training department for AXUM itself.
•Chairman of the Board at ROC x(1997-2000)
ROC x was created in 1997 after four mergers involving 17 were merged into one ROC. My role and responsibility was to govern these processes.
Having final responsibility for the design of the central services of the ROC, with the portfolios HRM, Finance and Facility Management in 1997 and General Affairs and HRM in 1998, I have coached the executives and unit managers to be able to work independently. Ultimately, the organization included 10,000 participants with a turnover of 70 million with a workforce of 850 employees


Personal Profile
A recent profiling test (MBTI) stated the following about me as a person and about my preferred working environment:

He is individualistic, versatile and analytical. He brings innovation and is attracted to enterprise-spirited ideas.

His contribution to the organization:
•he sees limitations as challenges to be overcome
•he finds new ways to handle things
•he creates a conceptual framework for problems
•he takes initiative and encourages others to take action
•he enjoys complex challenges

His leadership style:
•he sets theoretical systems to meet the needs of the organization
•he encourages independence in others
•he uses logical system thinking
•he uses compelling reasons for things he wants to do
•he is a catalyst between people and system

His preferred environment :
•working with independent people on models to solve complex problems
•flexible and challenging
•focused on change
•with skilled staff
•he rewards the taking of risks
•he encourages autonomy


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