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Operations Supply Chain Management

Operations Supply Chain Management

Work Experience

Short overview of my experiences
2003 – current : Independent Interim Manager/Consultant, Director/owner of 3*S
2001 – 2003 : Principal Consultant, Jansen MI
1997 – 2001 : Supply Chain Director, CSM (Koninklijke De Ruijter and RBV Leaf)
1987 – 1997 : Senior Consultant, Coopers & Lybrand
1983 – 1987 : Materials Manager, Philips

may 2003 – current: Independent Interim Manager/Consultant, Director/owner of 3 * S (Simple Solid Solutions)
• Director Production, ICT and Projects (Erbi, august 2008-current). For a company making working tops (for kitchens and bathrooms) I am responsible apart from the daily operations for several projects to improve the margin. To mention some: customerorderprocess, higher efficiency Production, CRM and implementation of a productconfigurator. Aimed savings 1,5milion, investment 500k
• Projectleader (FaberHalbertsmaGroup, march 2008 - may 2008). A big retailer in the Netherlands wanted to outsource their reverse logistics. Therefore they organised a Tender. I assisted one of the interested companies.
• Interim Logistics manager within a big international cheese producing company (FrieslandFoods, june 2007 – march 2008). I was responsible for running the logistics department (until a successor was found) and for two special projects (introducing a new planning system and optimizing production-batches). Target annual savings 5 million euro.
• Interim Operations Director within a bakery-ingredients producing company (Sonneveld, sept 2006 – june 2007). I lead some major changes in the organisation in order to get the organisation on a higher quality standard. I ran a reorganisation program, a lean manufacturing program and a quality certification program. Besides I was responsible for the daily operations (manufacturing, engineering, supply chain management intol 100Fte)
• Project manager restructuring the production organisation for a company which produces energy from burning carbage (AfvalEnergieBedrijf Amsterdam, may 2006 – may 2007). Company was a public company and in a transformation process to become a more commercial organisation. I helped to make the production-organisation (which is the core business of this company) more effective and finally more efficient. Basic questions to be answered were: how many people of which level do you need? How to differentiate between operational matters and more structural long term matters? How should the coordination been done with other departments like automation, maintenance etc.? How to organise shifts?
• Program-manager for a tender on warehousing and transportation for a UK-based company producing bakery-ingredients (CSM/BakeMarkUK, may 2005 – june 2006). Aim was to save £3 million on an annual basis. Both Frozen and Ambient products (50%/50%). Also involved in a manufacturing assignment for the same company to reach a better use of capacity (goal 80%) with lower inventory-levels (4 weeks). Focus on: outsourcing, reorganisation, ICT, contracts
• Project-manager for a tender on warehouse and transportation for a big international operating meat-company (Nutreco, feb 2005 – june 2005). Aim was to save 1.5 million euro annually. Focus on how to reach substantial savings
• Program-manager of a Supply Chain Optimalisation program for a large multinational biochemical-company (CSM/Purac, may 2004 – june 2005). Base data was already installed but Forecasting, DRP, MPS and MRP didn’t work properly. Asked to start the engine. Focus on: forecasting, ICT
• Program-manager to combine purchase power for 8 middle-sized companies (800 million in total), jan 2004 – march 2004). Like what multinationals already have been doing the last 10 years by combining purchase power over the different companies, these companies also wanted to do without leaving their independent position in a niche market. Focus on: outsourcing, developing an organisational structure, contracts
• Facilitator-role to help a large energy-distributor to outsource their infra-division (Nuon, feb 2004). Focus on: outsourcing, organisation and implementation aspects
• Project-manager Kanban (Cordis, june 2003 – nov 2003). Responsible for the introduction and implemenation of Kanban in a manufacturing environment within a large pharmaceutical organisation which makes special catheters and stents for human body purposes. This solution should fit in the existing ICT-infrastructure, the MRP-system (BPCS/JDE) should remain as well as Manuigistics. Focus on: content Kanban, implementation-method


MBA/MSc Management, Manufacturing and Logistics


Operations, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, ICT


English, Deutsch, Dutch, French and Spanish

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