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Procurement Director - Manager

Procurement Director - Manager

Work Experience

A Procurement-orientated Manager with wide and successful experience in the management of purchasing, logistics and supply chain businesses in home and international markets and in the development and implementation of strategic plans. A hands-on problem solver with a high rate of achievement and an appetite for new challenges. Specializes in change-management and consultancy. Wide international experience including residential periods in Europe and EMEA.

Established his own business in November 2005 to provide interim management services.

Interim Assignments include:

16 months – Project Procurement Manager
Alrijne Region Hospital Leiderdorp

- Managed the purchasing team and developed the savings and positioning.
- Guidance merger between two hospitals including logistics.
- Led the vision, strategy and business planning process.
- Implement the ICT software SRM, contract-, and P2P system.

15 months – Project Procurement Manager
Government Region Utrecht – BRU Public transport in formation.

- Change management for re-positioning of the team of 6 and hired new staff.
- Professionalization of the Procurement function in relation of public policies.
- Re-orientation of the strategies in relation to European tendering and major projects. (€750M)
- Developed and rolled-out purchasing vision, strategy, procedures and business systems, such as
ICT software SRM ERP, P2P and contracting system.
20 months – Project Procurement Manager / Corporate Procurement Director
Prysmian Group The Netherlands Amsterdam, Emmen, Delft

- Trouble-, and change management for re-positioning of the teams.
- Professionalizing and developing of the teams in relation to internationals SAP SRM processes at
EU and EMEA OpCos and also buying ICT software systems.
- Re-organized teams and actions after selling KDN to Prysmian Group to bridge key gaps.
- Developed and rolled-out purchasing vision, strategy and procedures. (Prince II)
- Review of the inventory and outsourcing.
9 months – Project Procurement Manager
Van Hattum & Blankevoort Infra Construction Woerden

- Responsible for rebuilding purchasing team of 8
- Coaching the team of market research for cost savings TCO, quality assurance and advising in
European tenders, € 5M - € 100M+.
- Introduced Prince II procedures and business systems.
3 months – Project Procurement Manager
Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam
- Responsible for changing of current procedures and policies.
- Developing and coaching market research for cost savings (TCO) quality assurance and advising
in European tenders.
6 months – Project Procurement Manager
Local authority City of Haarlem

- Responsible for rebuilding purchasing team of 4, hired new staff.
- Commissioned formal research, introduced procedures, policies, processes and P2P &
SAP/JDEdwards software SRM business systems.
- Internal marketing of the Procurement profession.
2 years – Project Purchasing Manager
Dunea, duin & water Voorburg – Water supplier Company –

- Responsible for rebuilding purchasing team of 6 and developing purchasing plan.
- Implement purchasing & supply chain procedures and policies.
- Developed relation-, contract-, and commercial management, Capex, real estate, MRO, major
projects € 50M+.
- Developed legal and commercial contracts for a Shared Service Centre with 5 different business
partners, incl. managing the complete SAP software SRM solution.
7 months – Project Procurement Manager Europe
Heijmans Infra Construction Rosmalen

- Developed supplier-, and contract management
- Commissioned formal research, introduced procedures and business systems for European
- Coaching the team of 16 and developing market research and advice for cost savings, quality
assurance (TCO) supply chain consolidation and outsourcing.
12 months – Project Procurement Manager Europe
Nedtrain Haarlem, Member of the Dutch Railway Group

- Final responsible for supplier-, and contract management for an international refurbishment
- Perform Pan European (+China) market research for cost savings, quality assurance (TCO)
supply chain consolidation, procurement re-engineering projects and (out) sourcing, relation,
commercial and quality management. Includes a software system.
- Implementation of Automotive- and Lean thinking processes in relation to Supply Chain
activities. Leading specification, selecting and contracting groups to contract European
suppliers (partners) which are Best in Class or Best in Practice such as co-design, co-
development, early supplier involvement, SLA’s and concurrent working with (manufacturing)
engineeringsproces and outsourcing selection of MRO and High–Tech equipment deliveries.
- Direct and coaching the team of 24.
3 months – Project Procurement Director
Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions Woerden
- Final responsible to set-up, reorganize, professionalize and implementation of the High-Tech
Purchasing department for the Benelux.
- Outsourcing MRO and spare parts of Supply Chain inner company for Europe.


• Negotiated an extremely profitable € 5M Water suppliers contract for a SAP SRM ICT systems. Cost reduction of +50%.
• Reduction of + 50% in orders and invoices after implementation of business systems.
• Securing the purchasing function within an organization.
Corporate Career Summary
July 2002 – December 2005 Manager Purchasing & Logistics Dept.
Region Hospital Haarlem, Heemstede, Hoofddorp

- Responsible for warehousing-, purchasing-, and supply chain teams of 45, hired new temporary staff.
- Developed and rolled-out purchasing plan including policies, procedures and business system.
- Review of purchasing management and logistics management for the new organization, outsourcing of several disciplines.
- Responsible for all investments (€ 365M) and management for the new building Hospital in Hoofddorp,(Medical, Pharmaceutical, Cleanrooms, ICT, Telecom, High-Tech equipment).
- Direct several project-teams such as external and internal logistics, savings, automation of the purchasing department and procurement.
- Board member.

November 1999 – June 2002 Manager Purchasing & Logistics Dept.
Police Force, Region Central Netherlands, Leiderdorp

- Responsible for rebuilding purchasing, car fleet and repro teams of 9.
- Independent purchaser of the major suppliers, s.a. ICT and Telecom.
- Starting up, executing, supervise and coaching of the regional purchase management teams and internal logistics.
- Reporting to the Board of Directors.

August 1998 – October 1999 Director Procurement EMEA
Rath & Doodeheefver Group Nederland N.V. Helmond

- Final responsible for all purchase activities for the Group.
- Major account leader of all strategic materials such as categories, chemicals, MRO, Capex, ICT/Telecom, international procurement EMEA, quality assurance and production / assembly lines.
- Also responsible for the internal reorganization of the purchase, production and financial teams of 60.

April 1992 – July 1998 Procurement Manager
Merck Sharp & Dohme B.V. Haarlem, Pharmaceutical Industry

- Responsible for the independent purchasing of international goods, projects and services in reference of investments and exploitation (TCO), facility management, MRO, Capex, subcontractors, contract management, leasing, (WTB+E) installation-, and mechanical projects, quality assurance, high-tech equipment, IT/Telecom and tableting/ production/assembly lines combined with cleanrooms.
- Starting up and managing of the procurement re-engineering international saving projects (Global Procurement). Spend $ 850M
- Implementation of Lean-thinking processes (SMED) and early supplier involvement for production processes, policies and quality assurance
- Project manager for the Procurement SRM MRP/ERP P2P implementation.

October 1990 – March 1992 Quantity Surveyor Machine factory Meijn B.V. Oostzaan
May 1988 – September 1990 Commercial & Technical Employee Furbex B.V. Amsterdam

• Reducing of costs for several projects in relation of European spend of more than 30% of total spend of $ 50M pa.
• Negotiated and coached several contracts for Spaarne Hospital, achieved a 30% reduction for € 50M of investments.
• Increasing of + 50% in orders and invoices after implementation of SRM and P2P business systems.
• Securing the purchasing function within an organization.
Overall experience

Different commodities such as:
- Capex, Industrial machinery like production environment, Contracting HRM, hiring external people,
ICT, software & hardware, Telephone & Mobile installations and contracting, Pharmacy, healthcare
and Facilities


2001 – 2015 Several management and procurement related seminaries.
2012 Prince II Project Management i.r.t. Procurement
2009 Omission Management
2008 – 2009 POP – BOC Management
2007 – 2008 Best Value Procurement, Prof. Dean Kashiwagi
2006 Baan IV (ERP / MRP system)
2006 EC Tendering
2000 Intervision, Integral Psychology
1995 Procurement Master, Boston University USA, Prof. Dean Kashiwagi
1994 – 1996 Nevi 2, Procurement Professional
1993 – 1994 Nevi 1, Procurement Specialist
1991 – 1992 Nima A, Marketing Specialist
1996 Time Management, MS-Office
1995 Class A, Oliver Wright (ERP – MRP Master Requirements Planner)
1995 Effective Leadership, Steven Covey
1993 GMP 1 – 2, GLP, GCP

1992 – 1996 HEAO CE, Business School Haarlem
1982 – 1987 MBO, Commercial Engineering, Middle Education College
1980 – 1982 Electro technical, Chr. Technical High School Haarlem


No nonsense
People manager


Dutch, excellent
English, good
German, good



Cooking, Sky diving, tennis, squash, motor biking.

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