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Changespecialist / general manager

Changespecialist / general manager

Work Experience

• Restructuring and re-launch of a pharmacy-chain. Redefined competitive strategy aiming at € 100 million turnover in 4 years. Arranged new (venture) capital investment. Re-launch and arranged purchase of new outlets. Continued support of new management.
• Design and implement a differentiating change program for an underperforming € 30 million industrial investment group. Full program responsibility including P&L. Transformed a high leveraged, diffuse investment portfolio by divesting underperforming ventures, streamlining seven back-offices in one Group Service Center, restoring financial controls and operating efficiency and restructuring capitalization in combination with stringent investment focus.
• Turnaround of an underperforming € 50 million staffing and recruiting company. Full P&L responsibility. Halted the considerable loss of market share. Reengineering business processes, redesigned commercialization plan and instilled urgency for financial discipline. Directed and accomplished a successful divestment of the company at a premium return to shareholders.
• Relaunch of a € 40 million HVAC company, in administration. Full P&L responsibility. Streamlining incoherent business units around a new coherent commercial and operational strategy focused on new-energy systems. Negotiated new financial stability by introducing new external shareholders. Restoring higher-than-market average profitability. Directed and accomplished a successful divestment of the company at a premium return to shareholders.
• Repositioning of a € 40 million zinc/copper distribution company, in administration. Full P&L responsibility. Redefining a competitive corporate strategy, attracting new venture capital investment. Reengineering business processes, redesigned commercialization, distribution and purchase strategy. Reversed losses to profit, driving 25% year-over-year revenue gains and profitability at over 20% of revenue totals. Improved ROIC to 40% and working capital turns to 12.
• Designed a structured methodology, including actionable deliverables, communicationsplan, sponsor roadmap, coaching plan, training plan and a resistance management plan for small and middle sized (mainly privately held) companies.


Executive Master Business Administration - Nyenrode University - the Netherlands
Master of Business Administration - University of California San Diego – Rady School of Management - USA
Bachelor Commercial Economy - Zuyd Hogeschool - the Netherlands

Professional training:
Continuous professional & personal development Leadership programs
Modelling for (debt) restructuring
Corporate finance
Distressed disposals
Persuasion, negation & presentation skills
Sales & marketing management
Business & contract law


Globally competent, highly polished, and seasoned change specialist. More than 25 years effective and accountable in high-profile executive change and transformation roles. Wide ranging profit and not-for-profit industry experience. Overcomes complex business challenges and make high-stakes decisions using experience-backed judgment, strong work ethic and irreproachable integrity. Strong understanding of the technical and human aspects of change in complex industrial environments. Respected as a proponent of empowerment and accountability.

Consistently delivering mission-critical results – driven by a visceral hard-wired need to strategize, to innovate and to disprove the words “it can’t be done!” Gifted with the vision, determination and skills needed for high-level revenue-building strategies and tactics.

Multi-tasker confident with designing, coordinating and executing complex change programs. Works well in a team, while being an inherent self-starter requiring little direction and support. Impeccable attention to detail, efficient and effective in work methodologies. Superior project management and teamwork skills. Fosters strong relationships with colleagues and external contacts in various professional capacities.


Dutch - native speaker
English - fluent
German - fluent
French - business adequate
Italian - business adequate


Chair Board of Directors - E,til BV – Maastricht

Vice Chair board of governors – SVOPL (6 Highschools in greater Maastricht area)

Board of governors Toon Hermans Huis Parkstad Limburg (foundation for cancer community centers)

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