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Controller, manager Control, Finanz manager

Controller, manager Control, Finanz manager

Work Experience

Working experience (as an independent interim manager/consultant)

Worked on several assignments/projects as a managing consultant/interim-manager since dec.2001:

By order of: Housing corporation Servatius Maastricht (sep. 2011 – feb. 2012)
Function: Interim Controller
• Business Controller, reporting to Finance Director and Housing Director
• Monthly reporting on KPI issues
• Develop annual plans and budgets, improve processes and management information
• Introduce Risk Management, involved in software selection process

By order of: Housing corporation Ubach over Worms (sep. 2010 – apr. 2011)
Function: Interim Manager Finance
• MT member, leading the Finance dept.
• Develop annual plans and budgets, KPI reporting on monthly base,
• Implement Risk Management and Treasury Management
• Solving issues from the annual Management Letter (from Ernst & Young)

By order of: Adelante Zorggroep (Health Care ) (jun. 2010 – apr.. 2011)
Function: Interim General Manager Business Knowledge Centre
• Leading the knowledge center (50 employees) together with a professor Rehabilitation Medicine
• MT-member, directly reporting to Board, develop annual strategic plan
• Focus on cooperation with hospitals, universities and private companies

By order of: Adelante Zorggroep (Health Care ) (nov. 2009 – feb. 2010)
Function: Interim Controller Knowledge Centre
• Professionalize the Control function within the Knowledge Centre
• Perform control tasks: monthly reporting, budgeting, determine cost prices, advice the senior management about processes to be followed
• Risk assessment on subsidies (receivables)

By order of: Sappi Fine Paper Europe, Maastricht Mill, (mar. 2009 – sept. 2009)
Function: Project Manager Treasury Dept. and Outsourcing Pension fund
• Perform tasks of the Treasury Officer (covering Foreign Exchange with swaps, spot and forward transactions,
• Improve working processes and (excel-) models, advice how to connect the models with SAP and Hyperion
• Dealing with the outsourcing of the companies Pension Fund to a professional market company

By order of: Nouville Project development (Real Estate) (jan. 2009 – jun. 2009)
Nouville is a daughter company of Rabo Bank Real Estate
Function: Interim Controller and Risk Manager
• Audit 4 companies (LTD’s) of which the financial administration is carried out by third parties (financial, processes, compliance and risk management)
• Set up and implement working instructions for joint venture companies
• Assess the dynamic Grex (ground exploitation) per LTD and per fase
• Risk management: assess all sorts of risk per LTD and implement control measurement

By order of: Vodafone ( Maastricht, NL) (apr. 2008 – aug. 2008)
Function: Interim Controller Planning & Analyses Dept.
• Monthly reporting on actuals, budget and variances
• Contact with business managers and controllers of various departments
• Adjusting forecast continuously, taking part in projects, implementing process improvements
• Process flowcharting, making working instructions, replacing older complex calculating models by new transparent working models
• Settling and coaching new employee (successor)

By or By order of: Trega International B.V. (former Sphinx tiles) at Maastricht (dec. 2007 – apr. 2008)
Function: Financial Manager
• Outsourcing a company owned pension fund to a public held company (Aegon)
• Risk and damage control on pension rights both for company as for individuals
• Communication with stakeholders
• Implementation of contracts between company and Aegon
• Assignment successfully delivered with agreement of KPMG Accountants

By order of: Medtronic Financial Shared Service Center Nederland B.V. at Heerlen (aug. 2007 – okt 2007)
Function: SOX-Consultant (Processes and Risks)
• Design and update flowcharts (conform Sarbanes Oxley Act 2004) in the departments Finance, Logistics and HR (SAP-enviroment)
• Identify risks and implement controls (writing test scripts)

By order of: AZL Pension fund management at Heerlen (jan. 2007 – july 2007)
Function: Manager Controlling and chairman of the task force Finance in a take over process by ING Group
• Manage and motivate the team Controlling and FA in their daily operations
• Preparing the annual account 2006 of AZL NV and affiliate companies
• Signalize inefficiencies and propose improvements in processes and reports
• Pro active support the Directors and Staff managers
• Chairman of the task force Finance in a take over process by ING Group
• Integrate working processes, reports and financial issues (governance, compliance, tax and fiscal issues)
• Adjusting methods and techniques, change from quarterly to monthly reporting, reorganize functions and tasks in the financial column

By order of: Zo Wonen Housing Association Sittard-Geleen (july 2006 – dec. 2006)
Function: Manager Finance & Administration
• Manage the three teams (21 employees) in their daily operations
• Setting up longterm budgets and yearplan 2007
• Changing the planning & control cycle from quarterly into monthly reporting
• Designing and introducing a new reporting model (financial and non-financial KPI´s)
• Separate commercial activities into a new legal entity
• Project manager Data Warehouse

By order of: Rabo bank Sittard-Geleen (sept. 2005 untill may 2006)
Function: Business Controller and Teamleader Private Banking
• Translating Mission, Targets and Strategy from Corporate level into local circumstances
• Develop Strategic Long term Plan with Directors and Management Team
• Develop Yearplan 2006 and budget, setting up KPI´s and target values
• Describe the planning and control proces, quantify projects and share knowledge.
• Manage a team of 18 Private Banking and private equity advisors
• Improve quality in several processes and increase the output

By order of: CEMA Luxembourg S.A. and Poly-Pack Benelux B.V. (apr. 2005 – sept. 2005)
Function: Interim Manager Finance (part-time)
• Advising in setting up the legal and fiscal structure (holding and daughter)for a new import channel in food packaging from the Ukraine
• Judge contracts between producer in Ukraine and Poly-Pack, setting up the business plan and budgets
• Other relevant items : Incoterms 2000, Documents of Origin, arrange Transport, Insurance, storage and distribution (warehousing) import and Customs conditions.
By order of: Otto Idustries Europe B.V. Maastricht (dec. 2004 – apr. 2005)
Function: Ass. Manager Finance & Accounting
• Collecting and processing monthly reports (intercompany) of more than 100 entities worldwide, turnover 280 mil., 1500 employees
• Process and discuss monthly matching reports all over Asia, Europe, Africa, USA and Australia
• Consolidate balance and P&L and non-financial data in Hyperion
• Manage and coach all Financial managers worldwide in order to improve processes, adjust data, working in accordance with the controllers manual, adjust software etc.
• Provide information for Directors, Staff, external accountant, banks
• Writing business processes
• Preparing fiscal anual reports of previous years
• Look into possibilities of European subsidy

By order of: Interpolis Pensioenbeheer B.V.( Utrecht) (oct. 2004 – dec. 2004)
Function: Consultant
• Optimizing the existing Activity Based Costing model in OROS/ABC
• Advising the Directors and Concern Controller in their sales price policy
• Analyzing and point out differences in current and future pricing policy
• Designing scenarios in Strategic Cost Management
• Interviewing management and staff in order to gather information and fine tune the data model
• Creating a basis for maintaining the measured data in a cost effective way

By order of: Q-Park Nederland B.V. Maastricht (may 2004 – sept. 2004)
Function: Controller/Assistant to Chief Financial Officer
• Changing the planning & control cycle from quarterly into monthly reporting
• Designing and introducing a new reporting model (financial and non-financial KPI´s)
• Writing, analyzing and improving processes (mostly financial) and setting up a business proces manual,
• Designing and writing function profiles
• Participate in a project concerning business proces redesign Purchase
• Participate in a project to analyse and quantify processes in order to outsource them

By order of: Trianel Energie B.V. (oct. 2003- apr. 2004)
Function: Interim-Controller
• change management: improve internal and external communication, solving qualitative and quantitative mismatch in personell, managing personell, introduce monthly reporting system
• supervise the process of making the annual account (approval achieved)
• analise and solve liquidity problems
• solving bottlenecks in procedures and write out the administrative organisation
• draw up general ledger accounts and cost-center method for the implementation of new ERP-software (Navision/Axapta)
• frequent adjustments with Trianel-partners, energy companies and infrastructure providers: solving problems in mutual invoicing

By order of: Essent Energy / Kabelservices B.V. Maastricht (oct. 2003-feb. 2004)
Function: Interim-Controller

• monthly planning and control-tasks : month closing, report to Directors and others about cable products (cable TV, internet products, data communicationlines, telephone and alarm
• frequent internal and external communication, making adjustments in processes and information requirements
• support the making of the annual account

By order of: LEX B.V. (april 2002-juli 2003)
Function: Interim-Controller (MT-member)
• Foundation of the B.V.: design and judge statutes, agreements and contracts, negotiate with financial institutions (e.g. LIOF), subsidies of the Province of Limburg and EFRO;
• Produce Balancesheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow prognoses, productportfolio etc;
• Responsible for design and maintenance of the Financial Administration, monthly report to director and shareholders (1st day of the new month);
• Regular report to subsidiants including audit (approved by chartered auditor)
• External contacts with customers, financial institutions, shareholders, chartered accountant, tax department.

By order of: Open Universiteit Bedrijfsopleidingen B.V. (december 2001 – juli 2003)
Function: Interim-Controller (MT-member)
• Optimize and redesign of the financial administration;
• Monthly report to the director, accounts payable and receivable, cost-calculation;
• Advise the director on co-operation matters and fiscal matters;
• Optimize and redesign processes, maximising interest etc.; co-ordinate annual reporting;

By order of: Open Universiteit Nederland (december 2001 – juli 2003)
Function: Controller of the commercial sales department
• Support the director in an organisational change project: focus on commerce and operations
• Design and develope the Finance & Control-cycle, monthly reports, project-administration;
• Initiate efficiency propositions, discuss with the management and follow up;
• Took part in project to redesign the purchase process, writing purchase conditions, terms of
• delivery etc;
• Introducing change in accounting principles

By order of: Ruud de Moor Centrum (januari 2002 – juli 2003)
Function: Project Manager Finance & Control
• Calculate Budgets (5 years) both for the own management and the Ministry of Education:
• Support Management and Staff on all Finance and Control issues, develope and document
• processes, competences, qualifications and responsabilities;
• Design the Financial (project-)administration, working sheets, monthly reports etc;
• Making project-plans in MS-project (Gantt-chart);
• Calculate and determine absorption cost (rate/hour), investments and external reporting;

Working experience (as an employee)

Brunel International NV
Brunel Financial Consultants Eindhoven (november 2000 – december 2001)
Function: consultant / accountmanager
• Accountmanagement including acquisition, HRM and responsible for projectdeliverables and
• Continuation
• Software package selection for Procesmodelling software
• Marketresearch,
• As a Solutionsmanager i worked on research and developement of solutions in customer-specific situations in E-Business and IT-solutions
• As a “right hand” of the general and commercial manager helping to succeed the integration of
• several companies into one new businessline Finance
• Productdevelopement such as the integration of diverse techniques into one model in order to
• build towards a Balanced Score Card
• Interim Group-Controller in an international stand-building company

USZO: Uitvoeringsorganisatie Sociale Zekerheid voor Overheid en Onderwijs
Corporate Staff Finance & Control (oktober 1998 – oktober 2000)
Function: controller (both profit B.V. as non-profit B.V. total budget 400 million guilders)

Tasks & responsibilities :
• Introducing and maintain Activity-Based Costing, Performance indicators and measuring systems,
• Co-develope Balanced Score Card
• Monthly reports to Board and Management team USZO concerning budget and realisation, alignment with Business Unit Controllers and other management
• Annual P&C cycle, drawing up quotes, accounting information, cost sharing, aligning annual plans with Concern Control

ABP / Information and Premium Collection (1997-1998):
Function: Project manager Finance & Control
ABP (2nd largest pension fund in the world) Property management/Real Estate Administration (1996-1997): (now ABP-daughter Vesteda in Maastricht)
Function: Process Management Employee/ Quality Insurance
ABP/Pensions/ Project agency (1993 - 1995):
Function: Planning en Control Project agency employee

ABP/ Facilitating company / Logistics (1992 - 1993):
Function: Logistics project employee

ABP/ Facility Company/Information provision service (1992):
Function: Projectmanager

ABP/Pensions (1989 - 1992):
Function: Project employee Administratieve Organisatie & Internal Control (AO/IC)

ABP/Pensions (1984 - 1999):
Function: employee pension administration


From Until Diploma
HOFAM Higher Financial and Administrative 1996 1998 yes
Management (Post Bachelor Controller education)
Industrial Engineering VOA-3 (Post bachelor) 1993 1995 yes
Industrial Engineering VOA-2 (Bachelor level) 1989 1992 yes
Industrial engineering VOA-1 (Medium level) 1988 1989 yes
HAVO 1979 1981 yes
MAVO 1975 1979 yes
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 2007 certificate
Excel for Financial Managers 2004 certificate
International Accounting Standards 2005/ Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2003 self-education
Value taxation of companies: fusions, take-over and buy out 2001 workshop
Commercial training “Door” 2001 workshop
MAVIM process modelling 2001 workshop
Business Proces Redesign 1994 workshop
Project Manager Workbench (Work Breakdown Structure) 1993 certificate
SDW-AO (process modelling) 1990 certificate


Business Control, Finance, Management, Change management, process modelling and improvement, team builder, hands on experience, tactical and strategic skills. Experienced in profit and non profit companies.


Dutch, English, German, French (basic)


“Common” software like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, I am experienced in SDW-AO, PMW, MS-Project, OROS/ABC, Freelance Graphics and user-knowledge of SAP R2/R3 and Portal, Exact Globe 2000, Synergy, Navision, Mavim, Hyperion etc. Also some knowledge of mainframes, RS-6000 platforms, data-warehousing (Business Objects and SAP-BW), Siebel, NCCW-BIS.

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