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Interim (Project/Programma)Manager, Consultant, Adviseur, Co

Interim (Project/Programma)Manager, Consultant, Adviseur, Co

Work Experience

Experience in General
Period: October 1999 – April 2003
Type of company : TRIGON – Consultancy Company
Roles :Consultant, Interim manager, Account manager, Business Unit Manager
Activities :
-For TRIGON I worked for several companies as a consultant and/or interim manager and operated at different levels of the companies. Redesigning, optimizing and implementing processes, strategies, departments and organizations.

Period: August 2002 –
Type of company : – Consultancy/ Interim management Company
Roles : Owner, CEO, Accountmanager, Consultant, Interim manager, Implementation Manager, Creditmanager
Activities :
-As a freelancer I offer my services for several companies. Redesigning, optimizing and implementing processes, departments and organizations.
-Set up and organize BV
-Creating joint ventures.
-Business development.
-Expanding the product portfolio.
-Participation in projects.

Experience in detail

Period: january 2005 –
Type of company : NUON – Energy and water company
Function : Interimmanager
Activities : Responsible for the BPR, restructuring and reorganization of the creditmanagement department (50 FTE)into a Front, Back and Mid office.

Period: january 2005 –
Type of company : NUON – Energy and water company
Function : Teamleader Credit managent team
Activities :
-Teamleader for 25 people

Period: October 2003 – december 2004
Type of company : NUON – Energy and water company
Function : Credit manager Collector
Activities :
-Account manager for External Providers.
-Responsible for the optimization of the billing process, front and back office
-Credit manager for several External Providers.
-Dept collector

Period: May 2003 – August 2003
Type of company :Interpolis - Insurance company
Function : Implementation manager
Activities :
-Responsible for the translation, planning, coordination, implementation and embedding of the program IOZ (70 project members, program budget approximately € 15 million.) resulting in a new joint-venture organization between Interpolis and VGZ, called “Interpolis Zorgverzekeringen”.
-The program IOZ consists out of four main projects; Management and Organization, People and Culture, Processes and Services, Infrastructure and Systems.
-The deliverables of the projects are integrated, implemented and embedded within the new organization.

Period: Augustus 2002 – December 2002
Type of company :National Centre for Prevention/ Advisory boards “Board of Fire security” and “Board for criminal prevention”.
Role : Business Consultant/ Auditor
Activities :
-Evaluated the function of Advisory boards “Board of Fire security” and “Board for criminal prevention” of the NCP.
-Nationwide security issues have been drawn up.
-Redesigned the work process and organization of the boards to enhance the cooperation of the political and private stakeholders.
Within these boards various stakeholders are represented with understanding of security issues, like Department of Home affairs , Department of Justice, VNG , Police , Fire brigade , insurers , private security agencies and installers of signaling- and prevention equipment in the field of criminality and fire.

Period: June 2002 – October 2002
Type of company :Dynamisch ABC - Real Estate Management
Role : Consultant/ Coach/ Coordinator
Activities :
-Improved, redesigned and organized the back office.
-Coached the head of the department towards the organization and management of the department
-Supported on the hiring of personnel and the prioritizing and coordination of the work at hand.

Period: March 2002 – June 2002
Type of company :Pfizer - Pharmaceutical industry
Role : Business Consultant
Activities :
-Researched the various resellers and functionalities of online meeting management software.
-Recommendations given in the field of software selection.

Period: January 2002 – March 2002
Type of company :SNS Bank - Financial industry
Role : Business Consultant/ Project manager
Activities :
-Project manager and intermediary between the business and the IT organization.
-Introduced Business Intelligence in the organization.
-Written an advice on the necessaries and processes for the organization development and implementation of BI and the related Management information.
-Advised on the introduction of a central data warehouse to create uniformity and exchangeability of information throughout the SNS organization. In order to optimize the Information Supply Chain.
-Set up the organization needed; formed and participated in steering committee meetings.
-Created commitment

Period: January 2002 – August 2002
Type of company :TRIGON - Consultancy
Role : Practice Leader CI/ Manager of the business unit Competitive Intelligence
Activities :
-Responsible for the business unit Competitive Intelligence and all of its projects.
-Managed 10 consultants and researchers.
-Redesigned, professionalized and restructured the practice with regard to Financial Control, HRM, Delivery management, Sales, and Business Development.

Period: December 2001 – September 2002
Type of company :Senpai - Consultancy Interim management organization
Role : Facilitator/ Initiator
Activities :
-Established the organization Senpai (a joint venture of freelance Senior Consultants and Interim Managers.) The goal was to create coalitions between more senior and junior consultants.
-Screened candidates, facilitated and presided meetings, written out contracts, developed a remuneration system and formed coalitions to target a specific business area or line.
-Participated in coalitions.
-Developed a Quick scan to point out process related bottle-necks within organizations to reduce the costs of error.

Period: December 1999 – December 2001
Type of company :KPN Telecom – Management Information Department
Role : Business Consultant, Program manager, EIS Consultant
Activities :
-Project manager and Account manager for the management information department of KPN SPG FIN MI )
-Business Consultant for KPN Departments (for instance. Trade channels Sales and Call centers, Staff matters and Prisma, i.e. umbrella organization responsible for the reorganization of KPN and the structure of Supply Chain Management.
-Management Information advice, impact on organization and processes and cost and profits analysis.
-Account management and acquisition of management information projects for SPG FIN MI (responsible for 35 key accounts and ¾ (€ 18 Million) of the revenues of the department).
-Program management of projects for KPN departments;
-Advice on, and responsible for, the construction and implementation of a cross departmental data warehouse in behalf of Supply Chain Management.
-Redesigned the information process of debtor’s ledger and the sales and reward process of account managers resulting in a yearly cut on interest loss of € 24 million
-Defined the internal marketing and IT strategy for SPG FIN MI.
-Created a management-business controlling model based on the Business Balanced Scorecard. Translated the business model to an automated system.

Period: October 1999 – December 1999
Type of company :TRIGON/ InTerPAC - Consultancy company
Role : Consultant
Activities :
-Creating a new project management method and developing a standardized Delivery Management Process for the company.
-Written a customizable Project Management manual.
-Gave trainings on the management of projects and related methods and tools.
-Redesigned the Delivery Management process resulting in a more controllable and manageable process.
-Developed a forecasting- and budgeting tool.
-Developed a financial management model.


-Erasmus University Rotterdam, Business , specialized in Logistics Management and Information Management


CEO/ Director
Practice Leader/ Business Unit Manager
Business Consultant
Account manager
Program manager
Project manager
Project leader

Areas of Expertise
Establishing Organizations and departments
Process analyses, description & optimization
Acquisition/ Sales
Establishment of an IT-environment
Supply Chain Management
MI analyses and application
Developing/ implementing KPI’s


-Dutch Native
-English Fluently
-German Average
-French Average


I’ve worked as a consultant and interim manager, operating in different lines of business, and in complex organizations. I understand business processes very quickly and have good communications, commercial and managerial skills. I’m able to deal with all levels of an organization. I fluently speak Dutch and English, and average German and French. In everything I do I am very result-driven and ambitious.

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